How To Make Google Doc Editable

How To Make Google Doc Editable – Regular Gmail account holders cannot create fillable Google Docs forms. But, you can create one by adding text boxes through tables or by setting up a “fillable document”. If you have a G-Suite account, you just need to create a template to turn your existing Google Docs document into a fillable form.

Fillable forms are very popular today, especially since almost every sector in this world is digitizing their processes.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

How To Make Google Doc Editable

And part of those processes is the need to print fillable forms for intended customers to fill out using the traditional pen and paper method.

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However, most of us think that you need to convert a Word file to a PDF before you can fill it out from your computer.

If you still think so, then you need to update because you can easily create a proper fillable form in Google Docs using 3 ingenious methods.

Unlike some tools like Canva where you can add a text box to the app, Google Docs doesn’t currently have this feature.

Step 1: After opening a blank Google Docs document, go to the menu bar and select the “Insert” tab.

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Make sure you place your cursor where you want the section to be filled in the document.

Step 2: Click the “Table” button in the first drop-down menu that appears. Another drop-down menu will appear next to it.

Step 3: In the second drop-down menu, choose how many rows and columns your inserted table will have.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

Since we are creating a fillable section in your Google Docs document, you only need 1 row and 2 columns.

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Check the boxes until you see “2×1” in the selected area. Click on the last box to make it appear on the document.

Step 4: Once the table is inserted into the Google Docs document, adjust the table rows accordingly.

Step 5: After editing the table, type the question about the completed form you are creating in the first cell.

If you need to adjust the size of the first cell, just click and drag the border between the 2 cells.

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You can also change the response field in the same way, except by clicking and dragging the best border.

Step 6: Format the text on your query by changing the font size and color, and make it bold or italic as you like.

Do the same for the second cell, where the respondent will write the answer even if you have not written the text.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

Step 7: Now go to the top right corner of the first cell of the table and press the “v” key.

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Step 8: From the options that appear in the drop-down menu, select the option that shows all marked table boundaries.

Step 11: After you changed the border color to white, the second cell (which is the response text field) has a “missing” border.

If you plan to make the response text box square or rectangular, check the “invisible” borders before changing its color back to black via the “Border Color” tab.

You can also achieve the same effect by selecting the “v” button in the upper right corner of the second cell and clicking the “All Borders” option in the “Select Border” menu.

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Step 12: However, if you want to replace the box with a line as the response area, you can still select the “v” button in the cell.

Next, enter your respondents’ email addresses and change their access to the document to “Edit”.

But if you think the first method is too new for you, then the second method might be to your liking.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

For those new to Google Docs, add-ons serve as additional tools that can customize your experience based on how you use it.

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And one such plugin that you need to install when you want to create fillable forms in the Google Docs app is Fillable Docs

So, if you are interested in creating fillable Google Docs forms in this semi-automatic way, read the steps below.

Step 1: After typing in a blank Google Docs document or opening a template, decide which parts of the document you want to fill in.

Step 3: Add another curly brace (“}”) after the end of the text you want to be the fillable area.

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Step 7: In the Google Workspace Marketplace window, go to the search bar and type “fillable document for Google Docs”.

Then click the “Allow” button to accept the terms of the plugin. After that, wait for Google Docs to install the add-on to your account.

Step 9: Once the ‘Fillable Doc’ is already installed in your Google Docs, click on the ‘Extensions’ tab in the menu bar again.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

For me, I chose to set the target folder automatically, so I chose the “Auto Setup” option.

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Step 14: “Fillable Document” will set the “Field List” menu and add the previously assigned record names as its location.

Step 15: After making sure that all the placeholders you assigned exist, submit your Google Docs document as a fillable form by selecting “Open Web Form.”

Wait for the newly completed form to load before typing the required answers in the appropriate text boxes that appear.

Step 16: Select Generate for the plugin to combine your responses with the completed Google Docs form and turn it into a new PDF or document.

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Click on the Google Docs version of the fillable form to open a new tab next to it.

If you want to email the PDF and Google Docs versions of the completed form, click Send as email.

You just need to make a few edits to your document and let the plugin turn the rest of the text into placeholders.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

But while these first 2 methods are already genius, there is another way to create fillable forms that is only available to G-Suite account holders.

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Now, if you’re a G-Suite owner, you won’t have to go through the hassle of assigning parts of text as replacements.

Choose your company name (since G-Suite account holders are usually large businesses) before clicking the “Add Template” button.

Now, everyone in your company will be able to use and reuse this new template because it will be saved to your G-Suite account.

Now that you know about all 3 methods of creating fillable forms in Google Docs, which of these 3 methods will you use?

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If you noticed in the 3 methods discussed earlier, you need to give respondents access to “Edit” to fill in the required data.

But if you give them “edit” access, they can change other entries in that document.

The word processing tool currently does not allow its users to selectively protect certain parts of the file from modification.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

But, you can use Google Sheets instead if you want to protect certain sections from editing and filling them out.

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But before you click Done, make sure the ‘Edit Permissions Range’ is set to ‘Only you’ after checking the ‘Restrict who can edit this range’ option.

If you don’t want to continue using Google Sheets to create a simple form, you can make a forced copy instead.

To use this feature, go to the address bar that displays the Google Doc URL, tap the “Done” key on your keyboard, and replace the “Edit” tag with “Copy”.

Copy the new URL into another tab and a new page will appear asking you to create a hard copy of this file. Click “Copy” and the copied file will open in this tab.

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This is the file you will then send to your respondents, allowing you to keep the original file.

But if these methods aren’t what you’re looking for, then you should convert your Google Docs document to a fillable PDF.

Step 1: In the Google Docs document you have open, go to the menu bar and select the “Extensions” tab.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

Step 3: Once you get to the Google Workspace Marketplace popup, click on the search bar and type “filler pdf” there.

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Step 6: Now, go back to the ‘Extensions’ tab in the menu bar and select ‘PDF Filler for Google Docs’.

Step 7: On the sidebar that opens to the right of the document, select the “Send as PDF” button.

The document will then open in a new tab allowing you to convert your Google Docs document to PDF.

Fill in the required entries by clicking on the places you want to edit and select the “Edit” button.

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Step 8: Once you have completed the required entries in the form, select the ‘Done’ button to save the changes made.

The PDF will then be saved to your Google Drive, which you can easily share as an attachment later.

That being said, it is now up to you to choose the method that is most convenient and easiest for you to use regularly.

How To Make Google Doc Editable

Unfortunately, the “Create Template” feature is exclusive to G-Suite account holders. However, you can create fillable forms by selecting “File” and clicking “Copy”

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