How To Stop Your Laptop From Freezing

How To Stop Your Laptop From Freezing – There are many things that can cause your PC to become unresponsive or completely freeze. Fortunately, even though it can be very frustrating, serious problems are difficult, and there are many things you can do to make it flow smoothly.

There are many reasons why your PC won’t respond. Hardware or software or a combination of both. The common cause is excessive heat. This is a common issue with laptop beef. When you use it for a while, especially if you are running demanding tasks like playing games or watching HD video streams, the CPU will get really hot and the fans will struggle to cool down. In these situations, the operating system slows down your PC to prevent overheating.

How To Stop Your Laptop From Freezing

Another common cause is running out of free memory. This happens due to many applications running at the same time, applications crashing and hogging RAM, or malware running in the background. In terms of damage, apart from hogging RAM, it’s another reason for freezing.

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Fortunately, there are several ways you can find and fix the cause of an unresponsive computer.

If you think overheating is the problem — if the fans are spinning so hard that your laptop is hot to the touch, it probably is — start by closing all apps you’re not currently using. Wait a few minutes and see if the fans spin and your PC cools down. If that doesn’t work, close all applications, save your work first, and restart your PC.

If it still runs slowly when you restart it, or if it starts running after a while, you need to clean the air from the dust that has appeared. Check the vents using a flashlight to see if they are blocked. If it does, you should clean it. You can use a can of compressed air to do that, but be careful with that – you don’t want to blow dust into your laptop. Before you begin, do some research on the best way to clean drains and vents.

If your PC’s fans are not spinning and are not overheating, the most likely cause of the freeze is an application that is running incorrectly. The first step is to find out which app is the culprit. Then you do it using the Task Manager.

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Sometimes it’s not an app that freezes your PC but a process in the background. It also appears in Task Manager. If you realize that one of them is wrong, you can finish the process in the same way by pressing Finish. However, if you don’t know what the process is, you should first search its name on Google to find something important.

If Task Manager doesn’t show any, try the Windows Smart Memory Tool. Click Start and search for “Memory”. Run the tool and see if it finds anything – and restart your computer as part of the process.

Automatic applications are the cause of slow PC. They increase the time to jump, run back and grab resources. Some applications, such as antivirus tools, must be launched at startup so that they can scan your computer for malware. Assistants for others, such as Spotify or iTunes, cannot be safely disabled.

There are a few ways you can prevent the program from starting. Here is the manual method.

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If there are many startup programs, this can take a long time. An easy way to prevent applications from launching when your PC boots is to use the Autorun tool in CleanMy® PC.

Fast Startup stores a snapshot of your current state in the hibernate file, so when you select hibernate mode, your PC will quickly return to where you were. However, it uses resources to create images and some users have reported problems with it, so you may want to delete it.

Again, this is something you can do quickly and easily in CleanMy® PC. However, if you want to do it manually, here’s how:

A PC that freezes and becomes unresponsive most of the time is frustrating to deal with. However, if you follow the steps above and fix the causes of the freeze, your computer will be running fast in no time.

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It seems like your computer just freezes in the middle of the most important tasks, doesn’t it? If your computer is slow to a crawl—or just plain unresponsive—here’s how to recover from the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

If you are doing something very CPU intensive, sometimes things will freeze for a while, and you might think that your laptop is frozen forever, even though it isn’t. If your computer seems to be completely shut down, give it a minute to catch up and finish its job.

You’d be surprised how often this works, especially if it’s random (and not a long-term problem). Make sure your mouse is working properly – it’s possible your mouse is disconnected or the battery is dead, which can cause your computer to freeze.

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If Windows doesn’t recover (it starts freezing after it recovers), it’s time to leave the old truths: Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Hit this combo on your keyboard and select the Task Manager option from the screen that appears to see a list of running programs. Mac users can use Command + Option + Escape to open the same menu.

If none of them respond, select them and click the End Action button. If you are organizing a special event, you just need it. Your OS should come in when you close the program, and you can restart it to continue your work.

If your computer is freezing while that program is running, however, you should remove it and find another one. If the program is very resource intensive, you may want to upgrade your device.

Sometimes, your computer works fine, but your browser gets stuck on a page. And if we limit what we do on the computer to the browser, it looks like your entire computer is jamming, especially the page you’re on. In that case, Windows Task Manager may tell you that your browser is not responding, but if you want more information about why, you’ll have to dig deeper.

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In Chrome and Edge, press Shift + Esc to view the browser’s task manager. In Firefox, you can click the Menu button and go to More Tools > Task Manager. This will show you the various processes running in your browser, possibly giving you some information about which pages or extensions are freezing or using a lot of CPU and remember

You may also have problems with extensions—for example, I had a problem with the Grammarly extension that kept freezing Google Docs—so have a browser to see if that fixes the problem. Try plugging the extension. Hopefully, the developers will release a fix, as Grammarly has done.

If you can’t open Task Manager, your computer is locked and the only way to reset it is to hard reset. Hold down the power button until your computer shuts down, then press the power button again to start the backup from the beginning.

If you are doing something important when it is frozen, depending on the project how to manage the unsaved documents, you may be able to recover them. For example, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint auto-save as you work, and you can retrieve it multiple times when you open the program. You can also navigate to File > Info > Manage Document(s) > Recover Unsaved Documents.

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It doesn’t always work, but it’s a good shot—a little dig into all the projects that hit it to see if it has something similar. If not, you may have trouble redoing some of those things.

If you can’t determine the cause of your lock, do some additional troubleshooting. In these cases, I recommend checking Windows Security Monitor—an error reporting tool buried in Windows settings. Open the Start menu, search for “Settings” and click on the Trust History option that appears.

You’ll see a graph of your PC’s reliability over time, along with updates and new apps installed, as well as logs of crashes and other issues. If you find the error listed at the same time that your freezing problem started, the Maintenance Monitor gives you the option to view technical details or check the Microsoft database.

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