How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz – BuzzFeed needs no introduction, and neither does its quiz. This is far from the only site using quizzes for marketing purposes, but its approach stands out. BuzzFeed’s quizzes are fun and visually appealing, and they’re getting a lot of attention on social media. This means you can learn a lot from them.

In this section, we’ll discuss how quizzes fit into your overall marketing strategy. Then, we’ll break down the differences between BuzzFeed-style quizzes and teach you three ways to create your own.

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

If you’re like us, you’ve probably taken many online quizzes in your life. They’re usually short and simple, and are a great conversation starter on social media. This is why we often think of online quizzes as just a distraction.

How To Make A Buzzfeed Style Quiz For Lead Generation And Product Recommendation

However, they can also be powerful marketing tools. After all, online quizzes enable many important marketing strategies, including:

Perhaps best of all, in most cases, creating an online quiz won’t cost you a cent. You can choose a topic, create a few questions, create a quiz, and use it to promote your website (or whatever else you want).

Online quizzes are nothing new. They’ve been around since the early days of the internet. However, they have become more popular over the past few years as people decide to use specific formulas to make quizzes more interesting.

It has a lot to do with how the exam is written. However, the topics you choose to focus on and the types of questions you ask do matter:

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Above, you can see an example of a content-based BuzzFeed quiz. Now, here’s a picture-based test that might make you hate us if you’re reading this:

BuzzFeed-style quizzes aren’t difficult to recreate when you’re ready, especially from a technical standpoint. Let’s explore some of the best ways to do this.

In the next three parts, we’ll use BuzzFeed’s platform, WordPress plugins, and third-party tools to create your own quiz. This way, you will be able to choose the method that best suits your needs.

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

Creating quizzes on BuzzFeed itself is easy. However, there is one big downside to using its platform – you can’t advertise your business or website directly. This means that any questions you create are just for fun. However, you can find many creative ways to use them in your marketing efforts, even if it just means sharing them on social media.

Tips For Making Buzzfeed Quizzes

You’ll need to sign up for an account first, which should only take a minute. Once logged in, go to your BuzzFeed dashboard and select it

Choose. On the next screen, you’ll see a quick editor where you can set the content’s name and description.

Then select the type of question you want to create from the list at the bottom of the page.

No matter what type of questions you choose, the process for building them is simple. For example, if you are creating a personality quiz, you would first determine what variable the outcome is:

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Then, you start writing questions and answers. For each answer you create, you can associate it with a specific result:

BuzzFeed will provide results for each quiz taker based on their cumulative score across all questions. It’s easy to do, but you can make your quiz more fun with a little flair.

WordPress offers many useful features, but it doesn’t allow you to create quizzes out of the box. However, that never stopped us. With the right plugin, you’ll be able to take quizzes and make BuzzFeed worth it.

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

What’s more, since you host the quizzes on your website, there is nothing stopping you from using them for direct marketing purposes. If you want to ask investigators for their email addresses or have them share their results on social media, you can do so (with the right tools).

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The plugin provides an intuitive drag and drop builder to help you create various forms. There are dedicated options for creating basic forms, polls, quizzes, and more.

When it comes to quizzes in particular, you can create knowledge-based tests or “feature” quizzes (more standard BuzzFeed style):

To get started, you can check out the plugin documentation. This will guide you through the process of creating and adding your first quiz to your website. Maybe it’s up to you!

If you don’t like the tools WordPress provides for creating quizzes, you can always look for other options outside the platform. There are many great services out there that allow you to create awesome quizzes with results that can easily surpass anything you’ve seen on BuzzFeed.

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One of our favorite tools of this kind is called Typeform. This is a service that allows you to create forms, surveys,

Test. The platform offers free and premium plans and includes more options than any other quiz tool we’ve seen so far:

Last time, we looked at Typeform and put together a complete tutorial on how to use it to create surveys. However, Typeform also includes a number of question templates:

How To Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz

Generally, Typeform quizzes are simpler than BuzzFeed-style quizzes. If you want to target a large professional audience, or just create something that stands out from the crowd, this makes this tool the right choice.

How To

Quizzes are more fun when your grades don’t depend on them. BuzzFeed quizzes in particular get a lot of attention because they are designed to be fun and simple. Also, investigators tend to share their findings with friends, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

Are you a fan of online quizzes? If so, let us know what you like the most about them in the comments section below!

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