How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone – Switching to a new phone can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re switching to a completely different operating system. We want to make this process easier, so with the latest release of Android 12, we’ve added the ability to carry all the essentials by connecting your iPhone to your new Android phone using a cable. With your permission, Android compares and installs the applications from Google Play, and makes it easy to take your SMS and iMessage history with you, including photos, videos, contacts, calendars and more.

But we can still do more. Historically, some types of data could not be transferred when switching from iPhone to Android. Things like your WhatsApp chat history – your favorite memories, photos, voice messages and conversations with friends and family – can be really hard to leave behind, and that’s what we want to fix. So starting today, you can safely transfer your chat history and memories from your WhatsApp account on iPhone to Android. We worked together with the WhatsApp team to build a new set of capabilities, all designed to make it easy to switch from iPhone to Android and take your WhatsApp history with you.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

All you need is a USB-C to Lightning cable to get started. Just connect your phones, and when you’re ready to set up your new Android device, scan the QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and transfer all your chats, media and more to your new device.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone

Our team has worked hand-in-hand with WhatsApp to ensure that your data remains secure throughout the transfer process, so no one else can ever access your WhatsApp information and files. Your WhatsApp chat history will be easily copied from your iPhone to your new Android phone, and we’ll make sure you don’t receive new messages on the old device while the transfer is in progress.

This portability is available on Samsung Galaxy devices and now on all Pixel phones, and will be available on new phones starting with Apple 12, so you won’t lose what’s most important to you when you switch. There is no better time to switch to Android. If you have switched from iPhone to Android, you may be wondering about transferring your WhatsApp chats to the new device. History of speech, images, sound and text are so important that you cannot lose them. Remember WhatsApp is limited to complete encryption to protect your privacy. IOS and Android have different processes, so we will need a third party to cut the backup on the iPad for them to be connected. In this article I share with you different proven ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

Click on three vertical dots. Select Settings > Chat settings > Chat history > Export chat. Select the chat you want to send.

NOTE: Unfortunately, this way chats cannot be shared with WhatsApp on your Android phone. This means that they can only see the email chat as a document.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone Without A Pc

The easiest way is to use cloud backup to restore all your WhatsApp conversations on your Android phone.

NOTE: Messages deleted after a year of cloud storage will not be returned. And for this method to work, you must back up the conversation on Google Drive by clicking on the device Settings> Chats> Chat backup and save your WhatsApp data on Google Drive or local storage.

Install “Icarefone WhatsApp Transfer” tool on your computer. Make sure you have WhatsApp messenger on your Android and IPhone.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

Connect the Android phone to the computer and enable the USB flash drive. Once you know connect your IPhone and trust this computer.

How To Move Whatsapp Chats To Android, Iphone, Signal, And Telegram

Select an existing backup plan or create a new backup plan by launching WhatsApp on your Android device > tap settings > Chats > Chat backup > Backup. When you’re ready, click continue.

Confirm the phone number to cut the backup from, click confirm and turn on two-step on WhatsApp and then click continue.

WhatsApp will send a verification code to the number, once received confirm it and then tap confirm to confirm.

WhatsApp will force you to log out from the source device. Please sign in on your new iPhone. When done, click on login to continue. Now the chat recovery process will start. All your WhatsApp conversations and data will be transferred to your iPhone. The time depends on how big your WhatsApp data is. At this point, the iPhone will restart. Well done now the transfer is successful.

Whatsapp Iphone To Android Chat History Transfer Now Available For Pixel, Coming To Other Android 12 Devices

This method allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android without a computer. All you need is an OTG cable, both Android and IPhone device. Then open Wutsapper to go.

The app will check if your phone has a WhatsApp backup. If not, Wutsapper will show you how to save your WhatsApp on your phone. Do not forget to prepare an OTG cable.

Click on the link to return to the top. Checkout is complete! Click “start” to transfer your WhatsApp and wait for a while, the transfer will be completed. Although it is available on many platforms, one of the pain points of WhatsApp users is that it does not allow users to transfer chat history from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

However, that has changed now. With the latest Android 12 operating system released by Google, it allows users to transfer chats from iPhone to Android. But note that the feature is for phones using Android 12 or newer versions.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone 12/11/x/8/7

Earlier, this feature was available for Samsung phones and now it is available for all phones running Android 12. Currently, only Pixel phones have Android 12 stable but many other smartphone manufacturers have released Beta version of their own OS. latest Android.

Step 3: In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats and tap on the “Send chats to Android” option.

Step 4: Now, while setting up your Android phone, you will be asked if you want to transfer WhatsApp history.

Step 5: To start the transfer process, scan the QR code displayed on the screen and the WhatsApp chat history will be transferred.

How To Move/transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone/ios Free

That’s it. Once the transfer process is complete, all your conversations, media files, and voice messages will be available on your new Android device.

Google has also confirmed that the Apple iPhone will not receive new WhatsApp messages during the transfer, so you should not miss anything during the transition. from iOS to Android – including all audio files, photos, and conversations. The long-rumored feature was announced during Samsung’s opening event today and will begin to cover the transfer from iOS to the company’s new Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 and other Samsung smartphones “in the coming weeks.” Eventually, the feature will cover all transfers between iOS and Android phones, although it is not clear when it will be available for all devices.

The new feature should help solve one of the most frustrating aspects of WhatsApp, which is that it is not legally possible to transfer your chat history between mobile devices. If you choose to use the Cloud backup feature of WhatsApp, then iOS chat histories are stored in the Cloud, while Android is in Google Drive, meaning that it is only possible to transfer your conversations between phones running the same operating system.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone

The new feature transfers chat history using a physical Lightning to USB-C cable instead of sending them over the internet. Unfortunately, if you’ve moved between iOS and Android in the past and have two separate cloud backups, the new transfer feature won’t merge them into one chat history. Instead, WhatsApp told me that if you use it to delete your chat history and then back it up, it will overwrite any existing backups.

Whatsapp Chats Can Finally Be Moved Between Android And Iphone

WhatsApp says the new feature will accept transfers from iOS to Samsung’s new phones first, and will accept transfers to Samsung devices running Android 10 and up “in the coming weeks.” He declined to say when the feature might come to non-Samsung Android phones or if it would allow Android to iOS carriers.

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