How To Tell If He Still Loves His Ex Wife

How To Tell If He Still Loves His Ex Wife – You’re probably just minding your own business when one day, out of the blue, your ex says that they still love you.

Its strong message is likely to confuse you beyond belief, so you don’t know how to respond. Maybe you’re wondering if you should say “I love you back” or maybe ask your ex out on a coffee date.

How To Tell If He Still Loves His Ex Wife

As your anxious brain gives you unimaginable anxiety, you start thinking of thousands of different things to say and do similarly on the day of separation. But somehow none of them seemed good enough.

Signs He Still Loves You

All of your viable responses to your ex seem too needy and demanding or indifferent and cold. That’s why, in the end, you’ll probably decide to play it safe by choosing something that doesn’t seem too affectionate or disinterested.

In this article, we’ll show you what “I love you” really means from your ex and how you can respond appropriately to reduce your anxiety.

Note that this article is written from a woman’s perspective and it applies to both genders, as long as your ex is the dumper.

If your ex says he still loves you and you’re confused and worried, try not to get too excited or hopeful.

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Your ex may be sending you breadcrumbs and trying to extort what you most likely lack: validation. You must understand that when your ex tells you that he still loves you, he may be projecting his weak emotional state onto you.

This means that your ex may be after your emotional strength and approval, giving you absolute power.

Remember that your ex’s “I love you” may be a cry for help, because your ex probably doesn’t really love you. Instead, he doesn’t love himself enough and is looking for your love to feel better about himself.

So when your ex says he loves you and they don’t mean it, your ex is using a very basic technique that most people use. This is called reverse psychology.

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Basically, he’s playing you for a fool, thinking you’ll do or give him what he needs.

You see, love creates a very strong emotion of acceptance. So when your ex feels valued, recognized, and considered prominent, his self-esteem rises.

Actually, the only thing that increases is his ego. And the ego, unfortunately, always fluctuates up and down in opposition to stable self-esteem.

This means that your ex’s attempt at self-empowerment is essentially a temporary boost to their outward happiness. But unfortunately, your ex just doesn’t realize or doesn’t want to realize that it comes from an external source of happiness (you).

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When your ex says they still love you but they don’t, your ex is usually taking out their fears and insecurities on you.

That’s why the most reasonable explanation for this kind of behavior is that you feel unloved, unworthy, disrespected, rejected, or whatever.

In simpler words, something or someone lowered your ex’s view of himself, and now he’s hungry for love.

Assuming your ex has recently experienced something painful, his depressed and depressed emotional state probably speaks for itself.

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As a result of the pain, your ex expresses himself in a form of projection, which is essentially an indirect request for love.

Because humans are emotional beings, we project our feelings on others all the time. For example, when we are having a bad day and are angry and impatient, others will definitely notice.

The same principle applies to our fears and insecurities. The stronger we feel about them, the more we show them to others.

Another good example is a cheating spouse who suspects their partner is being unfaithful. Because the cheater is so anxious and worried about being caught, he expresses his fears to his partner and accuses him of what he is most guilty of.

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Cheaters project their fears to reduce suspicion, liars to continue lying, stalkers to make themselves feel better, and ex-partners to alleviate their guilt and regain self-esteem.

The first is a love of friendship, an appreciation for existing and being a part of your ex’s life. As for the latter, it’s the kind of admiration where your ex wants to be around you all the time.

So if your ex loves you, he won’t risk losing you and seeing you with someone else. He will make sure you are his by having your undivided attention and demanding exclusivity from you.

Also, your ex will not only tell you that he loves you, he will also show it to you. He invites you in, asks you out, flirts, and seems happy to be part of your company.

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Remember that loving your ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband or wife is not rocket science. As long as someone loves you, they will express themselves in the way they are most comfortable with.

So if your ex professes love for you, he will do it the same way he did when you were married.

That’s why you should remember that exes are people with certain attachment styles. And since you already know your ex partner sentimentally and the way they express love, interpreting your ex’s love is very simple.

When your ex says that he still loves you, you will quickly know if he is serious about you. But you must be prepared to truly observe their actions from a third-person perspective.

My Boyfriend Still Loves His Ex But Loves Me Too

So whenever the thought “My ex still loves me and how will I know?” come to mind, remember the following picture. This should tell you everything you need to know.

To understand your ex’s intentions, you must be willing to dig deep and find out why your ex came back. Don’t ask your ex directly. Alternatively, try to get him to open up and share what’s been bothering him.

As long as your ex doesn’t feel threatened, they will eventually say whatever you need. But for that to happen, you need to be patient and understanding.

When you wonder if your ex-boyfriend or ex-boyfriend still loves you, all you have to do is look at the actions of your ex.

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For example, if your ex is seeing someone else and they seem happy, they probably don’t love you. If he loves you, your ex will not flirt with someone else and he will come back to you.

When your ex is dating someone else, your ex feels a strong sense of attraction to the new person. And while you may not be in love with this person yet, as love takes time to develop, you are nevertheless attracted to them, who happen to be unattractive to you.

This happens because your ex’s magnetic attraction to the new person quickly kills your ex’s remaining feelings for you.

So if you’re wondering, “How did my ex stop loving me and quickly get attached to someone else?”, now you have the answer.

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Most people cannot love two people at the same time. If they try, they get confused and usually choose to go with the person who makes them happy.

That person is usually your new partner because the novelty of a new relationship creates the greatest attraction.

If your ex tells you that he loves you but can’t commit, then your ex doesn’t really love you. It’s really a no brainer.

Your ex may respect and value you as a person, former partner, or as a decent person, but your ex doesn’t like you. Not while your ex is single or with someone else.

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It may be the hard truth, but when your ex says he still loves you but wants to be single to “find himself,” your ex’s actions speak for themselves. Your ex doesn’t love you. He just wants you to be healthy yourself because he doesn’t want to see you angry, sad, hurt, or emotional.

Please understand that no ex wants to be single. I don’t know your ex personally, but I can confidently say that staying single is the last thing your ex wants.

When your ex says he loves you but wants to be single, he’s just using one of the typical breakup excuses that dumpers often use to make the relationship move smoothly.

So as soon as your ex finds someone to be with, your ex will take that chance and “be single” in a relationship with that person.

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What your ex wants is to break free from his commitment to you and eventually (when the time is right or when the opportunity presents itself) find someone else and date him.

If your ex tells you he loves you but quickly disappears into thin air afterward, you have all the evidence you need to draw a reasonable conclusion.

As we mentioned earlier, people project their insecurities onto others, and your ex probably does the same. So when your ex says he still loves you, he does it for two reasons.

You see, the words love and single do not go together. They don’t complement each other like no.

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