How To Know If A Hotel Has Bed Bugs

How To Know If A Hotel Has Bed Bugs – We have already explained the different types of hotels and the types of hotel rooms can be confusing. Hotel rooms come in all shapes, sizes and titles, making hotel revenue management and operations very complicated. Hotels label their rooms with bed size, number of beds in the room, as well as furniture, interior design and extras. For example, guest rooms classified as “single” may indicate a small room, a double bed, the number of occupants, or all of the above.

The definition of room type is complex and goes beyond whether a bedroom has a single or queen size bed or whether it is a smoking room.

How To Know If A Hotel Has Bed Bugs

These room types can be confusing for guests trying to understand exactly what they are paying for. This guide seeks to help guests understand the different types of hotel rooms as well as help you determine the price range for your property’s rooms.

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Hotels usually list their rooms based on the number of people ready to occupy the room. Here’s what to expect when you see rooms labeled this way.

Some hotels classify rooms by the number of beds in the room or by size. However, guests should note that hotels still have restrictions on the number of guests per room. Just because a room has a king bed doesn’t mean you can invite 15 people to stay. Occupancy limits create this responsibility for the hotel. Many hotels charge extra for guests (up to a certain limit) or allow you to add a bed to an odd-numbered room.

Some rooms are priced according to the layout — how big the rooms are, if there’s another bedroom next door, or if there’s a kitchen and living area (making the room a suite). These headings can help travelers understand which rooms are suitable for business travelers or are handicap accessible. Some of these classifications are very general, others may require further research and clarification by the traveler before booking.

Some rooms don’t fit easily into any category because they are so unique. Perhaps a room has special hotel amenities such as breakfast in the club lounge and afternoon wine hour.

Things Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

Make sure to clearly explain things to the guests that you think are obvious. To guests, “adjoining rooms” may sound like an escape with a separate living room and bedroom, but it actually refers to separate rooms next to each other. Hoteliers often assume that guests speak the same language, but when many hotels classify rooms differently, clear explanations of things like how many guests a room can accommodate, whether an extra bed is suitable, and the distance from the room to the hotel entrance. is very important. The better you describe the experience to future guests, the less likely it is that false expectations will spoil the guest experience. Even go to the extent of sharing room numbers for different room types so that they can better understand the entire property.

Hotel guests can often get confused between these different room types and classifications. Help them determine which room is right for their budget, party size, and comfort by asking more about their trip and matching their room. There are bed bugs in your hotel

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Not the funniest topic, but I think it’s good for anyone who has been a victim of bed bugs to share their experiences and I hope to help others with tips and suggestions on how to deal with the situation as well as what to do when you check. in the hotel. slowly

I’m An Ex Hotel Cleaner

Disclaimer: I do not work for pest control, so this is not official advice. This article is based on my personal experience.

So my bed bug experience happened in the summer of 2016. I stayed in a mediocre hotel and after the first night I woke up with bites on my arm and leg. I had never experienced bed bugs before, so I wasn’t sure what they were. I then checked the room as thoroughly as possible (based on online recommendations) and found no sign of them. I was tired, so I dismissed the idea and did something else.

Later that day, after talking to my better half on the phone and sending her pictures, she told me it was definitely a bed bug. This conversation happened very late and on my second night. I searched the room again with no luck finding it. I decided to sleep with the light on (although apparently that doesn’t help keep the bed bugs away).

As you can expect I was pretty cranky and didn’t get much sleep that night. Then I woke up at 4:30-5am and found a bed bug next to me. It was very small and it didn’t really move.

Are There Bed Bugs At Your Hotel? Check This Website

Then I stuck it in a glass and took some photos as proof. I looked like a kid running in circles on the bedside table. I also caught it and took a picture.

When you check in somewhere, especially if it’s a lower class or older hotel, you should always check the room for bed bugs. To be honest, I didn’t see anything when I checked in at this particular hotel, but I found it the next day.

Use a flashlight (the flashlight on your smart phone will probably work) as you examine yourself and start looking for dark rust marks. These marks can be anywhere like on bed sheets, around bed springs, on walls etc. These symptoms can be from their feces or skin. Check out Google Images to see what they look like at their worst (it’s not pretty, I warn you). When searching, check:

To be honest, I didn’t find anything at check-in during my experience. Perhaps it was a small contamination, so other conditions may have more symptoms. Still, it’s definitely a good idea to check it out, because you’re kicking yourself if you don’t and this happens to you.

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

Bed bugs are small and can hide almost anywhere, such as walls, behind boards, etc., so you may not see the real bugs. If you suspect you may have been bitten by a bed bug, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

During my experience, after the first night and the bite marks, I checked the room three times with no luck to find them. I found it when I woke up the next morning.

Here’s what to do if you have bed bugs in your hotel room (whether you find real bed bugs or not).

The scary thing about bed bugs is that they can go home with you. If you’re like me, you’ll be crazy about this. Back home, this is what I did…

Love Your Hotel Room? Take A Piece Of It Home

I pray you never have to experience bed bugs because it can be a horrible experience, but I hope this post gives you an idea of ​​what happened to me and how I dealt with it. If you want to learn more about bed bugs, read the Guide to Bed Bugs at, which is a great guide.

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