How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

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Facebook allows anyone to find and follow your friends list by default. If you’re on a privacy-clearing website, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your information private. Read on to learn how to personalize your friends list on Facebook.

How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

There are many different settings you can choose when it comes to hiding your friends list. This means you can leave it public, set it to private or pick and choose which Facebook users can flip with the name.

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This guide will give you the necessary steps to customize your friends list just by your eyes but, if you want to fine-tune it a bit more, you can do it in the last step. Continue reading to learn how to personalize your Facebook friends list…

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook and your data, you can also refer to our guide, Is Facebook safe?

Yes, there are many options between setting your friends list to public or ‘only me’. You can also customize your list of friends, specific friends, friends to see, except and dive into custom settings in the last step we cover in this guide.

No, you can only control who can see your own friends list. This means that if a friend sets their list to public, everyone will still be able to see that you are a friend through that person’s profile.

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How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

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Today, we have millions of monthly users from around the world, and review over 1,000 products annually. Are your Facebook settings set to maximum privacy? Facebook protects the personal information of billions of monthly active users, and you should ensure that your personal information is protected while using the social media giant. We’ll teach you how in our comprehensive guide to Facebook privacy settings.

A Brief Introduction to Facebook’s Privacy Issues Although the number of popular social media websites continues to grow, Facebook has been the OG’s favorite since the release of PlayTreat in 2006, and eventually reportedly has over 2.5 billion monthly active users. together 2019, this already incredibly large user base is actually still growing. But, each “face” brings new facts to follow, and as the platform grows, privacy issues follow.

Facebook has suffered a number of security breaches, including the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018, in which the data of an estimated 87 million users was collected and deleted without their consent.

Of course, Facebook is far from the only site with security flaws. In fact, any online platform that stores user information can be hacked. But even though the cyber landscape is littered with scams, phishing attempts, cyberbullying and even identity theft, that doesn’t mean you should ditch your device and go back to writing letters. It just means that you need some digital literacy to keep you safe. And that’s why it’s important to have strong privacy settings wherever you can, including on Facebook, Instagram and other places. Fortunately, Facebook has plenty of privacy tools to help you cut your online breadcrumbs.

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Before you make a beeline directly to your Facebook settings page, we recommend checking your password.

Your password is your first line of digital defense, so it’s important to have a good one. Facebook recommends a minimum of six characters, a symbol, and a combination of upper and lower case letters. Even longer passwords are more secure.

Facebook also recommends that your password is not related to the person you use for your email, and that you avoid including any obvious personal information, such as your birthday or phone number.

How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

Suspect your password is incorrect? A password generator can help you choose a strong one.

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After creating your new hack-proof password, you need to go to your personal Facebook settings page to configure your account settings. Here’s how to find the Facebook settings menu:

To begin, let’s review your current Facebook privacy settings. If you’re new to Facebook or you’ve never played with personalization, your account most likely reflects Facebook’s default privacy settings. Here’s how to watch and review:

You can also use the special feature Facebook Security Checkup to review all important settings. Start the checkup through this link.

Click Start Security Check. Facebook will take you through a series of screens to help you review several security factors. This will help you find and fix any security vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords.

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Now that you know where to find your settings, let’s move on to step-by-step instructions on how to change Facebook privacy settings. Read ten ways to improve your privacy on Facebook.

Customizing who can see your Facebook posts is actually one of the most important security measures to take. Although Facebook changed the default Timeline post settings from “Public” to “Friends” in 2014, users still have the option to change their privacy settings for Facebook posts and photos. Here’s how to do it:

Now that you’ve set your posting audience, let’s move on to your look. Unless you configure an About column, your Facebook profile privacy settings will automatically be set to Public. Here’s how to choose who can see your profile information:

How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

You can also adjust your privacy settings in the rest of your Facebook profile information. Here’s how to change your profile privacy settings:

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One notable exception is your Facebook bio: it’s a piece of text that appears below your name, and it’s always public. If you can not see this text with the whole Internet, it is better to remove it from this section.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably indulged in an online game or two by posting your numbers on Facebook. If you’ve never gone back and removed, say, Farmville access from your Facebook account, the game can still see and share your data — even if you’re no longer playing the game. Here’s how to remove permissions for apps and games on Facebook:

You can also configure how you share your data with games and apps that you still use. To do this:

The facial recognition software on Facebook analyzes your photos and videos to create a “template” of your face. When you enable your facial recognition settings, Facebook can compare this template with other photos to determine if you can look elsewhere. To turn off the face recognition setting:

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Have an annoying tag pop up on your timeline? don’t be afraid! Although there is no standard “Share on Facebook” privacy setting, you can adjust the privacy of your timeline as you see fit. To hide posts from your Facebook timeline:

Once you hide a post, it will no longer be visible on your timeline. But, remember that if other people have already shared it, it will still be available on their timelines, and elsewhere on Facebook.

If you’ve ever received a Facebook friend request from a complete stranger, you’re in good company. Here’s how to add an element of security to your Facebook friend requests:

How To View Private Timeline On Facebook

Location Services is a feature that Facebook offers for both iOS and Android mobile devices that allows Facebook to provide users with live location-based information, such as finding nearby Wi-Fi or “checking you in” to a restaurant. allows But, it also means that Facebook knows where you are as long as location services are running.

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Once there, you can turn location services on forever, only when using the Facebook app, or our personal favorite, never.

However, Facebook’s location history feature is a completely different premise. If you have enabled location history for your account, Facebook may collect a log of the exact locations you are while using your mobile device. Here’s how to turn off location history:

If “Incognito” is the name of your game, Facebook has some useful features that make your presence a little more visible. One of them is the ability to remove your Facebook profile from appearing on Google or other search engines. To do this:

If you’ve ever been tagged in a dirty photo, you’ll appreciate the ability to control your Facebook tagging settings. You can do this so that you need to approve any tags before the image or post appears

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