How To Know When A Wart Is Gone

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Ok, so get ready to grab your flip flops, slippers, socks, tennis shoes and stick them on your feet… This is the true story after the plantar warts (yes, that’s plural) treatment that I’ve had for quite some time. 8 years and I had no idea!!

How To Know When A Wart Is Gone

As a girl walking in and out of the high school soccer locker room and the beach, the pool, barefoot, I thought my feet could do anything. Mud and sand? no problem Cold tile floors and rain-slick sidewalks? easy As we lead a coastal lifestyle, it is important to focus more on the soles of our feet. Bacteria, viruses, and dirt can enter the small fragments caused by dry skin and cause havoc. When this happens, your immune system gets the green light and tries to heal the affected area.

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However, sometimes the immune system is not strong enough to kill viruses that are difficult to get rid of. This happened to me when I discovered that I had plantar warts on the bottom of my right foot for over 8 years. Plantar warts are growths caused by viruses related to HPV and can be spread directly or indirectly from person to person. Although the risk of transmission is very small, if your immune system is weak, you have a high chance of getting infected.

I clearly remember the day I saw the first wart on my leg. I thought it was a blister from my new soccer shoes that was having a hard time healing. Since there are so many outbreaks of blisters playing football, I dismissed my worries and got on with life.

Fast forward to mid May 2015…I started noticing pain in the bottom of my right leg when I walked. Weeks later, I noticed more skin-like circles and knew something was wrong. These circles popped up quickly. It must have been fate, but one day I came across a pin on Pinterest that had a picture of what looked like the same circles I had on my legs. I clicked through and read the blog post and then I realized I had a big problem on my hands. Plant Warts.

I immediately thought I should see my doctor to find a solution and made an appointment. It was a few weeks away though, and I had to take some action in the meantime. So I turned to YouTube and Pinterest to research what natural home remedies have worked for others.

How To Know When A Plantar Wart Is Completely Gone

I have read many stories of people who have gone to the doctor and been told their only options are surgery or freezing the wart(s). These stories are shared with the caution that surgery and freezing does not mean that the wrinkle will not come back, sometimes it can come back big and very painful. The photos and videos of people opting for surgery were simply disgusting. They were practically left with a hole in their leg… no thank you!

After about a week of research, I decided against surgery and freezing. I will remove plantar warts naturally with store bought ingredients.

First I tried my convenient Young Living essential oils: tea tree, lavender, orange, and lemon. I applied the mixture with a Q-tip, making sure not to use the same on another wart. I then covered myself with duct tape for the day and only removed the tape before showering. I did this for two weeks and saw no improvement, so I felt I had to switch to another method.

I came across a blog by a man dedicated to telling his plantar wart removal story. He said that he cured his plantar warts within a week of using corn remover and salt soaks. Will it take 3 weeks to heal? That sounds great to me πŸ™‚

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I found the cheapest corn remover at my local HEB and Dr. I stopped to buy a bag of Thiel’s Lavender Pure Epsom Salt. I also bought my mom apple cider vinegar, tweezers, vitamin C softgel pills, more duct tape, and Pedi-Scrub 4-in-1 with Foot Buffer, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Tea Tree Oil. I already had Shamarwynso sea salt on hand that I prepared for use as well.

That evening I washed my feet with lukewarm water and homemade soap. Then I poured a cupful of salt into a small pot and filled it with standing water. I soaked the bottom of my feet for 20 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. After I dried the area, I put apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and applied it all over the warts. I covered the cotton ball with duck tape, making sure it dried against my skin, and went to bed. I repeated this process every night for 3 days before using the corn remover pads, and took a vitamin C pill every morning to boost my immune system.

After about 3-5 days of apple cider vinegar treatment and using the corn remover pads, the skin around the wart started to die and had to be peeled/scrubbed. I used tweezers (making sure to disinfect them with alcohol after each use) and used a foot buffer to clean and wet the wart area each time to remove the dead skin. By doing this continuously, you expose more and more warts. The dark area of ​​the wart under my skin was finally exposed and I was closer than ever to the root of the wart which is important to remove them to prevent future growth and prevent the virus from spreading inside. I made sure to moisturize my legs every night with vitamin E cream especially around the healing area and around the warts (but not directly on them) to soothe the dry skin.

I finally saw my doctor during the week, guess what he said… go to a dermatologist, they will freeze them. Huh!… I’m not doing that.

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After about 10 days of maintaining my routine, my feet became more sensitive than before I started the healing process, which started to worry me. Was something else wrong? The roots of the wart were dying and moving, causing me pain. I started reintroducing apple cider vinegar into my evening routine to ensure no bacterial infections.

I still stuck to my routine and towards the end of the second week, when I was removing the dead skin, three large warts came out. Was it painful? Yes, but much better than surgery or freezing them. With three gone and about seven little ones left, I still had to go about my normal routine with the others, but I cleaned the open area with the big warts and applied Neosporin with a Q-tip.

Now at week 3, the bottom of my foot looks like this. The layers of skin around the warts are removed and the wound with warts also heals. However, what I mean is that these types of warts are very stubborn and there is a chance that they will come back. So I still do the salt soak and apple cider vinegar ointment daily and if I see any dark spots I immediately exfoliate the surrounding skin and black spots. I still take a vitamin C pill every morning.

In a week or so I expect to be fully recovered and will be keeping a close eye on my foot for a while. However, this treatment doesn’t mean I’m going to start going barefoot everywhere again! I definitely learned my lesson about walking around without shoes or socks for possible bacteria and viruses that can be difficult and expensive to get rid of in this case. *Note: Every person’s immune system is different and therefore the level of effectiveness of treatment is not the same for everyone.

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So parents – tell your kids to put on either socks or shoes before walking around the house or walking in public and all you teenagers – listen to your parents, you won’t understand why but trust me, you don’t want to. Pay later. Oh parents, you can show your kids a picture of my feet for reinforcement πŸ˜‰

Love your feet and they will love you back! Are you trying to heal a plantar wart or know someone who is? Share your story in the comments below so we can all help each other!

So it’s been almost four months since I wrote this post. Within that time with complete transparency, I had a relapse and three of the larger warts reappeared. I did the same for this second round

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