How To Search Email Id In Gmail

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This article was co-authored by staff writer Kyle Smith. Kyle Smith is a technology writer who learns and shares information about the latest technology. He has presented his research at several engineering conferences and is the author and editor of hundreds of online electronics repair guides. Kyle received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

How To Search Email Id In Gmail

Looking for old emails in Gmail? Searching Gmail is easy with the built-in features. You can search by date, sender or message content whether you’re using your browser or the mobile app. You can also check the Trash for recently deleted emails. This will show you how to find old emails in Gmail using a computer, Android, iPhone or tablet.

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This article was co-authored by staff writer Kyle Smith. Kyle Smith is a technology writer who learns and shares information about the latest technology. He has presented his research at several engineering conferences and is the author and editor of hundreds of online electronics repair guides. Kyle received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. This article has been viewed 439,549 times. These are search commands when you need to find emails or attachments you’ve lost in Gmail, quickly filter emails by specific phrases or keywords, and many other useful features (you’ll see in a minute).

In this article, you’ll learn what Gmail search operators are, why they’re useful for finding things in a cluttered inbox, and a collection of useful search operators you can use to up your email management game.

Gmail search operators (also known as Gmail search commands) are text strings made up of words and symbols that you can use in the Gmail search box to filter your Gmail inbox/search results.

You can also combine operators to further refine your results. By using these commands to modify your search, you can get more satisfying search results in Gmail and generally just find things faster.

Gmail Search Operators

You can see the official Google documentation here (it also lists all the search operators you can use).

If you only have a few emails in your Gmail inbox, it might not be too difficult to keep track of everything.

However, for most people this is not the case (especially if you work remotely). Chances are you have tons of email and even the best Google Workspace setup and all the useful Gmail extensions in the world can’t save you sometimes.

Gmail is the most popular email platform with over 1.5 billion users worldwide, with 26% of emails opened in Gmail. That’s a lot of email.

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Gmail’s search operator saves time. Instead of going through all your messages just to find what you’re looking for, just use the operator.

You can also group multiple search operators to get more specific results (more on that later).

Gmail’s search operator can and will save you time. There is only one thing that can prevent them from working as well and that has to do with the SMTP port.

If you access your email through a Gmail account, you can freely use this operator to search for email.

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However, if you have an IMAP account set up with the Gmail app, the results may not be accurate when it comes to Gmail’s search manager.

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Using Gmail’s search operator is quite simple. Just click in the search box (located above your inbox) and type your operator:

From here, use only the operators you need to filter your Gmail search results. You can also combine multiple Gmail search operators to refine your results even more.

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So these are the parameters for writing your Gmail search operators, but let’s look at some practical uses:

If you want to see a list of all emails sent to you by a specific person, use this search operator. When you start typing a name after from:, suggested contacts from your company and from your Google contacts will appear below the search bar. Click on a contact to fill in their email address.

If you want to return emails sent to a specific email address, use this Gmail search operator. You can use an operator with a specific email address or you can enter the person’s name.

In the final version, you will see a list of emails sent to everyone with this name.

Gmail Search Operators To Conquer Your Inbox In 2023

Sender and recipient lookups will not be applied to CC (carbon copied) or BCC (blind carbon copied) fields. To search this area, there is a separate search operator. Use the cc: or bcc: operator to see a list of emails sent in this specific field.

To list messages from a specific mailing list, use the list command followed by the mailing list address.

The most basic search in Gmail is when you don’t use any operator, just type a keyword in the search field.

For example, if you know you have an email with a certain word somewhere in it, or there’s a topic you’re interested in searching for, just type that word or phrase into the search field and hit Enter.

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If the phrase you want to search for contains more than one word, use quotation marks “…” to start the exact search. This will only return emails containing the exact quoted phrase.

You can search for emails by the content of their subject line. By using the subject: operator followed by the word or phrase you want to search for, you can search specifically only in the subject line.

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You can only search for messages that have attachments using the Gmail has:attachment search operator. Gmail filters your email and only displays messages that contain attachments of any kind, regardless of file type or format.

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Just select the types of attachments you want to see and Gmail will automatically filter your inbox accordingly.

If you use Google Drive and frequently send such files, you can use multiple search operators for specific Google Drive attachments. “has:drive” shows all emails with all Drive attachments.

But you can also specifically use “has:spreadsheet” for Google Spreadsheet attachments, “has:document” for Google Docs documents, and “has:presentation” for Google Slideshow presentations.

To search for messages containing YouTube videos, use the has:youtube search operator. This will only show emails that contain embedded YouTube links.

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Filename: Gmail’s search operator can be used to find emails that have attachments with specific titles or specific extensions that appear in their names.

For example, if you remember that an email has an attachment with a certain name, you can easily find it with this operator. You can also return any email with a specific extension.

You can also focus your search on specific email labels by combining with label operators like this label:important filename:pdf

Use the search operator in: to search for emails in a specific folder, such as the Spam folder or other custom folders you create. You can also use the search operator in: Gmail followed by “anywhere” to search your Gmail history.

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You can return messages from specific categories in your Gmail account using the category: search operator followed by the category name.

You can search for emails with a certain status in your Gmail account. Just place the condition after the search operator is: to return this highlighted message.

If you’re looking for messages from a specific time period, you can use the before: and after: commands for emails sent before or after a certain date.

Alternatively, you can use older: instead of before: and newer: instead of after: because they are almost the same. The date must be entered in the date format yyyy-mm-dd.

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You can filter emails that have a specific label. To do this, use the label: Gmail operator followed by the name of the label you’re looking for.

You can use a minus sign before a word to remove any unwanted messages from your search. This operator will exclude any email that has a specific keyword that you type after the minus sign.

To list messages that exceed a certain size in bytes, use the size operator: followed by the number of bytes. This way, Gmail will return any messages with attachments or content that make them larger than the size you’re looking for.

You can combine several conditions and create a more specific and precise search. Gmail’s AND operator ensures that both operator:value pairs are used in your search.

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Placing an OR between two operator:value pairs returns a list of emails that meet one of the two conditions.

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