How To Remove Text From A Photo In Photoshop

How To Remove Text From A Photo In Photoshop – There is nothing more frustrating than taking the perfect photo of a special and exciting moment only to find text all over the image. Sometimes, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with some unnecessary text on your photo, whether it’s added to the photos or originally in the background.

If you feel like Photoshop is out of your league, not only complicated but also time consuming, read on to find out easy ways to remove background text for your photos.

How To Remove Text From A Photo In Photoshop

You can remove any unwanted text or defect from your photo in seconds but the main concern is how to remove text from photo without damaging the background. There are only a few software that allow you to do this. Photoshop is one of those software tools, but we have more reliable watermark remover than just text remover.

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IMyFone MarkGo is a powerful removal tool introduced by Video Editor that allows you to remove background objects, text, watermarks and more from your photos and videos. Here’s what you need to remove text from images without damaging the background:

To install the software, visit the iMyFone MarkGo website and download the software. Complete the installation process on your device by signing up for a free or paid account.

Launch iMyFone MarkGo on your desktop and select ‘Remove Image Watermark’. A new window will open with editing options.

At the bottom of the window there will be an option to import the image you want to edit. Select an image from the folders on your desktop and import it for editing.

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Now you select the tool of choice from the tool section on the right side of the screen. There are three, the Hand tool, the Marquee tool and the Brush tool. After choosing this, the next thing is to choose to remove the mod. They prefer soft fillings.

Finally, click ‘Remove Now’ at the bottom right of the window. Your image is ready to download to your desktop or laptop.

Photoshop is one of the most used tools by professional editors, and the good thing is that even if you are a beginner, you can remove text from images. However, the downside of Photoshop is that it is a paid tool.

Here’s what you need to know about removing text from an image in Photoshop without destroying the background.

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After adding the desired file to Photoshop, double check that the text layer is separate from the background layer. Once confirmed, select the selection tool from the right panel as shown in the image. Once done, select the text you want to delete from the image.

There is an option to select on the top toolbar. You click on it, and a drop-down menu opens. You select Change from the menu and select ‘Expand Options’.

Click ‘Shift+Backspace’ and it will open a fill window. Now select the “Content Notification” option and click OK. Doing so will remove the text, and all you have to do is press ‘Ctrl+D’. It’s good to go.

Did you know that you can edit your photos and remove text from photos without removing the background without any heavy equipment or software?

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Yes, you can remove text from images using Windows Paint. Here’s what you need to do:

Now you have to select the same place on the image as the place where you want to remove the text.

Now copy the selected field by clicking Ctrl+C and paste it in the text field by clicking Ctrl+V. All done and save the image.

The tools we have discussed are not all options when answering how to remove text from an image without removing the background. There are many other apps to remove text from photos. Let us review some of these watermark removal methods for you.

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The first software we’re going to discuss is Snapseed, and it’s a watermark remover specifically for iOS users. You can do a lot of editing with this amazing software. The best thing about Snapseed is that it is easy to understand and navigate. In addition to removing text from images without a background, additional features include color conversion, filters, white balance, exposure adjustment.

Airbrush is another watermark remover that you can use to remove text or unwanted objects from your photos without damaging the background. There are many features in this tool. You can download the app on your desktop or laptop. The tool allows you to remove unwanted objects from your photos and get a flawless image that is difficult to recognize as a corrected photo.

All you have to do is select the eraser tool, adjust the size of the eraser according to the text and erase the unnecessary objects or text from the images. Once you’re done, save the image to your desktop.

Director of Photography; It is a powerful and professional editing tool that goes beyond just editing photos. Once you download the program on your PC or laptop, there is a big unknown world out there. PhotoDirector can be installed on your Windows or Mac devices.

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Yes, you can extract text from images without downloading or installing software on your devices. If you want to know how to remove text from an image without removing the background online, here are a few resources.

Footer is our first online removal tool that we offer to remove text from online images and with no subscription fees. This tool is very easy to use and remove any text, object, background pattern etc. from photos.

Upload the file you want to edit and select Remove Image Junk. This is also called the ‘Edit-Beauty-Clone’ function. Once selected, you can quickly remove date stamps, text, objects, and more from images. You don’t need special mouse commands to select text or objects. Instead, the platform used a simple and easy method to remove unnecessary articles and objects.

Another great online resource for professionalizing your photos is Lunapik, which can be downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. Once you’re on the Lunapik website, upload a photo and select ScanWritr’s cleanup tool. A powerful cleaning tool allows you to remove objects and text from the background in no time. Delete the text, review it, save it, and download it to your desktop.

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Removing text, objects, watermarks, logos or anything else from an image is easy with WebinPaint. This online platform helps you to polish the captured image always with advanced features.

All you have to do is visit the InPaint official website, upload the image you want, select the windows you want to edit, highlight the text using the red circle button and delete it. . You are all done. Download the generated image to your desktop and use it for any purpose.

FAQ – Remove text from image without removing background. How do I remove text from an image?

You can remove text without background using any of the methods we have discussed in the blog.

Ways To Remove Text From A Photo In Photoshop

We have discussed a few ways to remove text and images online. For this purpose you can try Footer, Lunapack or Inpaint.

IMyFone MarkGo is a simple, easy yet powerful watermark remover, a simple and easy-to-use software that allows you to remove text from photos, watermarks, backgrounds and more. So yes, you can easily edit images.

Anyone from a beginner to an experienced photo editor can use MarkGo to edit photos or videos.

We have shared many tools and ways to answer how to remove text from image without removing background. However, we recommend using iMyFone MarkGo as your photo editor. This powerful watermark remover not only allows you to remove unwanted text on photos, but also unwanted subtitles on videos or material photos. Best of all, the functionality of the app is not limited to photos, but you can also edit videos, for example, watermarks with this powerful watermark remover.

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Your computer system does not support the software Windows and Mac systems Enter your email to receive the download link.

* If you want to use MagicMic Voice Changer, click here for the Android version on Google Play. Remove text from photo in seconds. Free to remove unwanted objects from online photos to bring an amazing look to your photos!

Worried about a damaged photo background due to text removal? Don’t worry, Text Remover will do it easily

As an AI-powered photo eraser, it allows you to remove text from a photo without removing the background and destroying the visual effect of your original photos. All you need to do is upload your photos to Object Remover and you can easily remove objects from photos.

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When you want to use a free image from the web as your design element, you may find text symbols in it that affect the visual effect.

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