How To Recover Your Gmail

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How To Recover Your Gmail

How To Recover Your Gmail

This will teach you how to recover a lost or forgotten Gmail password using the Gmail website or the Gmail mobile app.

How To Recover Your Hacked Gmail Account

This article was co-written by Staff. Our team of trained editors and researchers check articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Our content management team closely monitors our editorial staff to ensure that each article is supported by reliable research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 2,543,213 times.

To reset your Gmail password, start by going to the Gmail website. Then enter your email or phone number in the text box and click “Forgot your password?” Click the button. On the next screen, enter the last password you remember and click Next. If you don’t remember one of the passwords, click the “See another question” button and type your answer. Then choose to send a verification code or additional email address to your phone. After receiving the code, type it in the text box to confirm your identity. Then enter the new password in the two boxes and click the “Change password” button. Read on for more tips, including how to reset your Gmail password using the Gmail app! Two intersecting lines forming an “X”. It shows how to close the interaction or dismiss the notification.

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Recover Gmail Account Password

When you sign up for your Gmail account for the first time, you will need to provide a recovery email address.

A recovery email gives Google a way to contact you about the security of your account in case of unusual behavior or if you forget your password.

To view your recovery email, if you’ve forgotten it, or to change it to an updated backup email, first visit your Google Account management page.

How To Recover Your Gmail

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How To Change Your Recovery Email In Gmail On Desktop

9. In the pop-up window, enter the new recovery email you want to use for your Gmail account, then select Done.

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Losing access to your Google/Gmail account can be an incredibly frustrating and unfortunate experience. While researching this article, I came across several accounts of people who had their accounts locked out after forgetting their passwords – and some who couldn’t get back in even weeks later.

If your Google account is locked because you forgot your password or someone accessed it and changed it, Google offers a list of ways to do it. Sometimes they work.

How To Recover Your Forgotten Gmail Password

Your options outside of Google’s suggestions may be limited, so it’s best to prepare. Here are some suggestions to put you in the best position to return your items.

If you​​​​​​​​​​ do lose access to your account (knock on wood) and your data has recently been backed up, it will be less of a shock and less likely to raise your blood pressure. Google offers you a data download tool called Takeout. You can download all data from all Google apps, some of them, or a single app like Gmail.

Download formats vary depending on the data type. Your email will be downloaded in MBOX format, which you can then upload to another Gmail account or other email services or applications.

How To Recover Your Gmail

An ounce of prevention counts – you know the rest – the best way to avoid losing access to your Google account due to a lost password is to use a password manager to keep your password safe. (No, saving your Google password in Google Password Manager won’t help.) Password managers like Bitwarden, 1Password, and Zoho Vault can ensure that a sudden brain freeze doesn’t send you back to your email.

I Have Lost Backup Code, How To Recover My Gmail Withoutbackup Code?

One of the ways Google can verify your identity if you’ve lost your password is by asking you to enter your previous password. If it’s been a while since you changed your password (if you did), it can be difficult (or impossible) to remember your old password. So if you change your Google password – and it’s not a bad idea to change it regularly – keep your old password in a safe place.

A good strategy here is to use a password manager – you do, right? – follow old passwords. When creating a new password, most password managers recommend updating the application’s existing record; if possible, you can choose to create a new entry instead, then go back and edit the old one to say something like “Gmail is old password”.

If you don’t use a password manager (and if you lose your password, chances are you won’t), you can store a list of old passwords in an encrypted file. Just in case.

In the worst case, Google suggests that you try to remember a password that you have used before or your best guess.

How To Recover Your Gmail Account A Step By Step Guide

If you need to verify your identity, it’s a good idea to give Google your recovery information so you have some options.

The recovery email account can be another Gmail account, another email account from another service, or even the account of a relative or friend. (Make sure a relative or friend is safe.)

If all else fails, Google may ask when you created your account. Personally, I don’t know when I started most Gmail accounts; if you want to check when you started, the easiest way is to find your first Gmail (now that you have access to your account) and save that information in a safe place. (This of course assumes that you are not efficient enough to delete all old emails; in that case it won’t help.)

How To Recover Your Gmail

Google offers other tips for those who have problems recovering their websites, including sending all the information you can using a regular computer to where you normally calculate and using a regular browser.

How To Recover Deleted Draft In Gmail?

What if you really lost your password or can’t access your account for some reason? You go to the Google recovery page and start answering these questions.

Unfortunately, when I tried it on a test account, I realized that my options were really limited. I was first asked for the last password I used, then a verification code from an alternate email, a verification code from my phone, and the answer to my security question (despite Google saying they no longer use security questions). When I said I didn’t have any of these available, the last screen asked me to try again. Again I went through the whole rigmarole – and again was asked to “try again”. There was no alternative offer.

You can also go to the “Can’t sign in to your Google Account” page and select one or more of the suggested options to see if there are other options.

But remember that even if you can enter the information that Google bots ask for, it may not be enough. In 2017, tech journalist Ron Miller had his Google account suspended; In his article he described his great pain.

How To (hopefully) Restore Your Gmail Account If You Lose Access

So what can you do? If you really want to keep your emails and other Google data accessible, make sure you have as many ways as possible to restore your account, and don’t forget to back it all up.

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