How To Stop Hands From Sweating While Gaming

How To Stop Hands From Sweating While Gaming – If you’ve ever attended a professional gaming competition or eSports event, you may have noticed some gamers clutching and playing with small rectangular objects that look like oversized tea bags.

No, it’s not some weird superstition or weird stress ball, but rather something called a reflex or a hand warmer. They are sold at garage shops and gas stations in colder climates and have found their way into the backpacks of professional mountaineers. But what does the summit of Kilimanjaro have to do with eSports?

How To Stop Hands From Sweating While Gaming

Actually very little. But the body mechanics are almost the same. Competitive esports is big business. With millions of dollars at stake and players turning their pastimes into full-time careers, it only makes sense that players would start treating their bodies like athletes.

How To Keep Your Hands Warm While Gaming (try This First)

Hand warmers are large tea bags (of sorts) that, when removed from their sealed plastic packaging, heat up and eventually warm your hands and absorb moisture. Competing in any sport gets your adrenaline pumping and cold, sweaty hands are not uncommon. If your performance is as quick as your fingers to press the keys or mouse button, it makes sense that you want to make sure your hands are warm and ready. Hand warmers are activated by air and help blood circulation.

The single hand warmer stays hot for up to eight hours and feels like a cup of warm coffee in your hand. They’re not too hot and that’s partly because of the science involved. Here’s how it works:

Each heater contains various chemicals mixed in a microporous bag. These chemicals are activated by air, meaning that reactions only begin when oxygen is added. Tear off the sealed plastic packaging and wait a few minutes for your little bag to warm up.

A microporous sac is pierced with innumerable small holes. These holes allow air to enter the bag and react with the chemicals, so the science can begin. The more holes, the more air there is, so hand warmers have many small holes to ensure slow response with heat distribution at low temperatures. The bag contains iron powder, activated carbon, sodium chloride and something called vermiculite. Coal contains water which is necessary to ensure the oxidation reaction. It is a heat conducting material and sodium chloride acts as a catalyst. Plus, salt – it goes with everything. Iron powder reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide, which you may know as rust. Iron oxide also creates heat. See what’s happening here? Vermiculite is the final chemical and acts as an insulator. When heated it creates a highly absorbent and fire resistant material. Spread the iron powder and make sure it doesn’t burn too fast.

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A small bag works like this. When pros play they use their hands to warm up and absorb excess moisture. These bags are also disposable and, according to South African manufacturer Reflex Warmers, many can be used as single-use compost. So if you want to give yourself a little edge in the game before growing your own carrots, they might be worth a play.

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Razer is mostly known for their high-end gaming devices, but they also have a large collection of accessories. It has launched a very strange gaming finger sleeve for mobile devices. It is designed to absorb sweat and therefore reduce friction on the screen to help boost your performance while gaming

The sleeves, which can go over your thumb or index finger, are woven from nylon, spandex and silver-conductive fibers, meaning they work with most mobile devices. This helps absorb sweat while allowing your fingers to breathe, keeping them relatively cool and dry. They’re pretty thin at 0.8mm (and hand washable), so they should still give you some sense of touch.

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In the words of one of my colleagues, “Thumb hyperhidrosis is real, fam,” so a gaming finger sleeve can be really useful for some people, as it sounds. This can be a great help especially in hot or humid weather. Either way, it will definitely mark you as a very serious mobile gamer. It’s available now for $10.

All recommended products are selected by our editorial staff independently of our parent company. Some of our stories contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. All prices correct at time of publication. Sweaty palms are terrible for the game and can be the difference between defeat and victory. So how can we keep our hands from sweating and save our games?

You can prevent your hands from sweating while you play by using gaming gloves, using hand grip lotion, holding a controller, holding a mouse, applying antiperspirant deodorant to your hands, using body or baby powder, using a fan, or drying your hands. Towel.

Now let’s talk about each of these in more detail so that we can better help you solve the problem of sweaty hands.

How To Stop Sweating So Much With These 4 Simple Tips

Gaming gloves are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people hate the way they look, but they are effective in stopping the effects of sweaty palms.

Gaming gloves are fabric gloves that have grips on the palm and fingers of the gloves to help keep a grip on the controller or mouse even with sweaty hands. They look like this:

You can also get gaming gloves that don’t cover your fingers, giving you a better feel for your controller, keyboard or mouse. They look like this:

You can find all kinds of gaming gloves on Amazon here. So whether you want closed-finger gloves or open-finger gloves, we’ve got you covered.

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If you don’t want to get gaming gloves for whatever reason (look, price, etc.), then you can probably use training gloves or gardening gloves, as long as they have a grip on them.

When choosing gloves, you want something with a grip while still being thin enough to feel your controller, mouse, keyboard, etc.

There are already many companies that produce grip lotions. Grip lotion is useful in many places outside of play; Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, etc.

So there are many brands to choose from and most of the products are of roughly the same quality. There is also a grip lotion made especially for gamers called “Gamer Grip”.

Simple Ways To Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming

Just like deodorant, you don’t want to use too much grip lotion or you risk leaving handprints everywhere.

If you play on a console, you can definitely find some great controller grips for your controller.

Many grips are available in all sizes, shapes and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits the style you’re looking for.

The controller grips offer more grip, which is great when your hands are sweaty. Controller surfaces are usually very smooth, so when you add sweat to the mix it can be difficult to hold the controller, let alone play to your full potential.

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You can find grips that wrap around the body of your controller, or grips that only attach to your joysticks. It depends on what you are looking for.

I recently added some purple thumb grips from KontrolFreek to my joysticks and so far they’ve been great.

You can find a lot of great controller grips on Amazon here. Make sure you find a grip with a comfortable material or you will end up in the same position as before with a thicker controller.

Just like controller grips, there are also grips available for your gaming mouse (and keyboard if you prefer).

What To Do About Sweaty, Clammy Hands

Most of these mouse grips are sold as a roll of tape that allows you to cut it to fit the size of your mouse. You can put griptape on your clickers or on the side of your mouse for a better grip.

Some grip tapes, like the ones here, also come in different colors, so you can choose a color that matches your setup.

If your hand keeps slipping on the mouse, it’s worth trying to put duct tape over the mouse and see if that helps.

Yes, deodorant is made for underarms, but there’s no reason you can’t use it on your hands. Whether you use spray or stick deodorant, you can apply it to your palms to prevent sweating.

Gamer Goo Sweat Reducing Gaming Grip, 60ml On Onbuy

However, you don’t really want to use any deodorant, since your hands touch so many surfaces.

You want to use an antiperspirant (for sweat) deodorant, and you probably want something without

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