How To Remove Words From Iphone Predictive Text

How To Remove Words From Iphone Predictive Text – Here’s how to remove words from predictive text on iPhone, update all predictive text, or change incorrect words. It’s easy!

Predictive text on iPhone suggests three words for you to type next. Unfortunately, sometimes our iPhone hand signature “learns and replaces text”. Fortunately, you can edit, update, or remove predictive text options from AutoCorrect, keyboard shortcuts, or your iPhone’s keyboard settings.

How To Remove Words From Iphone Predictive Text

The best way to prevent unwanted suggestions from QuickType is to be careful and avoid the wrong word from the predictive text suggestions. If you end up with unwanted wording, it’s easy to fix. Here’s how to remove words from predictive text on iPhone, edit predictive text using keyboard shortcuts, and update predictive text on iPhone. For more great keyboard tutorials, check out our free tip of the day.

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This is a good choice if you only have a few fonts that QuickType recommends. To use iPhone’s AutoCorrect feature to change predictive text suggestions:

Finally, the predictive text function should learn your favorite words, but it will suggest misspellings the first few times.

Another way to solve the problem, especially if you only have a few words to correct, is to create a keyboard shortcut so that the incorrect or unwanted word is the keyboard shortcut for the correct word.

The third way to fix predictive text errors is the most extreme, and I wouldn’t do it unless predictive text becomes a really messy and chronic problem. After you reset your keyboard dictionary, you’ll start from scratch and lose all the custom suggestions you’ve dedicated to your iPhone over months or years. If you decide to reset your keyboard dictionary, do the following:

Wrestling With Auto Correct

That’s it! You can now start your keyboard’s predictive text function from scratch and hopefully get even better results in the future. If you liked this tip, read how to hide predictive text and turn off predictive text.

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