How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

How To Make Your Own Website For Merch – Over the years, we’ve been asked by people how they can represent gear. We are not the first brand to be in this position. Slack started the modern trend with their famous socks, Fast used their store to let people buy the latest hoodies with their one-click checkout button, and Square took things further with their fashion line with the Cash by Cash app. took

We recently launched our own merch store and it helped raise thousands of dollars for charity in just the first week. While sharing a bit about why we started the store, we wanted to talk more about our approach to help guide other brands that may find themselves in this position in the future.

How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

After you answer these questions, you need to figure out the right way to present your brand authentically.

Choosing The Best Template For Your Site

The idea of ​​building a product store has been talked about for a long time. Once we started integrating with Print, we thought it would be a great opportunity to provide swag to our community and create a great e-commerce store at the same time.

We have selected products based on the popular demands of our community, product designs and their quality. There were also some limitations that we had to consider such as the quality of the print material.

One of our goals is to have products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. And luckily there were some products that we were able to find eco-friendly versions of by printing.

Once we had a final list of products we moved on to creating a mood board. We have come up with a few tips for a minimal approach, from a more ideal one. After some research and thought, we came to the conclusion that most people wear things that are too small. It was the same thing that with the help of printing we could not fully control the production and printing quality of these products. Also, our brand is evolving and we thought it would be best to stay on the simple side, so we decided to lean on simple typography and color blocking with a dash of personality.

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After narrowing down the style, we worked with the content team on potential copy that would go into products. Once we were in this exploration phase, our focus shifted to trying and finding a balance that felt good but also had some fun. We brought some brand elements like our typography, some existing graphics and our brand colors – but we also introduced some new styles, treatments and elements to the collection.

Then we narrowed it down to a few sets. From here we mix and match to create our first collection of products. Decisions at this stage were based on printing limitations and continuity between collections.

We’ve partnered with designers in our No Code community (ThreeSixtyEight, FinSuite, and MackenzieChild) to design some special versions of the product. We set guidelines for them so they understand how we represent our brand and our storefront designs to minimize front and back adjustments. Our goal was for the collaboration to be original, creative and reflective of our partners’ styles, so our guidelines were close to our audience, DEI and accessibility, and limitations on color and print.

How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

We wanted to create a minimal site that allowed the products to take center stage, while the UI and interactions were intentionally simple and intuitive. A few websites we came across while creating the layout were Everpress and True Source.

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Essential uses of this ecosystem to bring merchant stores to life including: our print integration, Monto and Nocodelytics. This is just a small sample of some of the great products that build on their platform and can be useful when building your product store.

Our hope is to have a simple base that we can repeat. In the future, we hope to offer more functionality and playability in design as our product volume and collaboration increase.

Once we had a direction for the site, it was time to get down to the details. We iterated on consistent product names that were both descriptive and concise ie: “I make websites” instead of “Typographic T”.

We must also set options such as product types, either by color and/or design, as well as decide on the number of types to offer. Among our questions:

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Does every product have to feature a full crayon box of colors, or do we keep it simple with lots of neutrals?

We wanted to guarantee some kind of shopping period in the store to encourage users to buy the products while they are available and to inform any potential customers that all profits are donated to charity. One way we do this is by implementing abandoned cart recovery emails using Manto.

Two weeks before the public launch, we had an internal soft launch with the staff and it was important to clean up the UX and iron out any bugs before it was released to our community.

How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

We designed the merchandise store with semantic page structure and element layout in mind. For example, what looks like a simple UI for each product card is actually a strategic hierarchy of elements, conditional view and flexbox to ensure that each is read in the proper order for screen readers. , according to the order of view.

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It was important to us to ensure a consistent experience for both mouse and keyboard users. We achieved this by sprinkling custom CSS and JS here and there in the product cards for focus state view indicators and animations.

All elements use their appropriate HTML properties when possible, and when not we use ARIA roles and labels to identify them for example, although we can’t use traditional HTML

elements in the designer. To create, we used various assistive technologies to facilitate header, row and column labeling with ARIA roles to create product size table using CSS grid.

Before we even set up our Stripe account to collect funds, we asked ourselves what we would do with the money generated from the sale. Merchandising is fun, but not the basis of our business. We don’t sell shirts behind the concert to fund the tour (oh, remember the concert?). We plan to donate our profits to a good cause and given the international nature of our community, we wanted it to be a charity that supports a global cause. Choosing seemed like a natural fit because of their important work to combat climate change. We plan to donate quarterly.

We hope this post was helpful in guiding you on how to set up your own business store. Be sure to browse our products, buy some, and share photos of your swag

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How To Make Your Own Website For Merch

Today, starting an e-commerce website is a piece of cake. Many incredible tools and software do most of the work for you. All they need from you is to add your personal touch and product, and that’s it.

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None of this is hard work. When you have the right tools and setup to realize your ideal e-commerce website, you can run your store as quickly and reliably as a pro.

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