How To Hide Age On Imvu

How To Hide Age On Imvu – Are you new to imvu and want to become an imvu account but you chose the wrong age and want to know how to change your imvu age? You are at the right place, we are going to explain you imvu age change.

First, violating the terms of service is providing false information, which can cause employees to freeze your data for 14 days or permanently. Assuming you’re 18 or older, you don’t need to stress or change your age at this point, but on the off chance that you’re under 18 and need to change your age, you need to request a help ticket. Through imvu support, which may include imvu e – Post a change when an employee deletes your listing.

How To Hide Age On Imvu

How To Hide Age On Imvu

There are three ways to easily change your age on Imvu, which we describe below. Once you confirm your age change, follow the steps below:

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You should follow all of them in the same method without skipping the steps. Let’s start discussing these methods one by one.

Submitting a case will take you to a “How can we help you” page that guides you to submit a case, otherwise you can create a case.

Scroll to the right to create your own case by filling in the blanks in the image. Click on How to change or correct your age for more information.

Clicking on the article “How to change or correct your age” will give you all the information you need to make the change. You will be contacted once your case has been processed.

How To Get Your Age Verified

The age adjustment process on a mobile IMVU account is fairly similar, both methods require submitting a ticket to access your avatar name to verify age.

If you don’t know, follow the first two steps as on the website, then go through the process from top to bottom and check the steps.

Note. Don’t send your selfies, ID or credit card photos unless they ask for them. (C). How to change age on imvu by contacting them:

How To Hide Age On Imvu

You can now contact the organization via live chat or open a ticket. You should present your concern at that point and delay until customer support reaches you. You will then be contacted to provide your age verification information. If the information is relevant and accurate, your age will be determined for assistance as needed. You will also learn about changing your profile picture.

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The world’s largest symbol-based informal organization, where meeting together creates new friendships, sparks imagination, and all connections matter. Every month, more than 7 million people visit IMVU, where they spend a staggering 55 minutes a day to change their symbols, chat, friends. , shopping, having fun gatherings, sharing encounters and earning real cash to craft virtual items.

Here we have discussed all methods to change age in imvu with simple methods and easy steps from mobile and website but if you have any problem to change age in imvu, you can contact us in comment section.

In any case, if you want to change or change your date of birth, you can do so by documenting an assistance ticket. After receiving the invitation, they may request a fair and legible copy of any government-issued ID that includes your date of birth.

The app is for ages 17 and up. Under 17’s are not allowed.

How To Cancel Vip In Imvu

Lying about your age is illegal, if you are caught by Imvu security your account will be blocked.

Go to IMVU’s Stop Recording page. You want to sign in assuming you’re not signed in. Now enter the passphrase on the Delete Account page and click Continue. At this point, the process of canceling your IMVU account is complete.

This is a very cool component that is available to IMVU customers who are 18+. AP gives a very unique compliment to all adults who cherish their dreams! With a one-time payment of $20 or $20,000 upon credit and age verification, you’ll receive an access pass, ready to discover an alternative adult world!

How To Hide Age On Imvu

Assuming you’ve essentially used IMVU’s account deletion option or left due to major privacy issues, customers can still buy your stuff. However, assuming IMVU bans you for violating the terms of administration, your substance will be unavailable unless you reactivate the listing within 30 days.

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The most accessible IMVU virtual world in 2004 is probably thought of as a design game crossed with a visiting app. Despite the fact that customers can also engage in things like dancing, the emphasis is really on friendly engagement and conversation. IMVU is available on internet browsers, Android gadgets and iOS gadgets.

It’s completely free! Your fantasy life, love life, and virtual life await you on IMVU, the metaverse where the real plays. Symbol life is your life, make it what you want

Download and review Password Recovery Bundle. Run Password Recovery Bundle, then click Start Recovery at this point. Select the IMVU Password option. For starters, citing misleading information is a violation of the Terms of Service, which can result in a 14-day ban or staff permanently deleting your account.

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If you’re 18 or older in real life, you don’t need to worry or change your age, but if you’re a minor and want to change your age, you’ll need to file a help ticket through imvu help, in which staff have access to your account. You may change your email address. delete

If you are a minor, you need to apply for a ticket, scan your ID, which clearly shows your date of birth.

5. Submitting a case will take you to the “How can we help you” page, which will guide you on how to submit a case or create a case.

How To Hide Age On Imvu

6. Scroll down to create your own case by filling in the blanks as shown. Click on “How to change or correct your age” for more information.

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7. Clicking on the article “How to change or correct your age” will give you all the information you need to make the change. You will be contacted once your case has been processed.

The process of changing your age on a mobile IMVU account is quickly similar as it requires you to submit a ticket either way, which accesses your avatar name for age verification.

6. Click Submit Case and it will take you to the How We Can Help You page. You can click on the arrow point or create your own case.

7. Scroll down there and you will get to create your case. Fill in the blanks as shown and submit. Customer service will contact you after processing your case.

Live Rooms And Faqs

Just like submitting an age change case, you need to submit an age verification application as shown in the step-by-step guide above.

According to the application’s demographic information, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to create an account.

Lying about the age of a minor will result in account deletion as it is against the terms and service rules. But if you are above 18, it is not a problem.

How To Hide Age On Imvu

2. Click on edit profile button and it will take you to profile details. Move through the button indicated by the arrow to the left and it’s done.

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Submission of personal data in accordance with law or contract; Necessary to terminate a contract; Obligation to provide personal data; Possible consequences of not providing such information

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