How To Know If Im Having Twins

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We found out we had twins at 6 weeks and 4 days. We were delighted, but we certainly did not expect this! Twin moms, tell me everything! Everything you want to know before you become twins, twin basics, how long your morning sickness lasts (I’m miserable), just the stories you want to share 😊

How To Know If Im Having Twins

I’m second to this post! Learned about our twins at 6w 2d in the US on December 23rd. Any wisdom and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Identical Vs Fraternal: Explaining Your Twin Ultrasound

Congratulations! According to your ultrasound, it looks like your twins share a placenta. I was going to ask this to the doctors.

Oh yes! He also talked about that. He said I’ll have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and we’ll try to see if it’s in their amniotic sac. Then he said if it’s too early, we’ll look at it again in a few weeks. How far away are you?

Good! Glad they talked. Mine also shares a placenta. It changes the way your doctor monitors you, because of the added risk. That’s why I mentioned asking the doctors, but they’ve probably covered it all! At 6 weeks, it’s often too early to tell if they share the same amniotic sac. They found my twins at 6 weeks old and said it was too early to diagnose mono/di or mono/mon. They can give my diagnosis in 8 weeks (But it may take longer for others).

I looked a little different when I was 17 weeks old and had di/di twins. Each is in its own pouch and has its own placenta. I recommend going to an MFM. Even if your OB says you don’t need to do it yet, I would ask for a good referral in your area and call and schedule your first date. I started seeing me at 12 weeks. It is VERY important that you see a doctor with either twin, especially those who share a placenta. You’ll go in for a checkup every two weeks and you’ll be in good health, I really love my MFM and with all the “high risk” pregnancy labels it really makes me feel good. roof.

Vlog Recap: Finding Out If We’re Having Twins

As for the symptoms, I was very nauseous until 14 weeks. I hate to say it, you have some time but take my advice on this… ASK your doctor about nausea pills!! I didn’t even ask for 13 weeks because I kept saying I could get an erection. Do yourself a favor and claim it soon. I’m on sabbatical but I heard Zofran is good too. After 14 weeks, the nausea has subsided but I still hesitate to eat here and there. Now it’s mostly just growing pains and I’m still pretty tired.

If you have any questions, we can private message you on Instagram or if you’d like to speak to another mom of twins! Good luck to you and your baby🥰 and congratulations! Two small blessings

Okay. I took medicine for nausea and tea for constipation. I must be having more and more pain… feeling like a lot of yawning accompanied by hip pain. I just want to get my next app! 🤣 I hope my little nuggets have a good heartbeat😍

My symptoms are still not improving and I am having a moderate swelling so I take these as good signs. However, I can’t help but worry.

How You Get Pregnant With Twins: 5 Factors That Increase The Odds Of Getting Pregnant With Twins

I’m sure I realized I was freaking out when I found out I was going to have twins. Seeing my MFM really makes me feel good, so I highly recommend getting one as soon as possible.

I also remember being very nervous about my heart rate at first. Just try to relax and pray for your baby every day and do things to take up your time. I loved reading that twin book, it was a great way to get the anxiety out of my head and focus on the joy of having twins. Definitely get it

I also had the worst nausea and constipation. Like I said before, ask your doctor for medicine and don’t be scared!! If you are in pain, help yourself. And one more piece of advice, don’t worry too much about gaining weight in the top three. I continued to worry because I already had two children and the doctors told me to eat everything I could, drink water, and have prenatal care, and that’s what’s important. 👍 To be honest, I had and still have cramps and pain during my first three. I think it’s just that our uterus is growing rapidly because it’s making room for two. The doctors told me not to worry unless it’s severe and accompanied by bleeding, so I would say it’s normal 😘

Thanks for sharing!! I will review that book😊 I’m scared of having twins… I bought MMC last year so I’m scared to worry about TWO babies! It was hard to wait a long time between my first and second application. My second application is due on the 31st. I am very afraid my gynecologist will tell me that there is no heartbeat. Very frustrating. I’m 10w 2d and I’m so nauseous️ So constipated… Oh! Is it okay to have round ligament pain so early?

Things You Should Know About Having Twins From A Twin Mum

I also highly recommend the book “What to do when you have two children”, which gave me a lot of ideas about my pregnancy and what to expect. It also taught me a lot of things about twins and twins that I never knew🤍 I ordered from Amazon!

Congratulations! I’m 22 weeks so I don’t have much idea of ​​when the twins are here. I would say that most of my nausea went away in about 12 weeks (i.e. just before the end of the first trimester). I still loathe the food and the smell. Be prepared for heartburn.

Dr. I’m reading “When You Expect Twins, Triples, and Quadruples” by Barbara Luke. I wish I had known earlier in my pregnancy. It has very good information in it.

Congratulations. This week, I found out that we are also having twins, which is shocking. 7 weeks 1 day. Living in the UK we never found out until we were 12 weeks old and this is usually the first ultrasound. However, since I’m not very good at it, we booked a separate scan. I am very angry. We don’t have twins in the family so I didn’t know what to expect.

Complications With Twins

Congratulations! Did they see the fetal pole and heartbeat today? I’m curious because so far I’ve only found two yolks in a gestational sac.

Thank you! My whole situation is unfortunately in a mess. I go into 6w4d and measure 5w2d with just one egg yolk. Then I went back to 7w3d, measured 6w5d with 2 yolk sacs and didn’t see anything. I come back on Thursday to review the fetal poles and heart rate, but if not, most likely miscarriage

My first ultrasound was on day 5w 5 days. And all we see is the yolk sac. They are too small so if he sees 2 or a yolk sac it is not 100% positive. But on my 6w 4d ultrasound we clearly see both the yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat. We can’t hear the heartbeats, but we can see them. I hope you see yourself again soon ❤️

Hi yes we watched both today he said my scan was too early because his heartbeat was just starting to form. Hopefully you’ll see this on your next scan. At first, one of the bags was hiding and coming out, taking us all by surprise.

Here’s What I Learned When My Twin Girls Went Viral

I’ll be honest: I wish I knew that I should be more concerned and worried about myself. I wasn’t really mentally ready and now it’s over me. EVERYTHING is harder for two people. Two teams that have to worry about *everything* + have a higher risk of developing lots of additional problems. I’m sorry to be upset, I’m a little pregnant and I’m ready to give birth safely here. (I’m 25 + 1 with di/di). Basically what I’m saying is be prepared for it to do more than just come up with cute names and look at double strollers (which is stressful in itself).

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