How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile – Social media does not provide features to see who has viewed your Instagram profile. But it is still possible to know the visitors of your pages, who follow your Instagram and restrict their access to the content.

Account owners can see how many people have viewed their video post. The same stats are available for photo posts in business accounts and creators. But who exactly saw them knows only the social networking service.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

People who like and comment on your posts are also easy to find. But likes and comments are not always proof that the user has seen your Instagram profile. Subscribers will see your posts in their news feed. Only non-subscribers should visit your Instagram first.

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Seeing posts without comments and likes is normal for stalkers on Instagram. You can see that the number of views is greater than the number of likes. This is not a mistake, users were certainly curious about your updates. Instagram counts a video as viewed after 3 seconds. It’s time for both Instagram stories and posts. Now let’s see how to see who is stalking your instagram for free.

Business accounts and creators provide audience metrics. Instagram shows the location, age, gender and number of visitors, regardless of whether they have subscribed to you or not.

Remember that the statistics are collected after you change the account to the professional account. Account owners don’t have access to audience information for the time their account was Personal.

Statistics can only be viewed from a phone. To see it, go to your profile page, then open the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, select Insights.

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In the first line, you can choose a period – 1, 2 weeks or a month. A circle with the letter “i” in the same line opens a short instruction. Below is the Audience and Content Analysis section.

Use the service to view the statistics from a computer. Creator Studio is a good option. We wrote about it in the Post to Instagram from a PC or Mac article. Open Statistics, select the Actions section to view site visits and profiles. Breakdowns by age, gender, city, and country are available in the Audience section. The website shows statistics from the last 7 days for professional accounts.

Provide more tools for studying the public. Find out which Instagram users are most engaged with your content by studying and comparing statistics about each link. There are number of clicks on links and conversion rates. Data is available for any day, week, or month.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

The PRO account allows you to connect to Google Analytics to get traffic and user behavior data. The service also provides the ability to set goals for each link and track its progress.

Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide

Connect your account with Facebook Pixel to promote a brand on the social networking website. This is another useful tool that helps optimize ads.

Use Stories to tell who has viewed your Instagram profile. But you can be sure that a user will only follow your Instagram account if they are not subscribed.

One has to type an avatar in profile, on the main page or in the search to see a story. An account owner does not know if his profile page has been hacked.

The stories of all your subscribed users will appear above the news feed. Switching between stories posted by different users is automatic. Don’t measure audience interest by the number of people viewing your story. Most likely, a user just typed someone’s story and will watch every next one.

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For example, with Stories you can see who has viewed your Instagram profile. If a user is not subscribed, they have to go to your profile or type your avatar in the search. When you see that users are not subscribed to their opinion list, you can be sure that they are interested in your account. There is no chance that you will accidentally get to your story.

Please note, users can view stories anonymously using the services. They don’t show up in the list, or business stats and creators in this case.

Viewers are only shown to the account owner. Tap your avatar in the news feed or profile. At the bottom left, you’ll see the number of people who checked the photo or video. You will also see several avatars above the song. Tap it or swipe up, the full list will open.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

Photos and videos remain in Stories for 24 hours unless the account owner deletes them sooner. However, statistics are available 48 hours after posting. You can see it in the History Archive on Instagram when the photo or video disappears from your Page.

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Here’s how to open Archive to see who’s viewed your Instagram profile: open your Page, then click the three-line menu and select Archive. Tap one of the Stories. At the bottom left you will find the number of viewers and open the list of usernames.

Link clicks, profile visits, accounts to a story, impressions, and browsing stats are available to business account holders or creators. Open the list of viewers and go to the first tab with a tab bar icon.

Don’t be fooled by username conventions to find out who views your Instagram profile the most. There is no evidence to confirm that the list was ordered by your interactions or subscribers. The Instagram ranking algorithm is unknown.

If you don’t see the avatar with the number below, then no one has seen the story or they are using anonymous viewing services.

See How Many People Visited Your Profile On Instagram

Stories Insights is a great way to see who is viewing your Instagram profile. If the users looked at it, logged in, the application turns them all into you. But they can take a screenshot of your Instagram story without you even knowing it.

Users can add Stories to Highlights to make the content visible for more than 24 hours and only on your profile page. This is also another free way to see who has viewed your IG profile.

You can see the number of viewers and usernames, just like with stories that have disappeared. Detailed stats for business accounts and creators are also available.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

If a user has seen photos and videos in Highlights that aren’t in regular stories, they’ve definitely seen your Instagram profile.

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Add photos and videos to Highlights and hide them from all subscribers. Unsubscribed users will see them, but won’t know that the content is restricted to view.

Select History in the privacy settings. You choose which one you want to hide the content in the top line. Let go of the option and mark everyone.

Add history. There is an icon with the word at the bottom, click it to save to Highlights. Then delete the history.

Now the content is only shown to unsubscribed users. You don’t have to look for it on the list.

How To Protect Your Privacy On Instagram

None of the stalker apps provide reliable and accurate results. The social media website does not provide information about visitors. These third party applications show random users. In addition, they sell user data and charge money to get visitor lists. These apps are often full of ads.

It is possible that these Instagram analytics applications will appear that provide accurate results. But only if the social media website changes its data policy or offers its own application to check who sees your Instagram account.

If you don’t want that person to see your content, block them. Open a person’s page and reveal the three dots on the right.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

The option “Report” gives the possibility to tell about the page. Choose whether it’s spam or inappropriate. Instagram will consider the notification and block the user if they agree with you.

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Select the “Block” option. Instagram will offer to block the existing account or any person the user will create in the future, or you can block the user’s page. A blocked user cannot find your profile, messages, Stories and messages. The notification about blocking is not delivered.

Select “Restrict” to restrict a user’s activity. His comments are only shown to you two. You can manually make them visible to other Instagram users or delete them. Messages from a blocked user appear in direct requests.

Another method to prevent users from wanting to see your content is to make the account private and remove an Insta Stalker from your subscribers. So they won’t be able to see your posts and stories, even if they use third-party apps and services for anonymous viewing.

You can see who has seen your profile on Instagram, here are several ways to know your admirers or stalkers:

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But remember that the list of users who regularly view your Instagram account is not complete. For example, the Instagram Stories download service can be used to view your profile anonymously. The hard truth is that, like Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see the guests on your page. So there is no official way to see who has viewed your profile.

There are many third-party websites and apps that claim to help you see your Instagram guests, but we’ll get to that later in the article.

Anyone can follow your Instagram unless your Page is private. if you want

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile

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