How To Know If Your Record Has Been Expunged

How To Know If Your Record Has Been Expunged – Do you like clean records? Interested in my search for the perfect cleaning solution? Learn about AIVS Enzymatic Record Cleaning Concentrate, designed for ultrasonic record cleaning machines.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a clean slate? In the early years, I had therapy sessions while cleaning records in my garage. My routine consisted of a multi-step process that included pre-cleansing with distilled water, followed by a cleansing solution and a gentle brush, and then a final rinse. Between each step I will seal the solution with just 2 turns of VPI HW-17 tape cleaner. Finally, I would use a fixed shot, then carefully place the entire recording into the new MoFi anti-static sleeve.

How To Know If Your Record Has Been Expunged

After years of wasting solutions and making a mess, I found something that made all the difference, the Audio Desk Pro Ultrasonic Vinyl Pro Cleaner. Using a cleaning solution, soft brushes, ultrasonic vibrations and a built-in stationary cycle, this automated machine produces clean LPs.

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I’ve had mine for six plus years and every album I play goes through the Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro first. Like magic, every LP comes out of the ultrasonic cleaner better than when it left the factory.

The audio desk rig was great, but required an expensive OEM cleaning solution. Specifically, you mix a bottle of OEM cleaning fluid with 1.2 liters of distilled water. This mixture should be renewed between 75 and 150 LP after clearing. A bottle of Audio Desk OEM cleaning solution costs $33. If we take 150 LPs, that’s 22 cents per record.

Jim Pendleton of Osage Audio Products released a special product to improve ultrasonic cleaning in late 2021, so I wanted to give it a try. His new product has a very long but descriptive name: “AIVS Enzymatic Record Cleaning Concentrate for Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machines”.

AIVS Enzymatic Concentrate is available in 32 oz bottles for $50, but you only need 18 ml of this solution in 1.2 liters of distilled water to fill an Audio Desk ultrasound machine. You spend less than $1 of AIVS cleaning solution versus $33 of audio desk cleaning solution to fill your cleaning machine to clean 75-150 LPs.

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We found that the price of AIVS Enzymatic Liquid is almost too good to be true, but will it work?

At PTA we need to know where products come from, so let me take a moment to talk about their history.

Audio Intelligent was a company founded in 2003 that marketed a two-step recording cleaning process. The designers of the original product knew people at Dow Chemical and went to them for advice on ways to improve record cleaning. They first sold their record cleaners at Audiogon and where they found crazed audiophiles looking for clean records.

Jim Pendleton bought and loved these products for years, and when he retired in 2006, he decided to buy Audio Intelligent and take it to the next level. Over the years, they have worked to develop five record-breaking cleaning products that are now enzyme-based. Everything is now produced in house, including the enzymes and water process.

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Why is the cleaning solution for ultrasonic machines? Pendleton had an interesting insight that for every person who bought an ultrasonic machine like mine, ten times as many built their own homemade machines. The demand for ultrasonic cleaning was increasing. Pendleton customers have found that the liquid content will cause their DIY machines to act like old washers with too much soap. Therefore, they began to develop the best solution for ultrasonic cleaning. After months of development and testing with real users, AIVS has launched its ultrasonic cleaning solution.

In my first interview with Jim Pendleton, I asked him what was most important in developing AIVS Enzymatic Cleaning Fluid:

“There are several things that are important to us when developing a product that will be used in an ultrasonic record cleaning machine. Low Dissolve Solids Low Foam Texture No Rinse Texture Along with these points, we have agreed on our belief in providing an enzymatic cleaning product that has no chemical detergents or solvents in the formula and does not contain alcohol. This product was tested with several testers this year and extensively tested in the laboratory before that. We tested the product on many ultrasonic record cleaners on the market, as well as home-built record cleaners.

AIVS enzyme solution does not contain detergents and petroleum products. All AIVS solutions offered today are water and detergent only enzymes.

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“We use a variety of scientifically engineered enzyme cleaning components throughout our product range. These enzyme components are not synthetic or natural digestive enzymes and have a long shelf life under careful storage conditions. Some of our long line products are still working eight years after they were manufactured. In most cases the water content of the products will deteriorate before the cleaning enzyme components lose their effectiveness. The purifying enzyme components of the ultrasonic formula were developed and selected because they have the lowest amount of foam used, have the lowest amount of dissolved solids and require no washing.

Pendleton also says that if you add distilled water to his cleaning solution, it will still measure dissolved solids (typically less than one part per million). This is one of the most important features when using an ultrasonic cleaner, as any dissolved solids during the ultrasonic process can quickly begin to explode your precious LPs.

He explained that in addition to analyzing the LP under a microscope in the lab and after, they also developed a proprietary process to chemically analyze what they found in the record to ensure its purity.

AIVS recommends using 18 ml of its solution in 1.2 liters of water. Since I usually use one liter of water, I added 15 ml of cleaning solution, which is easy to measure.

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The question I wanted answered is, “Is the AIVS Enzymatic solution on top of the OEM cleaning solution provided by Audio Desk?”

I did a quality check. I took a few records, listened to the unwashed, washed with OEM solution and listened, then washed a second time with AIVS enzyme solution to make any improvements. I know only a second flush with the OEM fluid may have improved, but if the AIVS solution can improve it would be good to know.

Then, I took the records that were dirty and just used the AIVS enzyme solution to see the improvement I could hear before and after to see how it compared to my experience with the OEM fluid.

I’ve been doing this all day, changing fluids and slathering Audio DESK $33 OEM bowls with cleaning solution like I won the lottery. After doing this round, the results were consistent again and again. Spoiler alert: I no longer buy DESK audio solutions, and I have nothing left from the testing frenzy.

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One of my favorite albums of all time and on constant rotation in my bedroom. It was clean at first, but it hadn’t been washed in a long time.

After the first flush using the OEM fluid, the surface noise was significantly reduced as I have seen before. Visually it was practically flawless, but there was always a patch of varnish on the record that I never wanted to remove. There did not appear to be a gender effect.

Then I washed again, this time using the AIVS enzyme solution. To my surprise, it was the quietest I’ve ever experienced this contraction, although there was some residual noise. Lowering the volume seemed to bring out more detail, and best of all, the stain mark came out and the LP looked 10/10.

A similar experience is obtained with “Misty Mountain Hop”. As in the previous test, when the LP was washed with OEM record cleaning solution, the sound was reduced. Maybe the recording was too dirty before washing, because after ultrasonic cleaning I heard more details about the sound of the plant. The transition (especially on the drums) was created.

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With a second wash with the AIVS solution, I noticed that the results were much more muted. The record looked perfect with the OEM fluid and looked the same after the second wash. Acoustically, the performance was quiet, but it’s now being billed as a preview for Peter Gabriel’s album. Voices picked up some detail and voices were easy to understand.

This experience is done almost all day long. The results were often the same. About halfway through, I just stopped changing the fluid and just stuck with the AIVS enzyme solution and worked with my collection favorites. The results were consistent; The AIVS solution has been shown to perform as well or, in some cases, better than the OEM fluid.

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