How To See A Private Twitter

How To See A Private Twitter – Twitter is definitely a great place to connect with like-minded and interesting people and also a great platform to learn new information and updates on trending topics. But sometimes, users don’t feel comfortable sharing tweets and messages on a large scale and prefer to keep it private for various privacy reasons. Since Twitter allows users to protect their tweets so that only verified followers can see them, what if you want to see private Twitter in 2022? Is it possible to see the same without following a user… Here we have provided you the easiest way.. Check it out..

Users on Twitter can go either way; they can go with their tweets as public so everyone can see them or they can choose protected tweets by going private on Twitter.

How To See A Private Twitter

How To See A Private Twitter

By default, when you sign up for Twitter, all your tweets are set as public, and anyone on the platform is allowed to see and interact with your tweets. However, in some cases you can protect your tweets simply by going to your account settings or following these steps:

See A Report On Twitter Bug That Exposed Some Private Tweets For Years

Once you have done this, only followers who follow you will see your posts. No new followers will be able to see any of your posts unless personally approved by you.

Note: When your tweets are protected, you will receive a request if a new user wants to connect with you, you can accept the request and approve it, or reject it by rejecting it if you do not want the user to follow you. you However, older users will continue to see and interact with your protected tweets before you switch to private Twitter unless they have been blocked. Who can see protected tweets?

In terms of viewing tweets, below are the user qualifications that anyone can and will see:

After understanding the basics of private Twitter accounts, let’s now dive into viewing saved tweets on private Twitter. How to view private tweets?

Police Can View Private Twitter Messages Without A Wiretapping Warrant

There are several proven ways that can help you view your private Twitter profile in 2022. The following methods can help you achieve the stated goal: Method #1: Submit a tracking request and wait for approval

Since Twitter has a privacy policy that does not allow anyone but followers to see tweets from a personal Twitter account, you should start following that particular Twitter account or person.

To view a private Twitter profile and its tweets, all you need to do is send a follow request to that person and then wait for the user to accept your request. Method #2: Search for Twitter on Google

How To See A Private Twitter

By default, what you post on Twitter is automatically generated and linked to Google. Therefore, one option for you is to view tweets from Google’s search cache, if the tweets are cached.

How To View Tweets From A Private Account

You can search for someone’s tweets using a Google image search that contains the username, or the location mentioned in the tweet or other keywords, or simply by linking to their tweet.

Note: This method works well when a specific public profile was changed to private in the last few hours or a day ago. You can view profile as well as cached tweets. Method #3: Using a third-party program

Another way to view private Twitter profiles is to use a third-party application. There are many programs available for this task and will save you time and effort. We reviewed an example of CrowdFire, an account viewer that is widely used to view protected tweets.

If you want to see tweets from a twitter account that is private, you can follow them or use the methods mentioned in 2022. Have you ever tried to set your twitter account to private? Have you ever tried to tweet about your grievance to your boss, your office partner or anyone?

If You See “nothing To See Here

What if one of them sees your tweet against them? Do you still want to trust your social media account security?

I have discovered a bug that allows anyone to see private tweets of others. And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

While searching for my mistakes on Twitter I saw one of their subdomains is “” and that subdomain is for posting or advertising ads and such on Twitter.

How To See A Private Twitter

At the time, I was testing this subdomain before I found this error (maybe in March). So I have an idea of ​​what this subdomain looks like. I also found “HTML and possible XSS injection using IE” in it, which I didn’t see when I tested it in March, and quickly asked the file description for confirmation and reported it to Twitter (fixed and rewarded me gave).

Twitter In Opera

So let’s go back to our topic. While I’m waiting to hear back from filedescriptor for confirmation on “HTML injection and possible XSS using IE”.

I tried creating “Advertising Groups” to check if there is another XSS in it, but I didn’t find any XSS vulnerability in it.

But wait! I saw something that might be interesting while moving the mouse pointer and happened to point to the “Settings Button or whatever you want to call it” and it says “New”.

So it confuses me because there are so many reasons why something bothers my mind like “If it’s been tested by others”. You also know that Twitter or Hall of Fame recognition is at the top of many bug bounty hunters’ list of accomplishments.

How To See Private Tweets On Twitter, How To

“userId” caught my attention and quickly created another account to test and change the value of the “userId” parameter

As you can see, “@LegacionTesting” and “Cj Legacion Testing” are feeling me and clicking the person next to me

A POC quickly then created a video and reported it to Twitter. After their first response. It’s only 13-15 minutes and it’s fixed (this was the fastest fixed of my reports)

How To See A Private Twitter

Are you confused about how I do this? So this is my POC video for you so that you can understand it clearly.

How To Stay Updated On Anyone’s Tweets Without Following Them « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

So how easy is it for someone/attacker to see someone else’s private tweets. So I got my first laptop.

This vulnerability can currently be addressed by Twitter, but always keep in mind. Everything is possible. Never underestimate the human power to find flaws in any Security.

I also want to thank @filedescriptor and Shawar Khan for inspiring me to try Twitter again.

Please share if you like my first post. Also, if there is anything wrong with this recipe, just comment below. Also follow me on my Twitter account for more writing. thanks!

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Secjuice™ is your daily snapshot of thought, analysis, and insight from some of the most powerful minds in cybersecurity, information security, network security, and OSINT. Twitter is the best social media platform for discovering new things and reconnecting with new people and topics of interest. Twitter allows you to share ideas and information in real time and bring people from all over the world together like never before.

Many use Twitter only to read, while others use it to communicate their thoughts. For example, professional tennis player Serena Williams uses Twitter to keep up with the latest news from Green Day, her favorite band.

While Snoop Dog, the rapper, likes to get baking tips from Martha Stewart’s daily recipes when he wakes up. These are famous people whose profiles are easily accessible. But what about those accounts that are private?

How To See A Private Twitter

The surest way to see private Twitter accounts is to follow them. Unfortunately, your request may not be accepted. If so, try using Google Search if the tweets are cached. The final method is to create a fake Twitter account for someone you want to follow. But remember, this is against Twitter’s community standards.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile? Nope!

Twitter is an app that gives you privacy and therefore the power to manage your data. A private Twitter account is similar to a private Facebook page and limits who can see your posts to just your friends (or select people).

You can create an account to connect privately with just a few of your close friends and family. In this case, you will benefit from using a personal account.

Simple privacy options on Twitter that are useful allow you to control who can see your Twitter account and what they can see.

Because Twitter’s privacy policy prohibits followers from viewing private tweets from a personal account, sending a follow request to a person is the most effective way to view a private Twitter account (provided the other party accepts the request).

Can You See Protected Tweets? [2020] Methods That Still Work

After sending the request, you have to wait for the person to accept it and you can see their activity.

But there is a high possibility that the person you want to follow will not accept your request. Below are some other methods you can try.

If the person whose account you want to view has a cache,

How To See A Private Twitter

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