How To Print My Text Messages From My Iphone

How To Print My Text Messages From My Iphone – Ever need to know how to print text messages? Sometimes you receive an important text that you need to save or document, for legal reasons or to keep a paper trail of important communications, and saving and printing your texts from a Mac is not an option. In this article, we’ll cover how to print text messages on iPhone using screenshots, your Mail app, and third-party apps.

You will need an AirPrint-enabled printer to print text messages. Check Apple’s list of available printers to see if your printer is compatible with AirPrint or if you need to select a printer to purchase.

How To Print My Text Messages From My Iphone

To make sure your images are in order, I recommend numbering the screenshots by marking and editing each one before printing, or after printing you can translate the text message on the iPhone and match the printed pages with the text thread. You can then number your pages with a pen so that your pages are organized. Now you can capture, archive and share the document as needed.

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Another free way to print text messages from your iPhone is to use email. This method is best used when you only have a few messages you want to print, because you have to copy and paste each message into an email instead of taking a screenshot of your iPhone and extracting a lot of text at once. For her:

If you have a long string of text messages you want to print and want to neatly combine screenshots into one file, there’s an app for that! Of course, there is more than one possibility, but I will present only one. Feel free to browse the App Store if you want to try an alternative app. The app I chose, Export Messages and SMS to PDF, is free but has in-app purchases. If you want to use the process below, you will need to purchase Messages Export Pro for $2.99.

If you know how to print text messages, you might be interested in learning how to print email from your iPhone or print ad-free in Safari!

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Join us for the only free daily newsletter that showcases the new things you can do with your iPhone in just one minute a day. In 2022 there are millions of mobile phone users worldwide who need to save and print text messages for court, judgment, etc. or their lawyer. Regardless of any legal issues, printing text messages from iPhone and Android devices is easy with a few quick steps.

Forbes magazine recently reported that 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day! The need to document and print SMS text messages for courtrooms is becoming common, especially as a large amount of personal and business-related information is sent and received daily via text message. Legal administrators, attorneys, paralegals, and paralegals now routinely ask clients to capture and print text messages to keep copies for evidence or to present to a judge.

One of the easiest ways for Android users to print text messages is SMS Backup+. The software is available on the Google Play Store and automatically backs up SMS and MMS messages for anyone. Note: Before you begin, if you don’t currently have IMAP enabled on your Gmail account, you’ll need to make sure that IMAP is enabled. Here are the instructions to complete this task. Once you have enabled the IMAP preference in your Gmail account, you will be able to start saving your text messages.

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An added bonus of SMS Backup+ is that it will also back up call logs, which many Android users find useful. You can read SMS Backup+ user testimonials on the Google Play Store and see helpful reviews about the program. Users have different Android devices and great feedback is provided.

If you have problems installing SMS Backup+, you can browse the program instructions and FAQ here, which should help. Finally, if you don’t currently have a Gmail email account, you can sign up here and you’ll be up and running quickly saving and printing your text messages.

For iPhone users who want to print text messages for a court or trial, Text Message Decryption is a tried and trusted solution. The program works on any Windows or Mac computer and keeps a separate history of your text messages and iMessages! You can simply back up your iPhone through iTunes and then immediately save the text messages as PDF files and print the text messages for the court.

Note: If you’re on a Mac and using macOS Monterey, Big Sur, or Catalina, you no longer need iTunes to back up your iPhone or iPad. You can select your device in the left column of the search window, then select “Back Up Now. We have helpful instructions if you need help backing up your iPhone to your computer.

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When you open the program, you will see your iPhone in the left column of Decrypt TextMessage. If you don’t see your iPhone in Text Message Decryption, make sure you’ve backed up your phone to your computer!

When you select a device, you will immediately see all the contacts on your iPhone in the middle column of the program. You can select a specific contact and then all the text messages you have with that person will be displayed.

To save your text messages to your computer for your court case, simply select “Export” from the Decrypt TextMessage menu, then select “Current Conversation / PDF.”

After exporting the text messages as a PDF document for the court, you will notice that the PDF displays the text messages in a “chat bubble” format and includes embedded picture attachments as part of the conversation. This tracking is useful when printing text messages and iMessages for forensics, as it ensures that the messages are printed and displayed in the correct format as they appear on your iPhone or iPad.

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Here’s an example of a screenshot of an iPhone text message printed as evidence in court as a PDF:

With the PDF of your plain text messages on your computer, you can now select “Print” in your PDF viewer software to print the entire text message conversation for use in court or at trial.

Below is an example of a screenshot in the Preview application, where you’ll find the option to select “Print” from the File menu. Again, whether you use preview or not

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