How To Tell If You Have Been Reincarnated

How To Tell If You Have Been Reincarnated – Right now, most of us are managing all the changes of COVID-19 that could give you more time with your kids, maybe working from home or even homeschooling! This extra time together, can lead to strange things that make you question everything you know or understand about your child.

Kids say the worst things, but sometimes they come up with something that throws us for a loop! What I’m talking about here is when your 3 year old says something like “My name is Tommy, and I work underground, my face is dirty” before he ran off to continue playing with rocks.

How To Tell If You Have Been Reincarnated

It can be difficult to differentiate between play and past life memories and your beliefs will of course determine how you handle this situation. This post is designed to give you a hand in identifying your children, knowing when to adopt them and when to call a specialist and details some of the signs of life in the a past that develops in our children.

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I wrote this post as a guide for parents but teachers, siblings, aunts and uncles and grandmothers can use it. Most life memories appear within 2-5 years but sometimes they last up to 8 years.

Reincarnation is the belief that our soul lives on, beyond physical death and that we can return to earth in a new body.

There are many religions that adhere to this belief and the spiritual or new age community is part of the system.

What makes it important is the hope it provides, to understand ourselves on a deeper and spiritual level that our physical life has a greater meaning and is a way for us to work through spiritual lessons to growth and development. It’s easy to get away from the fire and crush teachings of Christianity that allow us to live forever in pain if you don’t do everything right.

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Realizing that your child has relapsed can create a deeper bond between you and your child, giving them a safe space and a way to talk about their thoughts, feelings or fears. ‘ could make them shy or shut down.

Recurring dreams, or dreams with scary or painful themes can be one way a child remembers and expresses past memories. There is a famous case of a boy named James Leninger who started having nightmares about a plane crash and saying “the plane is on fire!”. He was also able to describe his dream in detail, that he was a Corsair and that he had flown from a ship. All this happened when James was about 2 years old.

Children may have a habit of decorating their toys and teddies in strange things. My daughter recently went through a phase that made her ‘lose her hair’. There are times, however, when these names give us clues about a possible life. An example of this is when children name their toys with popular baby names from other cultures or countries that are not common where the child grew up. Or when they learn to speak, they make unusual sounds in their native language and instead represent a different language style.

Xenoglossy is rare but documented. A special case is a boy from Thailand named Bongkuch Promsin who says he remembers his life as a young man who was killed in Laos. His thoughts were distinctive enough to identify the Lao youth who corroborated his story.

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He also told his parents several times that he is not Thai, but actually Laotian and that he has many characteristics from Laotian culture such as washing his hands by putting them under water, instead of under water run He spoke Thai and Laotian and used strange words for fruits and vegetables which were later confirmed as Laotian names for those things. To read more about this article and other confirmed cases of Xenoglossy click here.

Children can also show interest in a subject. This can also be a neurodivergent condition of autism, so it is important to understand the differences. The topic of interest may be related to a specific period in history such as World War II or related to past activities.

There is a boy named Ryan Hammons who became interested in Hollywood at the age of 4 and wanted to return to Hollywood. He told his mother about the actors he loved (all long dead) and how he danced on Broadway and was an actor and Hollywood agent. They managed to track down the old Ryan and were able to find 55 details such as his name, previous address and exact age of death. Amazing story and you can read it here.

Most of the meaning of the past life is the general ideas, stories and ideas that your child might make. Here are examples of these;

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If you want to learn more about recombinant children with good examples, I can highly recommend any of the Doctor’s books. John Stevenson on a subject like this.

Another author to note is Dr. Brian Weiss for his work on past lives. In particular, his book called ‘Many Lives, Many Teachers’ which can be found here. Mind is better than adults.

If you suspect your child has relapsed, there are scientists and researchers who want to hear about it! You can find more information here.

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Finally, some interesting things are noted by the important reincarnation expert Dr. Ian Stevenson, has argued that it is strong emotions that connect children’s memories to their past lives. This is often indicated when the cause of death was trauma or violence in some way. He also noted that there is usually a gap of two years between these lives and that it is not a quick transition from one body to another.

If you want more past life or reunion content be sure to check out my YouTube videos on the subject!

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James Huston (left) was the only pilot aboard Natoma Bay to die in the Battle of Iwo Jima. More than five years later, a two-year-old boy named James Leninger (right) spoke of flying from the submarine “Natoma” near Iwo Jima and drawing pictures of the fighter jets that were shot down.

On March 3, 1945, James Huston, a twenty-one-year-old American pilot, flew his last flight. He flew from the USS

, a cargo ship fighting in the Battle of Iwo Jima. Huston was traveling with a crew of eight pilots, including his friend Jack Larsen, to crash a nearby Japanese freighter. Huston’s plane was shot in the nose and crashed into the ocean.

Fifty-three years later, in April 1998, a Louisiana couple named Bruce and Andrea Leninger gave birth to a son. They named him James.

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When he was twenty-two months old, James and his father visited an airplane museum, and James became interested in airplanes – especially airplanes from the Second World War, which he would look at in awe. James found a video about the Navy squadron, which he watched over and over for weeks.

Within two months, James began saying the words, “The plane is on fire,” including when he saw his father walking through the airport. He would put his toy airplanes nose first into the coffee table, destroying the surface with many designs.

James begins a nightmare, first with screaming, then with words like, “The plane crashed! Little man can’t get out!”, as he kicks and kicks his legs.

Finally, James talked to his parents about the accident. James said, “Before I was born I was a driver and my plane caught fire in the engine, and it fell into the water, and that’s how I died.” James said that he got out of the boat, and that the Japanese shot at his boat. When his parents asked the name of the ship, he said “Natoma.”

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When his parents asked James who the “little man” was, he would say “James” or “me.” When his parents asked him if he remembered anyone, he gave the name “Jack Larsen.” When James was two and a half years old, he saw a picture of Iwo Jima in a book and said, “My plane was shot down there, Daddy.”

When James Leninger was eleven years old, Jim Tucker came to visit him

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