How To Tell If Your Email Is Being Tracked

How To Tell If Your Email Is Being Tracked – Over the past few days, many users have reported that emails sent to their Gmail addresses are ending up in the spam folder, or worse, showing up as scams.

In the email industry, it is generally accepted that Google uses the highest spam filter of any email service provider. And , when sending an e-mail is opened and clicked on tracking, the section included in your e-mail by default is the same section that is included when everyone sends. Although the system is carefully monitored, sometimes a spammer falls into our detection system and if Google supports the domain, it generates spam emails or shows it as available. to cheat.

How To Tell If Your Email Is Being Tracked

No, it’s different. We mean the section embedded in the body of your email to open and follow clicks. This is what we call the “tracking section”. It’s usually something like Here is an example:

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You need a dedicated tracking section for your email campaigns. If you implement this and send emails that people want, you are guaranteed to get a 100% delivery rate. If you don’t, you risk a bad inbox delivery.

You can easily set up a tracking domain for your account based on your OWN domain name. Just add the CNAME record for your chosen tracking domain (eg to point to “”. Full setup instructions here.

If you don’t know how to manage DNS records or can’t access it, you can register a tracking domain from scratch specifically for using .

Which is better: create a separate tracking section based on my own section or give it to me?

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If you know how to manage your domain’s DNS settings, as mentioned in the previous question, it is recommended that you update your tracking domain based on your own domain. This is where the “hover” effect is improved – when your recipients go over a link in your email ad and find out where it’s pointing before clicking, they’re more likely to click if they recognize your domain. A dedicated tracking unit won’t look like yours, but that’s just cosmetic. 100% success is achieved in every situation.

Is an uncontrolled process by design. I decided to do it this way because Google has already closed the accounts of spammers for us, so there is no real need for our own research. However, even Gmail’s spam and error detection isn’t perfect. Therefore, some spam is still sent from the Gmail account, and when this happens, the sections included in the spam messages show the flag, including the shared tracking section used to implement open and click tracking.

Yes, we remove the shared tracking section from time to time, but spammers will make a new shared tracking section and the problem will come back.

This is a relatively new question. In the past, even with a shared tracking domain, emails would bounce back with a block notification. We can detect this and assign the affected user a custom monitoring section to resolve the issue in the future. However, we are now finding that emails are still being delivered, but only going to spam. This is not the first case.

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In some cases we can and in some cases we can’t. If the recipient completely blocks your email, a bounce is created. then find out the block and tell you about it in the “Reports” folder. We also send a daily report to those users with multiple blocks, encouraging them to get a dedicated tracking section. However, in cases where the email is not directly rejected but goes to Spam or is marked as a scam, we have no way of knowing, so we cannot detect it. and tell you. That’s why it’s best to be proactive and get a dedicated tracking section, even if you don’t have any shipping issues.

Yes, you can also get 100% perfect delivery by turning off open and click tracking, but it’s not really necessary if you go through the simple process of creating a dedicated tracking section. Then you get the best of both worlds: full access and full analysis.

Yes, tell me you want it. If you can’t create a custom tracking domain based on your own domain, you can register a new domain from scratch.

If you can make it easy for me, why not make it for every user?

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Because it will be expensive and time consuming. More than 45,000 accounts have been registered for , but it’s only 11 months old. If we were to register 45,000 domains, one for each user, we would get a lot of money. If we do it only for those who ask, it is easier to manage.

I sent a few test emails and they went to spam and went to my inbox with another service. Doesn’t that mean people are blocking?

No. People block the shared tracking domains they use, so it is beneficial for every legitimate user to use a dedicated tracking domain that no one else uses. That way, you won’t be linked to spammers’ emails, and your emails will end up in your inbox. The reason this may not happen with a third party provider is because the third party provider is not a free service and therefore prevents spammers instead of attracting spammers.

No email is actually sent from the user’s IP address, so the IP address is irrelevant. All emails are sent from our users’ Gmail accounts, which means that emails are sent from Gmail IP addresses, and Gmail IP addresses have the best email addresses in the world.

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I am an experienced email client and have used other platforms before and have never had this problem. Why does this problem occur?

Because it is a free and uncontrolled process for a long time. No other email marketing system in the world is free and untraceable. Every service from MailChimp to Hubspot has a system in place to prevent sending emails to spammers. it is not. This is done on purpose because it is a unique service because it is built on top of Gmail, not a standalone service.

I find it hard to believe that if I do this one step at a time, I can achieve 100% perfect performance. it is true

Absolutely. If you have a custom tracking unit and send it to , you will get 100% delivery (unless the wrong address is returned correctly).

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Yes, on Monday, August 15, when there may be restrictions on free accounts, this problem will be greatly reduced. However, it is a best practice to create a dedicated tracking section.

So apart from getting a dedicated tracking section, is there anything else I should be doing to make sure my emails are going to my inbox?

If you use Google apps, we recommend configuring SPF. If you have a regular or account, you don’t need to do anything.

I have received confirmation from you that my dedicated tracking section is available. How to use it?

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Don’t do anything else – just send as before. A custom tracking section will be added to your email immediately.

Now with my custom tracking domain name, how do I send my email to people who haven’t received it before?

Making it easy to send your campaign to people who previously blocked your campaign. Just follow these steps. Your email program has many options for sending messages to multiple people at once. You can load multiple receivers into the field and fly away. Or you can put a few (or one) in the To space and other CCs. Either some or all of the BCC.

BCC can be the most difficult because it means that not everyone has access to the same information. And this is a big risk for traps. So when do you CC and when do you BCC?

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First, you need to know what CC and BCC mean. The field CC means one copy; The BCC field means BCC. Copying was common in the early Internet era. When someone wants a piece of paper, they put one piece of paper between two pieces of paper. The pad helped the ink or font to transfer from the top to the bottom, and soon you had two sets of paper.

These days, email copy means that you have sent the same message to someone other than the intended recipient, and it’s an easy way to keep interested people up to date. Obviously, the CC system also allows anyone to see anyone’s email address.

BCC works

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