How To Know If I Qualify For Food Stamps

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Families may be eligible for food benefit assistance due to COVID-19 school closures. These food benefits are known as the Pandemic EBT Emergency School Meal Program or P-EBT. Learn more below.

How To Know If I Qualify For Food Stamps

Children who qualify for free or reduced-price meals at school due to COVID-19 will receive additional food benefits. P-EBT is a new temporary food benefit designed to help families with food purchases due to school closures.

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Any family with a child in grades K-12 who is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals – including children attending free school

P-EBT is available to all students regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The only requirement is that your child must be eligible for free or reduced price school meals.

The amount depends on how many children in your household receive free or reduced-price school meals. The maximum benefit is $399 per child. You will receive one P-EBT card for all children (Example: If you have 3 children, you will receive one card worth $1,197).

Families with children who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals after schools close will receive less than $399 per child. It depends on when your family is applying for free or reduced price meals, or essential foods. P-EBT benefits ($5.70 per day) are based on the number of days schools are closed:

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P-EBT is available to all eligible children in Washington State, regardless of their status or the status of their parents. When you apply for P-EBT, your child’s immigration or citizenship status will not be asked. P-EBT is not considered a public charge. (see issue #17 for more information)

Households with Basic Food (Food Stamps): Between June 28 and July 7, P-EBT benefits will be added to EBT cards you already use.

Free or Reduced Price School Meals for Families with Children: You must complete the simple application by August 31 or the start of the new school year, whichever is later.

P-EBT benefits will be approved if the information on the school meal application matches the information on the child’s P-EBT and DSHS applications.

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (p Ebt)

You can choose where to place your P-EBT card on your P-EBT application. If your child is approved, your P-EBT card will be mailed 3-5 days after approval. Due to the workload involved in applying, it may take up to 30 business days to process your application.

You must apply by August 31, 2020 or the start of the 2020-21 school year, whichever is later.

You will receive a P-EBT card in the mail with information on how to use your P-EBT card. (See #6 for more information on how to apply). If you are eligible for Free and Reduced Price School Meals after schools close, the approval process may take longer.

If your P-EBT application is denied, you will receive a letter in the mail explaining what happened and how to appeal if you believe the denial was wrong.

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Follow the instructions that came with your P-EBT card. You must activate your card before you can use it to buy food. To activate your card, you will need to call and provide the zip code of the mailing address on your P-EBT application. You then create a personal PIN that you will use to make purchases – just like a debit card.

Yes. Children may receive meals from school and receive P-EBT. They are separate programs. P-EBT benefits are not a substitute for school or other organization meals.

13. What if I applied online and did not receive my P-EBT card, or if I received a letter denying my application?

P-EBT can buy food at any SNAP-certified store: most grocery stores, farmers markets, some corner stores, or online at Amazon and Walmart (depending on your area). P-EBT cannot be used for:

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17. What if I have questions about P-EBT and my ability to apply for a Green Card/Lawful Permanent Residence?

Applying for or using the P-EBT will not affect your ability to apply for a green card (lawful permanent residence). Applying for a P-EBT will not affect the ability of family members inside or outside the United States to apply for a green card. The Public Charge decision does not consider P-EBT. If you have questions about your immigration status and P-EBT, you should consult with an immigration attorney or an accredited DOJ representative. Information about P-EBT and immigration law; they can answer your questions:

18. How do low-income families who do not receive basic food or free or reduced-price school meals receive P-EBT benefits?

Families with school-age children who have recently lost work or income may complete a free or reduced-price school meal application through your school district by June 30 and before you apply for P-EBT. You also have until June 30 to request essential foods online ( or by phone (877-501-2233 – DSHS Customer Contact Center). If you are approved for basic foods, you will also receive P-EBT benefits for school-age children.

Calfresh Frequently Asked Questions

If you are approved for free and reduced-price essential food or school meals after school closures and before June 30, 2020, your P-EBT benefits will be prorated.

Under the leadership of the President. OSPI’s Chris Reykdal is the lead agency overseeing K-12 education in Washington State.

My number one tip for protecting children from sexual abuse: teach them sex talk (sort of) and therapy… CalFresh FAQs Check out the FAQs about temporary changes to CalFresh student eligibility. For more information, click here. eligibility issues

No! Applying for CalFresh benefits will not affect your or your family’s tax or citizenship status.

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Yes, CalFresh income limits in San Diego County start at a gross monthly income of $2,148 for a family of 1 and increase from there. Follow this link for more information.

We encourage everyone to try to apply, even if your income is above the maximum, because every situation is unique.

CalGrant A or B and Federal Work-Study will appear on your financial aid award letter. This can be found on the Financial Aid Tool through TritonLink.

I live on campus and don’t know if my meal plan includes 11 or more meals per week. What to do and what not to do?

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The only meal plan that covers 11 or more meals per week is the highest option, the 5355 plan. All other meal plans below this do not cover 11 or more meals per week. You can browse meal plans here.

Can I still apply for CalFresh if I’m moving and don’t have a permanent address?

Yes, you can still process your application without having your EBT card sent and picked up at your local CalFresh office or post office. However, once you have a permanent address, you should contact the county to update your information. We can help you with this process!

Graduate and professional students follow the same student eligibility guidelines as undergraduate students. However, this is often limited depending on the resources available to graduate students. Therefore, the most common eligibility exemptions for graduate students are:

Benefit, Employment & Support Services

(Graduate and professional students can transfer loans to work-study, encourage more applications)

There are also exemptions for graduate and professional student programs. Click this link to view a list of eligible waiver programs.

This list is not exhaustive! If you have questions about eligibility, please contact our team for more information on your specific situation.

If you are a graduate and professional student in need of basic needs assistance, we encourage you to contact our team and complete the Basic Needs Assistance form on our Basic Needs website.

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Unfortunately, CalFresh is only available to US citizens and legal permanent residents. If you need help with basic needs, please use the other resources available at the Basic Needs Center. Additionally, we encourage you to contact the Office of International Students and Programs or the Undocumented Student Services Center for additional resources.

You will need to upload your letter of admission or a document confirming that you are part of a graduate and professional program. This document must include your name and the degree and professional program you are a part of.

I am on my parents’ CalFresh benefits and I am moving to campus/San Diego. Will my parents’ benefits change?

Yes, your benefits are subject to change and we strongly encourage you to contact the county at the number listed on your family EBT card or the CalFresh Access Line. You may be denied family benefits, and you are welcome to apply for your own benefits if you are eligible. Please check eligibility on our student website via this link.

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If I have CalFresh

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