How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile – Thoughts of who can track you often cross your mind. And because of this, you might expect to know who follows you on Instagram but you don’t know how to know who viewed your profile on Instagram?

Well, some people like to follow you on Instagram but they don’t follow, like or comment on your photos. However, there are many ways to find out who is following you on Instagram. But the main question that arises is, can you see who follows you on Instagram?

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

If we look at the Instagram system, there is no such feature officially mentioned or introduced by Instagram that can show you who has viewed your profile on Instagram. Some third-party software claims to do this but it’s all nonsense.

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I checked some of these third-party apps for myself to see who was viewing my profile or posts. But, when used they don’t work as claimed. These third-party apps show a list of people they don’t know. Hence, it is recommended not to use them and waste your precious time.

However, Instagram allows you to view the most popular days and times of your posts and how many people viewed your posts, but this feature is only for business profiles. Even if you have a business profile on Instagram, it does not provide a feature to know who viewed your profile.

There is no way to know who viewed your Instagram profile especially if you have a personal account. Users with a public account can see who is viewing their Instagram stories. Individual account users can also view who is viewing their Instagram stories but that will be limited to the number of followers they have.

Looking at the number of comments on your Instagram stories will give you a good idea of ​​who is paying attention to your posts. Users of public accounts get a big advantage here by focusing on who is viewing their posts or their profiles by seeing the number of viewers on their stories and comparing that to the number of followers they have.

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However, when we talk about private account users, they can also decide who can view their posts by tracking the number of viewers on their stories. However, viewers are just one of many people who follow private accounts. Private account users cannot see their profile outside of their circle of followers.

There are many apps available in Google Play Store or App Store that can tell who viewed your Instagram profile. But, as mentioned above, I have used and reviewed them and found that none of them work as claimed by the developer.

Additionally, some third-party apps ask you to provide your Instagram password or log in to your Instagram account using their app, which is very rude. You should never give your password to any program, paid or free.

Most of these third-party softwares are fake. Instead of working the way they claim to work, they randomly display a list of Instagram users who claim to be viewing your profile. You’ll also find some apps listed on the Google Play Store or App Store that ask you to get a premium account or pay a small amount to watch more than 5 to 10 titles.

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If you pay any amount to access its premium feature, they cannot track people who view your Instagram profile. This is because the Instagram API does not share any information with third-party applications. Through such third-party apps you can find out who has unfollowed and is following you but not who has viewed your Instagram profile.

I would like to say that after trying many third party apps you cannot see names of people who have viewed your profile on Instagram. Instagram does not support any feature to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

It’s best not to use third-party software because you don’t know how they handle your data. I don’t even want them to be safe. So, if you are interested in knowing who viewed your profile on Instagram, I hope you know what is best for you.

If you are having problems using your device, check out our “How To” page on how to fix some of these problems. Do you think someone is secretly spying on your Instagram stories? Is that a possible task? Well, it is. Fortunately, Instagram lets you see the people who have viewed your Instagram story. But you won’t be able to see everyone who has viewed your stories, especially if they are using third-party/unofficial apps.

Can You Really See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

This tutorial covers different ways to see who viewed your Instagram story. You will also learn how to hide your stories from certain people.

Instagram Stories has an “Activity” card where you can see who has viewed the content you’ve uploaded. If you run a business account, you can also check how people have used your articles.

You’ll see who viewed your Instagram story while it’s on your profile and even 24 hours after it’s gone.

Different stories can (and can) have different audiences and view counts. So, if you have uploaded multiple articles, select each article to check their audience. Instagram records the frequency of your story. Therefore, the number of article views may be higher than the number of viewers.

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Say your article has 25 comments, but only 16 are on the watch list. Because some accounts have viewed your story multiple times.

If someone likes your story, you’ll see a red heart emoji in the bottom corner of that person’s profile picture.

If no one has seen your story, the message “No one has seen it yet” will appear on the screen.

The Story Activity Dashboard for Instagram Professional and Business accounts is slightly different and more advanced. The “Insights” tab shows more information about your story’s activities.

How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile [quick Guide]

Tap the History or Chart icon in the upper right corner of the Story Activity dashboard. You’ll get an overview of many important insights about your story—accounts you’ve reached, impressions, content interactions, etc. Data from these anecdotal insights can help improve engagement and grow your business.

Yes, people can view your story anonymously, but not through the official Instagram app. Some third-party apps and websites allow people to view Instagram stories without the account owner’s knowledge. Instastories is a popular site to secretly view and download stories and public profiles of Instagram users.

All you need to view someone’s Instagram stories on these services is that person’s username. Most of the platforms are free and you don’t even need to have an Instagram account.

Note: Third-party services that encourage you to connect your Instagram account to their apps may not be secure. Sometimes, they are unreliable and fail to work. Avoid giving your Instagram login credentials to other people unless absolutely necessary.

How To See Who Viewes Your Instagram Stories

You should know that you cannot view expired or deleted stories on Instagram or third-party tools. Instagram Stories expire 24 hours after upload time.

There is currently no way to anonymously view Instagram users’ stories and personal profiles—even with third-party tools. They can always check who has seen their stories—viewers have nowhere to hide. Similarly, you must follow an individual account before you can view that person’s status.

Instagram will delete the content of your story after 24 hours. You will no longer be able to access deleted or expired articles from your profile or homepage. The content is also not available to your followers and public viewers.

However, Instagram gives you an additional 24 hours to see who viewed your story after it disappears from your profile. So generally, you can see who viewed your Instagram stories 48 hours after uploading them.

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You’ll find a collection of old (and expired) stories posted on your profile on the “Story Archive” page.

Instagram only shows the number of views, not the names of the users who viewed your story. This usually happens when the article has recently expired after 24 hours. Closing and reopening the Instagram app can fix the problem.

If you still don’t see the names of users viewing your story, wait a few minutes and then check again.

There are different ways to direct who can see your Instagram stories. You can make your profile private, create a “close friends” list, or hide stories from specific people.

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When you make your page private only your followers can view and share your Instagram posts and stories. Here’s how to make your account private on iPhone and Android devices:

You can get tip to check your followers. We suggest you go through the list and remove people you don’t want to see your stories.

Creating a list of close friends allows you to share stories with a certain number of people. Only people on the list can view your story. The best part is that you can add as many people as you want to your close friends list.

People on the list will know they’re on it, but they won’t be able to see other people on it

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