How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz – It’s been a few months for BuzzFeed (and media in general), but the company is still rolling out interesting new features.

Today’s addition gives the site a new, more social look to the well-known quizzes. Instead of taking a quiz on yourself and sharing the results on social media (or thinking to yourself, “That’s right, me

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

In BuzzFeed Quiz Party, when you start a quiz, you’ll be given a link that you can share with anyone you want. Once everyone is signed in, taking the quiz doesn’t change dramatically, but you answer the questions in parallel (little icons show how much progress everyone has made) and you get the results together.

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BuzzFeed CTO Peter Wang (who joined the company earlier this year) told me that the pandemic and related stay-at-home orders seem to be fueling interest in quizzes; Traffic was already growing — doubling year-on-year in January — and VVT tripled in March, and has continued to grow since then.

Wang also suggested that Quiz Party tie into the broader theme of creating more social experiences at BuzzFeed and “bringing real-world action beyond consumption … to give the world something fun and joyful.”

For these initial quizzes, BuzzFeed took popular solo quizzes and reworked them for groups, but Wang said Quiz Party’s library will continue to expand. In the future, the company will introduce sponsorships and enhance the social experience by adding things like music and chat, he said. Buzzfeed was one of the first quiz maker software tools. Launched in 2006, they’re a true legend in the space — but aim to be more of a news and media company than a pure quiz creator. However, they still offer free quiz creation tools – so we wanted to see how Buzzfeed Quiz Maker compares.

We should say at the outset that this is an “apples and oranges” comparison – Buzzfeed has made its name as a B2C (business-to-consumer) quiz creator, putting easy-to-use and creation tools into the hands of consumers.

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From 13-year-olds ( “How much do you really know about Little Mix?” ) to 67-year-old history buffs ( ” Test yourself on this Roman mythology quiz!” ).

Buzzfeed’s quiz business has become a sideshow to running their new media company. It’s clear that Buzzfeed’s quiz tools haven’t continued to evolve over the past few years – so their functionality is pretty limited compared to other quiz creators.

It’s a quiz maker built for businesses – which means our focus is completely different. For example, we have built in advanced white label features (custom fonts, CSS editor, add your own branding) as well as GDPR compliant data generation and capture.

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

Of course, we’re a quiz creator, last, and always — not a media company — so our marketing platform is evolving at lightning speed.

How To Make A Buzzfeed Quiz

But you should read on for more information, including a more detailed list comparing 60+ features. (We’re big quiz fanatics, what can we say?)

Every quiz builder like Buzzfeed needs to decide how to develop their product – software coders are a scarce commodity. Some are about engagement, others about directions – but each quiz maker has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Quiz creators focus on two marketing goals – engagement and lead generation. Every quiz creator has their own approach to what works best.

On the engagement side, quiz developers need to decide how to create quizzes, lists, polls, and more to engage their audience and get more traffic through social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

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Score generation fits naturally with quizzes – and allows you to insert an optional registration form between the questions and the user’s results. This is a great opportunity to present a special offer or a reason to sign up for more information – then send that data to your email marketing tools for automated follow-up messages to turn a customer into a happy customer.

Every Buzzfeed quiz has zero lead generation capabilities – while this quiz is basically designed to generate leads.

You can create your own forms and then automatically send all your customer quiz data to any marketing software.

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

People often use “quiz” as a catch-all term for all kinds of interactive content formats, including surveys, polls, personality tests, and more. One thing is for sure, more is always better – the deeper and more diverse the toolkit you’ll have for your marketing needs.

How To Create A Buzzfeed Quiz

As it sounds a bit modest, it works even better – there are 15 types, including unique quiz types like our multiple polls, branching logic ‘journey’ and more.

We won’t go into each of these different types of quizzes at length; Instead we’ll focus at a high level on the most popular types.

Buzzfeed’s quiz creator tools are clearly designed for a B2C audience – Buzzfeed’s quizzes are easy to use, but their tools lack many of the key features and flexibility that marketers and content teams are looking for today.

However, it can be difficult for marketers and businesses to create a quiz that reflects their brand and the flexibility to ask more complex questions.

My Quiz Result Book

We love how you can add detailed answer explanations to your Buzzfeed quiz – it’s a great way to give users feedback as they interact with your quiz.

But in general, most marketers have limited adjustments throughout the quiz, things like deciding when (or if) you share correct answers. Many traders like to delay it after a lead forms – to increase their quiz pick fee.

We also like some other formats for any Buzzfeed quiz you create — especially their “Checklist Quiz.” It’s pretty cool – each user is presented with a set of choices and they get a score based on the number they pick.

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

Checklist Quiz “How many cities have you visited?” Great for light/fluffy quizzes like – based on how many places you visited, but also for more serious business purposes. For example, “How safe are you online?” Marketers can ask things like – and segment all quiz takers and assign an overall risk score based on how well their business is protected.

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Quiz Maker features almost all of these formats – and a lot more.

This just scratches the surface – you can learn more about creating the perfect online quiz in our blog post.

You match each answer to an outcome type – but there is no flexibility, each answer can only be used for one outcome type (eg Yoda or Darth Vader, but not both).

It’s a notable lack of flexibility, but Buzzfeed is targeting a less tech-savvy consumer audience.

Buzzfeed Laid Off Its Director Of Quizzes Because Lots Of People Are Willing To Make Quizzes For Free

In comparison, it uses a more flexible and weighted rating system with 21 options for each choice.

As you move the slider for each answer, each ‘marker’ increases the points awarded to that answer. For example, a mark in #12 (Medium) is worth less than a mark in #13 (Medium).

At the end of the personality quiz, our system calculates the points for each type of score – and then assigns the user the particular score with the most points.

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

In this example, you can see that “allow team members to vote” applies a little to mentoring and a lot to collaboration outcome types.

Buzzfeed 5 Year Old Quiz

We can’t here – Buzzfeed’s poll options are much more limited than their quiz.

Polls are basically polls – results are given to each user after they have voted. Buzzfeed offers quick and easy one-question survey units.

For comparison – we offer six different online opinion poll options, from our classic single question opinion poll to our new multiple question ‘Multi-Poll Scheme’ and the audience sentiment widget ‘Poll of Reaction’.

Check out the multiple polls here – you can ask unlimited questions, cast single or multiple votes (“Pick your top X choices”) or rank your favorites, as in the example below:

How To Make A Buzzfeed Style Personality Quiz

Here’s our ‘Feedback Poll’ – quick to set up, allowing your audience to quickly provide feedback on any question. Our publishing partners like the BBC use them to drive engagement (25% of site visitors click and vote) and increase interactivity in their long-form articles (like this BBC Sport post about football video replays).

Somewhat annoyingly, you can’t add images to every text block – only the main images and some question answers.

In comparison, Quiz Builder supports a wider range of video, audio and image search options. You can search, find and embed content using:

How To Make Buzzfeed Quiz

Online quizzes live and die by how well they capture and hold the attention of your audience. We highly recommend looking for a quiz maker that gives you more creative freedom – and goes beyond just letting you upload images.

Ways To Make A Quiz

With our custom fonts, CSS editor, you can hide our branding, add logos, and change every aspect of your quiz.

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