How To Protect Your Home From Bad Spirits

How To Protect Your Home From Bad Spirits – Many of the historic homes in Minuteman National Historical Park, some dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, have strange symbols carved into the wood. Some markings are quite common, such as Roman numerals carved on framing members by the carpenters who built the house. Others are not so easy to explain: connected circles, circles with a dot in the middle, markers or grids with diagonal lines running through them. what will they be

Strange as it may seem, the symbols were intentionally created by the previous occupants of the house to protect themselves from evil spirits – witches and demons. According to Dr. Emerson Baker of Salem State University and other prominent scholars, the practice was widespread in colonial New England and even continued into the early 20th century! These symbols are placed in vulnerable areas of the home, such as fireplaces, doors and windows, where evil spirits can enter. This form of ceremonial protection was a cultural residence in medieval England, documented in churches, vernacular buildings and private homes.

How To Protect Your Home From Bad Spirits

Today, we might consider these beliefs and practices as “superstitions.” Early New Englanders, however, did not consider themselves superstitious at all. In his worldview, the devil is real, and he causes harm through his human agents, witches, who are also real. For them, it was not a superstition, but a fundamental question of their Puritan faith. That said, the use of protective magic was not sanctioned by the clergy. In Cotton Mather’s words, this approach is like putting “the devil’s shield against the devil’s sword.”

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Another common way to protect the home from evil spirits is to hide personal items, especially shoes. On the walls of your home, near doors, windows, and chimneys. It is believed that personal items such as old shoes have absorbed the “essence” of the previous wearer. Thus, witches or demons mistake these essences for their intended victims and get trapped. Iron was also sometimes used, in the form of horseshoes, old knives, or axes. As with the protective symbols, several examples of ceremonial hidden objects were discovered at the Minute Man during the restoration of the park’s many historic buildings.

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Easton, Timothy and Hodgkinson, Jeremy “Exorcism Symbols on Cast Iron Fireplaces” Antique Metalwork Society Journal, Vol. 21, 2013 You found your dream home. It may not be the Roman institution through SurrealEstate, but the house is still immaculate. Only you think you’re experiencing something out of the ordinary; maybe there’s a cold spot, or a kitchen cabinet opens when you swore to lock it. For psychologists Will Scott and Eva White, who clean the house and work to help the spirit move on, these are no coincidences.

“If you go and visit a house that has activity, you usually get a sense of presence, or a kind of heaviness that feels like a home,” says White, a psychic and spiritualist with, a link People’s digital platforms come together with new-age therapists, he said. “Sometimes it might just be the land the property sits on, depending on how old the house is. It also depends on how experienced it is.”

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Get in touch with White and Scott to find out how they can “cleanse” negative energies, spirits and more types that may be in your home, you can find them in

For the most part, Scott works remotely because of the location he is interacting with. After 25 years in the field, he has cleaned “hundreds of homes in our country, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil” and more. Over the years, he developed a kind of “protocol” for how to move forward based on the entities he encountered, whether they were malicious or had nowhere to go. However, if you want to deal with potential problems yourself, if the natural world isn’t too destructive, he recommends adopting the various “energy house cleansing” rituals he’s developed over the years. These include crystals (especially selenite, which he says is a mineral that absorbs negative energy), bells and bells, whose vibrations can clear energy, prayers, and clear statements.

When we asked Scott what he would recommend as a statement of compensation, he provided the following written instructions, which he said was a simple process anyone could do:

Stand in the liquidation room, stand on the floor, and declare from your heart (not your head): “As I exist in my being, I destroy and cancel creation, cleansing, erasing and erasing any negative, harmful toxic, or evil. Energy in whatever form is present in this room. NOW!” Repeat this process in each room. Finally, imagine cosmic light filling space.

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White’s process is similar, though he tends to clean up in person rather than over the phone or video chat like Scott does.

If someone called White worried about their home, she said she would walk into the house to pray, clear the space, and sometimes even put rock salt in each of the four corners of the house. “Just for protection [against] negative energy.

“Usually, depending on how we feel there, it’s usually going to be a whole sage… white sage spot where you can walk around the whole house praying non-stop, and to me it’s Usually just a goodwill. De I hope this entity gets out of the house and finds peace that it doesn’t keep trying to hurt this family, this family doesn’t suffer any harm,” he continued. “And [sometimes] when someone actually dies, you know, or you experience it in your home, we do what’s called an incense burn, which is probably more like a funeral. It just helps. You know the person is trying to find out Where. It helps to have that spirit visit and then leave, so frankincense or white sage patches are usually my two options of choice. Sometimes holy water, but very rarely”.

White emphasizes that the aspect of holy water has nothing to do with “exorcisms” and rarely encounters bad omens; usually, an entity is more confused and concerned than evil. “There’s a gray area there,” he said. “Often, the only time they’re stubborn is when they don’t trust me or any pastor or therapist who will come. They say, ‘Another guy mess with me! What do you want? As for me, I’ve had enough! I’m like, “Hey, put the gun down. I just want to help you get to the best place. “

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Scott, on the other hand, says he encounters a lot of negative energy and spirits at work. As he describes it, “They can’t really attack humans, but they can create problems. They can create disturbances.” These obstacles are often more emotional than physical, but he has seen some entities do so Disrupting a person’s thought processes and emotions “so much that the person thinks they’re being tortured, or that something really unpleasant is going to happen to them.” Not all spirits are malicious, but he says many people “are not out of Came here for a good cause.”

Even with these experiences, Scott stresses the importance of letting go of anxiety before performing a ritual cleanse. If you’re feeling anxious, he says, “your energy frequency is too low to be good for what you’re trying to do. So the first step is to get on the ground and breathe easily and slowly into his heart .”

Anxiety often plays a role in his work, White said. “Half of what I do, I’m more of a life coach,” she says. “People can call and say, ‘Hey, I need my room cleaned.’ I’ll say, ‘Well, how does this make you feel?’ I’ll say, ‘Okay, so you’ve been through.’ How’s that?” People might say, “Well, I just feel bad,” or “I feel like there’s a lot of clutter,” or “I feel like I’ve been missing a lot lately.” And I say, “Well, I can go and see See how I feel. Why don’t you clean up first, come get some sage, get a little amethyst, see how you feel. I want this and I’m like, “Well, what made you this candidate? “

“People might say, ‘Oh, I want an aura cleanse or I want a chakra balance,'” he continued, “I don’t say, ‘Okay, that’s great. It’s going to be X dollars. and

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