How To Remove Articles About Yourself From Google

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How To Remove Articles About Yourself From Google

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How To Remove Negative News Articles From Google (and The Internet)

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We have expert reputation protection consultants on staff 24/7 to ensure that experts get back to you quickly to answer any and all questions you may have. Bad news online can harm your assets and your company’s revenue. In this article, I will explain how to remove negative articles from Google to improve your reputation.

No business is immune to bad news. In fact, the bigger the company, the more the media will get bad publicity. Just think of all the bad press that has hit the big fitness brands, pizza chains, and coffee companies lately. In addition, CEOs are almost always associated with the brands they lead when breaking news.

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As I explained in this article, a bad news cycle can affect brand sentiment, consumer decisions, investor confidence, and even revenue. Therefore, negative articles should be removed from Google and replaced with positive ones that represent your company and its leadership.

You may have noticed that some negative articles take a long time on Google. There are many reasons.

When it comes to news, Google’s algorithm favors timely content. Therefore, the more recent an article is published, the more it will appear at the top of the search engine. In addition, popular negative news can find a home in the most visible features of the SERP such as news or interesting content.

Now, Google has gone beyond keyword matching. Search algorithms understand content and create collaboration between different organizations. For example, if you search images for the word “stupid”, which image will Google return? It’s not Google’s algorithm that thinks Donald Trump is an idiot. What actually happened was that millions of articles in Google’s index mentioned Trump in this way, strengthening the Google association.

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So if a popular newspaper or blogger writes a negative article about your brand, other publications can incorporate this or write their own articles on the topic. If many of your online brands are mentioned to discuss the same bad thing, Google will give more articles to show this relationship.

Finally, the researchers found a special phenomenon called negative bias. This crisis has prompted many people to focus on negative news to protect themselves from danger. Because people are often motivated to find negative information, negative news stories tend to have higher click-through rates than positive ones. Over time, Google may begin to favor search results that get more clicks by ranking higher.

Remember, Google doesn’t care if the content is good or bad. It’s just trying to help people find what they’re looking for, for better or worse.

The longer negative content remains in your search results, the worse the reputation is against your business. Therefore, learning how to remove negative newspaper articles from the web is very important.

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Having your article in the SERPs is very important. Over the years, negative communication about your brand or management team can affect the public perception of your business. Bad news can damage not only the reputation, but also sales, employment and partnerships. Check out these reputation management statistics:

In addition, 54% of executives believe that reducing negative search results will increase revenue, according to a study commissioned by Forrester Consulting. Read the full study here.

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Below are two case studies that highlight the financial impact of online domain management. Hiding negative news is just one part of many ways to improve online sentiment.

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A furniture and plumbing dealer asked us to help get more negative links to their business name on the first page of Google. Their monthly searches for these brands are over 300,000 queries.

We customize managed and comprehensive reputation management solutions for our clients. Our solutions combine content creation, competitive advertising, on-page SEO and strategic planning to restore the company’s brand image. Using this strategy, Terakeet was able to increase the sales click through rate by more than 455%. We also turn the first page of Google for name searches into 100% of the top items.

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The Fortune 500 CEO faced negative results on the first page of Google. Levels 1, 3, and 5 are irrelevant. In total, 12 news sites that published important stories made the top five pages of Google.

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Since the reputation of the CEO has a great impact on the reputation and reputation of the company, addressing this issue is a priority.

They search the CEO’s name over 14,000 times a month, and they feel that the search results for their personality are not accurate. In addition, the negative stories were based on the statements of people who later admitted that their stories were not true. Furthermore, an in-depth investigation found no evidence to support the original allegations. The CEO said to change the one-sided article in the SERPs.

Result? We searched the first five pages of Google searches from 12 negative listings to zero negative listings. We also reduced the number of clicks per month on content from 8,400 to zero. Read the research.

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Creating Optimized Content To Increase Your Online Visibility

One of the ways to remove an article from Google is to not publish the method. This method involves making a takedown request directly to the webmaster, author or publisher.

Before we start breaking it down, there are a few things you should know about unpublished methods. Not only is this time-consuming, it also requires a special understanding of social media and social media. It is very important to do a great, gentle way to reach out to the owners of these stories.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, contacting the publisher or the author of a negative newsletter can do more harm than good. So be extra careful.

Newspaper publishers see themselves as stewards of important historical records. They rarely accept requests to remove stories from news publications because they think the subject matter is inappropriate.

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If you have inaccurate or sensitive personal information that could harm you physically or financially, you have a better chance of not posting it.

It is very likely that the bad news media will remove your request. In fact, it’s rare for a major publisher to remove an article, and when they do, it’s usually a breaking story – a single post can turn into a news release. new.

It’s rare, but sometimes you may have better luck contacting the author of the work. The success rate of such requests varies, but the author may be willing to remove the article.

Writers at smaller publications may respond to more phone calls and emails than writers at larger publishing organizations. So if you’re dealing with a local newspaper story,

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