How To Put Eyeshadow On Hooded Eyes

How To Put Eyeshadow On Hooded Eyes – A smoky eye look can be difficult to achieve if you have your eyes closed, so today I’m going to break it down step by step in a simplified eye makeup tutorial for beginners.

Closed eyes usually mean that your upper eyelid is covering the eyelid and often the scars are not visible and deeper. Asian eyes are also considered closed.

How To Put Eyeshadow On Hooded Eyes

I have made a video before that shared more makeup looks which you can check out here for more eyeshadow tips.

Makeup Tips To Try If You Have Hooded Eyes

This smoky eye look is flattering and is good for night or day. I used a soft neutral eyeshadow shade and a bright beige shade on the lid. I will also share how to easily apply eyeliner for closed eyes, for a smoky line. I am going to share how to use magnetic lashes for a cat eye shape.

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Welcome to my blog, your practical guide to curly hair, beauty, styling and more. I am a full time marketer with a passion for everyday beauty. Here you will find easy to follow tutorials and instructions so anyone can look and feel their best. Oddly enough, closed eyes are common among black women. However, many women do not realize that their eyes are closed. When you notice that your eyes are sunken and you can barely see the natural curve of your brows, you may not know that this is called “Blind Eyes.” Yes…

Oddly enough, closed eyes are common among black women. However, many women do not realize that their eyes are closed.

Hooded Eyes? An Easy • Everyday • Quick Makeup Tutorial

When you notice that your eyes are sunken and you can barely see the natural furrows in your brows, you may not know that this is called “Blind Eyes.”

If your eyes smudge easily, your eyeshadow smears, like you haven’t used anything, and you don’t have a lot of space on your lids, you probably have droopy eyes.

Closed eyes usually have a deep scar. Some people cannot see their scar at all when their eyes are open. The eyelid folds over and “swallows” so that there seems to be no place for the eyelid. Other people see a scar, but there is skin hanging over it that makes the eyelid smaller.

If your eyes are closed, there is nothing to worry about, especially since makeup evolves over time and eye makeup is no exception to this trend. Here are some tips for creating the right eye makeup for closed eyes.

Video: Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Whether your eyes are closed or not, always start with a primer. An eyeshadow primer is best, but an all-over face primer also works well. The primers work to remove excess oil on the eyelids. They make sure that your eyeshadow application is smooth, uneven, and smudge-free. An alternative to primer is concealer. They work the same on the eyelids for most people.

You may already be familiar with closing your eyes or looking down, and when you open them correctly, it’s like there’s nothing there.

The solution to this problem is to use your eyeshadow not only on the part of the eyelid that you cover when you close your eyes, but also on the upper part of the eyelid. Next, determine where the eyeliner will be, then use masking tape to mark it. Finally, spread your eyeshadow to that line and pull the tape. At this point you should have nice visible shadows.

If your eyes are closed, avoid liquid lids as they give more room for error. If you blink before it dries, you risk ruining your entire eyeshadow. It is better to use a pencil or felt-tip pen.

Tips How To Apply Eyeshadow On Hooded Eyes

To draw your eyebrows correctly, draw a line at the end of your eyeshadow, make sure it’s not too long, and mark the end with a point. Next, find out where the point ends. Draw a short line from the end of the stain to match the first line you drew. Then draw a line to meet the lash line from the beginning of the short line.

So you have a box. Fill that box. Then, line the edges of the box with your eyeshadow to start making the wing. You can extend the liner to the desired length at this point.

Start from your inner eye to draw a thin line to find this box. You want the line to be thin so your eyes don’t look smaller. From the end of the box, extend the wing towards the eye. At this point, your wing should be done. It should be beautiful, but not cover the eyes too much.

When choosing lashes, you don’t want something heavy and dramatic. You don’t want to go too far into the inner side of your eye. You should choose brows that are longer or more dramatic towards the end of your eyes. If you choose lashes that are very dramatic all over your eyes, especially the inner corner of your eyes, it will completely cover your eyes.

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

You may need to trim the tabs a bit. Just because the lashes are usually a bit longer. And since closed eyes seem small, we want to open them. Extra lash length may not help. But this part is not for everyone. Look at your eyes and the eyelashes you have and decide if it is necessary to cut them or not.

Finally, with these tips, your eye makeup problems should be solved. It can take some practice to get it right, and that’s okay. Keep practicing and you’ll be good at it sooner than you think.

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Video: Wearable Smokey Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes + Giveaway!

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Of The Best Tips For Eye Makeup On Hooded Eyes

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Hooded Eyes 101: How To Apply Makeup To Droopy Eyelids

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