How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram – My Instagram profile probably reveals more personal information about me than any other social media page. As a result, I started to panic when I realized how many people I didn’t really know were following me.

Locking down your privacy on Instagram can be as easy as setting your profile to ‘private’. But you can get much more specific than that, and you can set several other protections. You can keep your account public, but protect it a bit or even add more protections than just flipping the private profile switch.

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

Setting your account to private is the easiest way to lock down your profile. This means that from now on, no one can see your photos or stories unless you approve them.

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When your account is private, new people who visit your profile will only see your name and profile picture. They can then ask to follow you, and you must confirm their request before they can see your photo or story.

Important note: Anyone who already follows you when you change your account to private will follow you. This means that if you want to block someone, you have to remove them from your follower list.

Instagram limits who can see your story (a roll of photos that disappears after 24 hours) and prevents people from sharing even more.

Finally, you can use Instagram’s Close Friends feature to limit the reach of your stories to specific people.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private

When it comes to protecting photos and videos posted to your feed, it’s more of an all-or-nothing scenario than stories.

Note: You can also restrict people from this menu. If you restrict them, they will still be able to see your content, but their comments will only be visible to you and they won’t be able to see them when you’re online.

There are a few things you can do to make yourself harder to find (and give away less information about yourself in the process).

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

First, you can stop sending your contacts to Instagram. You may have given Instagram access to your contacts in the first place to help you find your friends when you signed up, but this means Instagram knows who’s in your phone book. Deactivation:

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In addition, Instagram allows you to recommend your account to others. Here’s what happens when someone follows a new account: Instagram shows accounts that it thinks are “similar” and you can group them together. You cannot change it with your mobile app. To disable this:

Finally, you should check if any of your Instagram posts show up in a Google search. By default, Instagram doesn’t allow Google to find your photos, but if you were logged into a third-party web viewer (and you were years before Instagram was available online), that site probably deleted your profile. and publish it for all to see.

If one or more of your posts appear in your search, the first step to removing them is to cut off third-party apps’ access to your Instagram account. In the mobile application you can:

One great thing you can do is turn off activity mode so people can’t see you when you’re online. (Note that if you turn this off, you won’t be able to see other people, even if they’re online.)

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You can also review tagged photos before posting them to your profile. If you have a public account, checking all tags can prevent spammers from filling your profile. And if you have a private account, you can prevent your friends from posting flattering photos to your profile. Because of that:

You might not want to keep the photos and videos you post on Instagram, especially the stories that disappear. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this.

This prevents messages from being saved locally on your phone, but it also means that your only copy is on Instagram.

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

Instagram ads are based on the websites you visit and the apps you use. If you want to stop it, it’s a little more difficult. You actually have to go to Facebook, which owns Instagram.

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By default, Instagram accounts are set to public. But there’s always the option to go private, which means that only Followers you’ve approved can see your posts.

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When you make your Instagram account private, everyone who already follows you will follow you. But new Followers can only request to follow you (these requests appear in the Instagram notification tab), and you can accept or decline those requests.

6. At the top of the Privacy page, slide the button next to Private Account to the right and turn the button from gray to blue.

2. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

How To Make Yourself Private On Instagram

3. On the Settings page, click the Privacy & Security tab in the left sidebar menu.

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4. Make your account private by checking the box next to Private account at the top of the page.

Once you’ve made your account private, you can always go back and switch to a public account in your account settings.

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