How To Tell If You Are Having A Panic Attack

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How To Tell If You Are Having A Panic Attack

What are the signs that you are infected with the coronavirus? This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. and hinder the fight against this disease.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated the guidelines in late April. Include a loss of taste or smell as a new symptom of COVID-19. with symptoms such as chills, repeated chills and chills Muscle aches, sore throats and headaches . In addition to fever, cough and difficulty breathing which is considered normal

Some patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, have symptoms such as vomiting, rashes and sores on the toes. Symptoms of COVID-19 In some people it overlaps with other illnesses, such as the flu, making it difficult to differentiate between these infections without testing. And some infected patients have not reported symptoms.

Professor Andrew Chan said: “As the pandemic has become more apparent, Obviously, the symptoms of coronavirus vary greatly from person to person. and there are a number of symptoms that we have never seen before that are associated with coronavirus,” in Research in Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. covid and may cause a large number of people to walk around with COVID without knowing

That makes the response to the crisis even more frustrating and confusing for health officials. especially in the United States. which virus detection is still rare Symptoms are external signs of the disease, and a pinch can substitute for testing. Many hospitals have notified patients with symptoms of COVID-19. already assume that they have the virus and self-isolate without testing to confirm the presence of the virus

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The syndrome can highlight emerging viral outbreaks in a population. But there is no clear picture of COVID-19 how to express It is therefore difficult to estimate the true extent of the pandemic. and if you don’t know what to look for Therefore, it is difficult for medical personnel to take necessary precautions and provide appropriate treatment to patients.

As a result, many communities are forced to take straightforward, purging and disruptive measures, such as temporary shelter orders. to control the spread Reducing these restrictions requires considerable effort in public testing for viruses. track movement and increase the capacity of health care with the bed respirators, masks, and staff. However, some areas of the United States that lifted these strict measures to limit the spread of COVID-19

However, researchers are looking for new ways to track the virus by going back to patient records to see what signs are associated with the disease. They also asked people to report their symptoms and track them using a mobile app. They found that mild, easy-to-remove symptoms could be the cause of the disease. This knowledge can help slow the spread and lead to new ways to fight the virus.

Several guidelines for COVID-19 symptoms Based on what scientists have learned from past cases. especially in China In January and February, for example, the World Health Organization has examined more than 55,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in China. The most frequent were fever (87.9 percent of confirmed cases) and dry cough (67.7 percent), followed by fatigue (38.1 percent), sputum production (33.4 percent), shortness of breath (18, 6) sore throat (13.9 percent) and headache (13.6 percent).

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But the patients they looked at weren’t necessarily representative of everyone who had the virus — only those who were tested and treated. in this study About 80 percent of patients had mild to moderate disease, 13.8 percent had severe disease, and 6.1 percent were in critical condition.

It was likely that many infected patients with few or no symptoms were not included in the study. This means that their symptoms Symptoms (or lack thereof) played a role too small in these statistics.

Other studies show that symptoms such as digestive problems can tell the disease. The first study of 204 patients in China without peer review. More than half reported symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

From another preliminary study This time from Germany found that COVID-19 patients Some have more cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose. Italian researchers also reported feeling sick and unwell related to COVID-19. Doctors in the United States have described neurological symptoms such as confusion and seizures in some COVID-19 patients, especially in the elderly.

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The vague and sometimes conflicting symptoms may reflect how the virus affects certain medical conditions in patients, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. or just the difference in weakness This type of variability is a phenomenon seen by doctors in other infections.

“For example,” said David Pride, director of microbiology at the University of California, San Diego. when the flu Most people will have a fever. body aches and not feeling well But quite a few people have diarrhea and vomiting,” the email said. “What we’re experiencing with Covid-19 likely mirrors what we’re seeing in a number of other diseases, where it affects a subset of people in a pattern. various”

The severity of the COVID-19 virus There are also various even in some subgroups There are elderly patients who shrugged from the virus. There were children who died from it.

However, many of these uncommon symptom reports require a broader investigation before they can be used as a clinical guideline. But these show that patients and doctors can keep up with Covid-19 without adequate testing.

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Before the CDC’s approach changed, there were some resounding voices that the condition was not normal. Loss of smell and eucia, loss of taste It could signal a coronavirus infection. Utah player Jazz Rudy Gobert, who tested positive for the virus, said on Twitter that this was one of his most noticeable symptoms. united kingdom Instagram post to drink vinegar and lemon juice to show the loss of taste after contracting COVID-19

A doctor at the British Rhinological Society said in March that they noticed “The rapid increase in reports of anosmia in the number of people with other asymptomatic anosmia has increased significantly,” said Newcastle University researchers in the BMJ. This symptom is more serious.”

Researchers in the UK and US recently supported this idea with data. Using the COVID symptom tracking app for smartphones released on March 24, researchers compiled daily reports from more than 2.6 million users (2.45 million in the UK and 168,000 in the US) regarding with their symptoms or nonexistent In an article published May 11 in the journal Nature Medicine, they found that a loss of taste or smell was strongly associated with testing positive for Covid-19.

“The strongest relationship between these symptoms and a positive test is a loss of smell or taste,” said Tim Spector, professor of molecular epidemiology at King’s College London. said study co-author Andrew Chan from Harvard.

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In the study, 7,178 app users reported testing positive for COVID-19, and 65 percent of them said they had lost their sense of smell or taste. That’s a higher rate than app users getting infected with COVID-19. whether it is a fever or other symptoms

This possible mechanism is related to how the SARS-CoV-2 virus works in preliminary studies. Researchers from the US and UK reported that the virus attacked odor-related cells in the nasopharynx of both mice and humans. The researchers wrote: It may lead to anemia or other olfactory disorders.

The inability to taste coffee or smell wildflowers is not a clear sign of Covid-19, Spector warns. Loss of taste and smell are associated with other upper respiratory tract infections. and some allergic reactions in most cases The loss of these feelings is not permanent.

That’s why Spector’s team used data from their app to build a model where the symptoms were. Combined, it is most closely related to the positive virus test. Instead of looking at individual symptoms

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Using the model, Spector and his team calculated that of the 800,000 app users who self-reported symptoms but had never been tested for COVID-19, about 140,000, or 17.5 percent, were likely to be infected with the virus.

“When this epidemic is resolved it will become clearer

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