How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen

How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen – It’s easy to fall into the trap of making comments and talking to him in a disrespectful way without even realizing it.

Stupid men have a hard time dealing with their women, so if that’s your case and she’s never bothered you, you may not know how annoying you are when certain words come out of your mouth.

How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen

Eight years ago, at the beginning of our marriage, my husband pointed out to me (with love) that I could sound disrespectful when certain words came out of my mouth to him. So he let me know every time a word or a word showed disrespect.

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Since my husband brought this up with me early in our marriage, it taught me many times to be quiet! And now, looking back, I know that it prevented moments that could have led to serious discussions between us.

Here are some things I would recommend that you never say to your partner if you want your marriage to be successful:

You should… Don’t force him or tell him he has to do something. It seems that you have power. It’s like you’re forcing him and telling him exactly what to do.

You must… Again, just like the commandment above, insist that your husband do as you say!

Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

That would be the one I highly recommend avoiding the most! If you ask your husband, “Why didn’t you do that?” he will feel very disrespected. With the decision he made, he gets the feeling that you don’t trust him and you don’t believe him. Your husband feels that you think he is forgetful, ignorant, and/or unreliable.

If you want your husband to show you something, put it in the form of a question. He feels very honored when you say, “Honey,

Similar to what was said before, you can indicate using the question form: “Should we __________?” (A statement, a statement!)

Rewrite this answer in question form. Instead of saying, “Why didn’t you take out the trash today?” Consider the question, “Do you think you can take out the trash today?” Do you notice the difference in sound that every word makes?

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The best way to make your husband feel respected is to frame your critical responses in the form of questions. This will show him that you are not asking, but instead, you are considering his opinion. And, most importantly, it shows him that you trust him enough to think what he thinks is best!

What I have noticed about my husband is that he takes more responsibility when the ball is in his court. He feels responsible for making the right decision, and he tries to respect and bless me as well.

So, I highly recommend that you avoid these “DON’T TELL” comments to your partner. Make him feel loved and respected. He will likely treat you in a more compassionate and loving way by simply changing the words that come out of your mouth.

We will hear from you! What are some responses you’ve learned that work best when talking to your partner? And what words do you know, it is best not to say to his face?

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