How To Hack Router Username And Password

How To Hack Router Username And Password – Fortunately, you can divide devices into two types — those that use standard HTTP authentication and others that don’t; this includes tools that use HTTP opt-in forms.

Devices of the first type are easy to distinguish from others by opening the IP address of the device in a web browser: they always have a pop-up window with the name of the device and a suggestion to enter the username and password from the beginning. . Devices of the other type do not give such an invitation, but immediately open the website, which can also be allowed.

How To Hack Router Username And Password

How To Hack Router Username And Password

But if you can’t see the authentication type, you can check the HTTP headers of the device, especially the WWW-Authenticate header – it indicates the use of protocol-level authentication.

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To find passwords for such devices, Router Scan uses login/password. The software supports two authentication methods at the protocol level:

For some devices that do not use these methods, the dictionary attack is not used (except for some versions where the Forms authentication dictionary is added).

Therefore, Router Scan can brute force the allowed types, not all router types, so you can get this picture:

These are a few subnets where the ZTE F668 router is widely used. I’ll say more – almost all of them have default logins and passwords, but neither Router Scan nor RouterSploit removes information from them, because the router uses the Internet interface for authentication, and brute force is not supported in this mode.

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We need a few tools. The first is Burp Suite. According to the link, there are instructions, including configuring Burp Suite and the browser – we won’t dwell on that, do the preparations yourself.

What is sent is the POST method, the HTTP header with Cookie: _TESTCOOKIESUPPORT=1 is sent to / (root folder), a string from the form is passed:

There is also the word Error, that is, its presence does not say anything – such a marker should not be forced. I believe that interested readers have noticed that in the response received during the verification process, two matches were found with Errors, and only one correct response was found. We also check the response after the confirmation attempt:

How To Hack Router Username And Password

I will use patator software for bruteforce. In this article, you will learn how to use patator to brute-force websites.

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The connection will be the IP address of the router, for example,, as the authority we need to get the transmission line, in our case this is frashnum=&action=login&Frm_Logintoken=0&Username=11111111&Password=22222222

And instead of the username put FILE0, and instead of the password FILE1. For me it found: body=’frashnum=&action=login&Frm_Logintoken=0&Username=FILE0&Password=FILE1′

Now we need to define the dictionary method. The dictionary containing usernames is called users.txt and is in the same folder where I run patator. Contents of my little dictionary:

Note that when sending a request, a header with cookie _TESTCOOKIESUPPORT=1 is also sent, so we add header=’Cookie: _TESTCOOKIESUPPORT=1′ to our command.

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Now we need to set up how to recognize if the login is successful or not. The line is “User settings are incorrect, please re-enter”, so to ignore responses with the string above, we’ll write this option: -x ignore:fgrep=’User settings are incorrect’. I shortened the line a bit, because points and walls cause errors in the pathator. The ignore rule says not to report results that match a colon after the condition. The fgrep command means to search for a string in the received data. For real messages, the mesg command is used, and for ordinary searches, there is the egrep command.

Let’s look at the line with 302 Moved temporarily. It says when we enter the credentials admin: password the router wanted to redirect us somewhere. Obviously this is correct information (log in to the router to confirm) and everything else is a false alarm. We will think, how will it end?

The router seems to stop sending the “User information is incorrect” line for some reason. We can assume that after authentication the router remembers our IP and now all entries from this address are allowed. You can see this by opening the router’s website in your browser. For me, this idea has not been proven.

How To Hack Router Username And Password

The main trigger would be bruteforce protection. Let’s try putting the wrong qualifiers a few times. Exactly:

Jio Giga Fiber Router Login Ip/default User Password /change Jio Fiber Password

Since it was found, instead of the line “user information is an error”, we are shown “You have entered the wrong username or password three times. Please try again in a minute”.

The patator program supports the simultaneous use of several -x options and you can add -x ignore:fgrep=’You have entered the wrong username or password three times’, but this does not solve the main problem: after three wrong attempts, you have to wait one minute. To fix this, you can set the time between retries to 1 minute: –rate-limit=60

So you can use two options: -x quit:code=302 and -x ignore:code=200. The law precedes the mind, and then how the law is applied. In the first line, stop means exit, after you get the code 302, that is, the password is available and you don’t have to continue. Another ignore command means that the received information is not displayed when a 200 code is received.

If you try a few times and see what is being posted, you can see that the value of Frm_Logintoken is changing.

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And it changes from time to time. If you pass the Frm_Logintoken line incorrectly, the router will not accept the correct password. This is another brute force defense. Fortunately, patator has a built-in way to bypass this defense.

To do this, use the before_urls and before_egrep methods. The before_urls option specifies the page to load before attempting to authenticate. The previous_egrep method regularly searches for the given keyword on the pages that received the previous_url.

To misuse the tested router, it is necessary to find the same address where the data was entered, which is before_urls=

How To Hack Router Username And Password

Here, _N1_ is assigned the background text value – the text in brackets. w + means capital letter, it has the equivalent of “[_[:alnum:]]”. Again – pay attention to the bacteria – this is a backlink. At the same time, there are also parents in the source code fragment – they must escape.

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If the router (or web application) sets a cookie with a default value, it is sufficient to use before_urls together with accept_cookie=1 (to accept cookies to be transferred later).

The full formula for the brute-force formula, taking into account all types of routers being tested, looks like this:

One test per minute is not slow. By the way, in this case we can do three tests per minute, so it’s time. I don’t know if it can be done with a patator.

But patator has a very useful algorithm, which is used randomly for many things. You can run notifications on multiple routers simultaneously. To do this, use the url option to specify the file, for example, url=FILE2, also specify the path to the file: 2=routers_IP.txt. patator will work like this: try logging in with password one:two on the first router, then go to the second router and try the same password password:two, and so on until the list is done. When the list ends, the router will go to the second round and for the first router try to enter another: password, then go to the next router and so on. As a result, there is a natural delay between attempts to join one router – while trying to join the next, each router is given a “rest” period. This allows you to significantly reduce the value of –rate-limit or not use it at all, because if thousands of routers are under pressure at the same time, then the queue for each router can reach more than a minute. File number is required! That is, at the beginning a full circle passes through the file with the number 0. These can be, for example, usernames. If you brute force the router addresses from file number 0, then the attacker will attack the first router in the list and move on to the next one only after completing the authentication login and password.

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If the correct input: password is found, then instead of the stop command (exit the program), you should use the free command (stop trying the host after finding the password) like this: -x free=url: code = 302

So we looked at the brute-force internet interface of the router on example a

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