How To Tell If Your Having Contractions Or Braxton Hicks

How To Tell If Your Having Contractions Or Braxton Hicks – What are the signs of labor in 24-48 hours? How do you feel right before labor starts? How do you feel 24 hours before giving birth? What are the signs of impending labor?

It’s not always crystal clear, but there are some signs you can count on more than others.

How To Tell If Your Having Contractions Or Braxton Hicks

In the days and hours leading up to each of my three labors and delivery, there were a few signs that stood out for each one. There were also big differences!

When To Go To The Hospital For Labor

My first and second pregnancies started with my water breaking so I KNEW it was time. I had a bloody show earlier and it was obvious labor was on the way.

My third baby started with very strong contractions and no other signs. Every pregnancy and birth can be very different!

I just had my fourth baby so the grades are fresh in my mind 🙂 3 days ago I had a burst of energy. Maybe a LOT of energy. Two days ago I was exhausted and had Braxton Hicks which were quite strong and more painful than usual. The day before I woke up at 4am with strong and regular contractions that eventually stopped. The day I went into labor I woke up again at 4am with regular contractions every 8 minutes and quite strong. I had a bloody show around 8am and knew the baby was coming. At 11:00 the contractions were 5 minutes apart and I went to the hospital. My baby was born at 3pm!

A mucus plug is something your body creates from the moment of conception to protect your baby from harmful germs and bacteria. It’s literally a plug at the end of your cervix that’s made of mucus, charming, I know.

Signs And Symptoms Of Preterm Labor Infographic

You may or may not notice the loss. Some women saw it fall into the toilet, some wiped it after urinating, and some smelled it in their underwear.

My first child, I never noticed a mucus plug. With my second child, I distinctly remember losing mucus the night before my water broke at 2am.

With my third, I actually lost my mucus plugs at 35 weeks and was convinced I was going to have a baby soon.

After much research, I discovered that you can lose mucus more than once. Your body will just regenerate it if it comes out too soon!

Signs Of Early Labor

If you lose your mucus plug, it means your cervix is ​​starting to dilate! However, this can mean that labor lasts for hours or up to 1-2 weeks.

A mucus plug is clear and contains little or no blood, while bloody mucus is stained with red or brown blood.

If you have a bloody discharge, it means that you have lost your mucus plug and your cervix is ​​getting ready to give birth!

It happened by accident during the birth of my fourth child. I had my blood drawn at 8am and knew the baby was on the way – she was born at 3pm.

Signs Of Labor: 9 Early Signs & Symptoms That Baby Is Coming

Don’t get too excited, it’s not a huge weight loss. This can be anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds of water weight that you lost in the days leading up to giving birth.

Before giving birth, you may experience increased vaginal discharge that is clear, pink, or slightly bloody. You may experience increased vaginal discharge that is thicker or changes color up to a month before delivery.

Extreme fatigue before labor is a pretty good sign of what’s to come. On the other hand – you can get a burst of energy and start nesting!

These last few days before the start of active labor can be confusing. Either your body will try to conserve energy for labor, or you’ll end up in the nest at the last minute!

Signs You May Be Going Into Labor

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a sudden burst of energy at 37 weeks. I packed my hospital bag, cleaned the house and then at 6am my water broke.

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This happens because your muscles get an extra dose of relaxin until you give birth. That means ALL your muscles get it, including your rectal muscles.

But that’s a good thing because it helps your body flush out all the unnecessary content before labor!

Signs Your Labor Is Coming Soon

Although it can still happen – just to warn you. It’s hard not to worry about it, but try not to worry.

All the nurses who will help you have seen it before, are totally professional and will blow it away before anyone else does!

If you start to experience lower back pain and cramping, this may be a sign that labor has started or is about to start. This is because your muscles and joints move during labor.

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True vs False Labor False Labor

How To Tell If Your Water Broke

At this point, you will see your doctor often. Each time they will check if you are stretched at all. If you are more than 3 cm dilated, it may mean that you are about to go into labor.

However, to give you some hope if you are not yet dilated, here is what happened with my third child:

I saw my doctor around 9am on the day of my baby’s actual delivery and she examined me. She laughed and said I’m not even 1 cm so I shouldn’t hold my breath for the baby that’s coming soon.

So I left thinking it would be a week or two. I went into labor at 2:30 that day and delivered the baby at 6:16. You never know.

Yep, You Can Be In Real Labor And Not Even Know It

I was shocked to learn that only 15% of women take a break before giving birth. If that happens, it means you’re going to go into labor, duh!

Before giving birth, my water broke in 2 out of 3 babies. My daughter, hours earlier and my son about 20 minutes. With the third, my water broke during active labor.

Sometimes nausea can occur before labor, but it usually happens during the active first stage of labor. I must have felt sick from the pain of the contractions.

What are the first signs of premature labor? Sometimes before labor begins, there are early and more subtle symptoms:

Diarrhea During Pregnancy: Causes, Risks, And Treatments

I know you want a definitive answer to what happens right before birth – the truth is, there is no definitive answer. You may have 1, 2 or all of the above symptoms.

Or maybe you have NOTHING. Seriously, I had no idea my third child would be born the day she was born. Not one hint or symptom or anything.

I was with my son in the evening, about 8 hours before my water broke, the mucus plug fell out.

), you’re most likely to go into labor between midnight and 6 a.m., and probably on a weekday rather than a weekend.

Signs Of Labour

If you’re having induced labor, you’ll likely go into labor around midnight Tuesday through Saturday.

As a general rule, you should head to the hospital when your contractions are about 4 minutes apart, last 45-60 seconds, and stay that way for an hour. However, if this is not your first child, things can move faster.

I went prematurely with my first child because my water broke, but I did not go into active labor. I ended up being induced because I tested positive for Group B Strep.

My water broke with my second baby and the labor was extremely quick – I think I stayed at home for an hour from the first contraction to going to the hospital.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

My water did not break with my third child. I was in active labor from the first contraction – no early labor for me.

I went to the hospital about 15-20 minutes after my first contraction and I’m so glad my baby was born less than 4 hours later.

Real contractions are initially felt in the lower back, like spasms. It wraps around the whole stomach and everything goes hard.

False labor begins on the stomach and stops if you change position or drink water.

What Are Early Labor Contractions?

India Ward’s story is an interesting one. He says: “It was a Monday night and I had a few contractions at 10.30pm. I had insomnia during my pregnancy so I thought I’d stay up anyway and just watch these contractions to see what would happen. I woke my husband up at 3:30 on Tuesday and said it was time to go to the hospital.”

She continues: “The first time I had no warning, my waters broke and then I was 10 cm and pushing before I got to the hospital. So I was very afraid of having the same experience, and at the same time I knew that the second birth usually goes faster.”

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself in case you are a silent worker is to know exactly what contractions are real and what are false. Timing is useful so you can adjust

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