How To Know When A Marriage Is Over Quiz

How To Know When A Marriage Is Over Quiz – We all know friends or family members who are going through a divorce or separation. We listen to their heart-wrenching stories and think, “God, don’t let this happen to my marriage.”

Since none of us wants to live with the tragedy of a divorce, it is important to understand the signs of a broken marriage.

How To Know When A Marriage Is Over Quiz

While every marriage is different (and it’s impossible and arrogant to say that every marriage follows a certain pattern), many broken marriages have similar problems—certain mindsets or habits that slowly destroy the marriage bond.

If You Have Been Divorced, You Know It Hurts

By examining the ways in which the Bible encourages husbands and wives to conduct themselves in marriage, we can identify 5 thoughts or habits that are signs of a broken marriage.

In my own family, I know that when I start to put these wrong thinking into practice, my family is hurt and there is tension. How about you?

For the health of your marriage, I encourage you to read this list of warning signs of a troubled marriage with an open and honest mind.

If you see these signs of marital problems in your own relationship, this article offers honest, heartfelt encouragement and resources that can really help.

Florida Divorce Laws

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Before I get into the warning signs of a failing marriage, I want to be clear: The spouse is being physically or emotionally abusive.

Rape is never okay. Not only is this morally wrong, it can also be illegal under certain circumstances. If nothing else, abuse is a big sign of a broken marriage.

If you or someone you love is experiencing marital problems, seek professional help immediately. FOCUS Ministries, a faith-based center for domestic violence against women and children, urges you to call 9-1-1 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) if you are in immediate danger. offers.

Is Your Marriage Failing? 5 Signs Of A Troubled Marriage

Is violence grounds for divorce? If you are in an abusive relationship, I encourage you to seek God’s counsel regarding your particular situation; most importantly, take time to pray and fast for answers.

Here are a few articles that offer a biblical perspective for those experiencing domestic violence. In this case, you are not alone, and there is hope!

We are called to love our spouses sacrificially every day (Ephesians 5), whether it is serving them physically or allowing their opinion to be as valuable as our own when making decisions (Philippians 2:3-4).

I know I hear you. “Why should I serve him when he does not treat me well, or if I know he will not respond?” we thought.

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

But here’s the thing: failing to love him (until he treats you right, etc.) means you’re cheating on God’s perfect example of sacrificial love for marriage.

If you choose to love your spouse only when you love them, you are failing to understand the perfect love described in 1 Corinthians 13.

Most importantly, this inability to serve your spouse unconditionally severely limits the intimacy between you two and destroys God’s desire to use your marriage to grow you in holiness.

Your spouse does not have to be “worthy” of your unconditional love. In fact, it is the definition of unconditional love and grace itself.

Getting Past A Fiance’s First Marriage

These moments are a real reminder that in marriage we are truly serving God, not our spouse!

Let’s face it – sometimes couples say annoying things! Sometimes we just want our spouse to change and agree with our beliefs.

While I’m not advocating ignoring our feelings or not acknowledging our emotions, it can be dangerous for a marriage if we get into the habit of not valuing our spouse’s opinion over our own.

Why? Because friendship is the foundation of every marriage. Strong friendships are not selfish, but seeking to bless and help others, sometimes sacrificing our own thoughts and desires to keep the peace or show love (1 Corinthians 13).

Expert Tips For How To Save A Marriage From Divorce

Because of this, when we think that our spouse’s feelings are not important, we are damaging our friendship with our spouse and our default marriage.

Arguments are normal in marriage (shhh…here’s some help on how to set ground rules for fighting for marital justice). But the real question is, “Are we facing those unresolved family conflicts head-on, or are we sweeping them under the rug and pretending they don’t exist?”

I think unresolved tension in a marriage is like stained glasses. Whenever we have an argument or a problem, our glasses (the lenses of how we see each other) become cloudy and covered with smudges, dirt, and other debris.

If we don’t immediately remove those “stains” through forgiveness and reconciliation, it will be difficult to love and serve them unconditionally.

The 32 Best Marriage Quotes

We need to address these issues immediately and make it a habit to move on instead of suffocating with unresolved conflicts so that our marriage can function smoothly.

In marriage, I’ve found that our sex life is a good indicator of our overall health as a couple.

When couples are going through rough times, sex can be a great balm for reconciliation. Often I feel that intimacy “repairs” the bonds of marriage.

I share this to say that sex is an emotional (not just physical) investment in each other. If couples reduce sex to a simple physical activity (or they don’t have much sex), they are harming their marital growth and relationship.

I Think My Marriage Is Over. How Do I Know If It’s Time For A Divorce?

Many of us allow this aspect of our family to slowly erode, and frankly, it’s easy!

Besides being “too busy” or “tired,” there are other potential reasons for a lack of physical intimacy:

We cannot allow the enemy to take advantage of our worries or emotional wounds to prevent our marriage from this most important form of connection.

We need to prioritize our sexuality with our spouse (read more about that here).

Signs Your Marriage Is Over And It’s Time To Move On

We enter marriage with hope and excitement because we’ve invested hours into our relationship (nights of thoughtful conversation, alone time, etc.).

And then we get married, and suddenly, as the years go by (and we start to get distracted by other good things like careers, children, even ministry), our marriage may no longer look so bright and optimistic. In fact, when we spend most of our emotional energy on other things, it can feel weak and just plain lame.

That’s why it’s so important to stick with date nights and regular times! If we want relationships to survive and thrive, we must consciously invest in them.

It’s easy to let it go! We have a thousand excuses, but we need to find creative ways to consciously invest in our lives.

How To Know If Your Marriage Is Over

If you notice these signs of trouble in your family, I suggest you take a few steps.

I get it – you are hurting and you need to change your marriage. But what can you do when you’re ready to make actionable changes together to improve your family?

Maybe you’ve received some wise advice from a pastor or friend about what needs to change in your marriage, but you don’t know where to start or how to make it happen.

Or maybe you have some goals, but to make these changes in your marriage sustainable in the long run, you need proven strategies for achieving your marital goals.

Palm Reading Guide: Marriage Lines Explained

Marriage communication is a great place to start. After all, when we learn how to communicate better with our spouse, we can see areas in our marriage that need regular care or a little care.

If learning how to communicate better with your spouse is one of your marriage goals, I highly recommend picking up a great marriage book (Dedicated Conversations by my dear friends Mike and Carly Kercheval).

This amazing couple devotional by my dear friends (and marriage coaches) Mike + Carly Kercheval delves deep into important topics that are important to Christian couples (from forgiveness to communication issues to sex). I love that it aims to help you develop healthy habits for better marital communication in 30 days or less!

The Kerchevals, a certified marriage coach, Bible teacher, and amazing couple of over 21 years, take you through a 30-day, step-by-step learning process:

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over, And What Can You Do To Fix It?

With three sections for each prayer (including Bible verses, Conversation and Reflection questions, and sample prayers), this marriage resource encourages couples to open up.

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