How To View Private Twitter Account

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How To View Private Twitter Account

How To View Private Twitter Account

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While celebrities and businesses use Twitter accounts to promote projects and products, the social media website is often focused on sharing the news and details of our daily lives that interest us everyday users.

While most people don’t care who sees what they post, some prefer to keep their thoughts and random observations private. Fortunately, making your Twitter account private is a very simple and straightforward process.

A private Twitter account means that only your followers can see everything you post, and you have to manually approve everything.

This also means that anyone who doesn’t follow you or doesn’t have permission to view your feed won’t be able to see your tweets.

How To See Private Tweets On Twitter, How To

Note: While your Twitter account will be private, preventing new visitors from seeing your tweets, your current followers will have access to them.

In the Privacy & Security view, you can control your visibility, who can send you direct messages, and more. Abigail Abesamis Demarest

You may need to switch to another tab to see the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Abigail Abesamis Demarest

How To View Private Twitter Account

1. For desktop: Click More on the menu tab on the left, then click Subscriber Requests from the pop-up menu.

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Abigail Abesamis Demarest is a New York-based writer for The Insider. He loves a good glazed donut and dives deep into the science of food and how it’s made. This article will give you ways to view a person’s Twitter profile and show you the steps to follow to see the tweets posted on his account.

If you sign up as a new Twitter account, your tweets will be public by default. Anyone can communicate with you, tweet with you, and even see your tweets and posts on Twitter.

You can protect your tweets and messages from the public by changing the default setting to private through your account settings.

Twitter is known for protecting the privacy of its users. If your Twitter account is private, you don’t have to worry about other users retweeting your tweets.

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Twitter doesn’t allow users who don’t follow you to retweet your private tweets. If users don’t follow you, they won’t be able to see your tweets.

When they search in the Twitter app search, the app shows them tweets that don’t exist.

If a user wants to retweet a specific tweet from another Twitter account owner, they must follow that person or account.

How To View Private Twitter Account

If you want to see a particular tweet trending on social media, the only requirement you need to fulfill is to follow a Twitter account or person.

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Twitter has a privacy policy that does not allow anyone other than followers to see other users’ tweets.

First, you need to send a follow request and wait until the opposite person accepts it, only then you can see that tweet.

You should know that you can only see it through a personal account, but you can’t use the retweet icons or retweet with comments.

Users usually keep their accounts private to avoid contact with unknown people and to maintain a healthy social environment on Twitter. So if you want to see a tweet, send a request and wait for it to be received. Your protected tweets are only visible and searchable to you and your followers.

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Everything you post on Twitter, whether it’s a simple tweet, a picture or a video, is automatically generated and linked to Google. It is important that the option to cache your Twitter account is enabled.

Google Search allows users to view tweets in the Google Search cache, for all public tweets and Twitter posts, if those tweets are cached.

Note that you can only see tweets from public accounts when they were last cached.

How To View Private Twitter Account

People can search for your tweets from Google image search by including your name or location or any keyword in your tweets, or simply by using your tweet link.

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Note: This method is useful if any public profile has gone private a few hours ago or a day before downloading a new cache. You can view the profile page and all cached tweets will appear on the profile.

If you want to see some personal Twitter profiles and follow them, you can choose a tool that will help you or save your time. One such tool is CrowdFire, and you need to do the following:

This article explains how you can view private Twitter accounts using the best ways to monitor and choose the tools included in the article to view private Twitter. Have you ever tried to make your Twitter account private? Have you ever tried to tweet your grievance to your boss, office mate or someone else?

What if one of them sees your tweet against them? Are you still confident in the security of your social media accounts?

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I found a bug that allowed anyone to see other people’s private tweets. And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

While debugging Twitter I saw one of their subdomains “” and this subdomain is for ads or campaign ads etc. on Twitter.

Then I tried this subdomain before I found this error (maybe March). So I have an idea how to use this subdomain. Also, I found “HTML Injection and Possible CSSS using IE” in it, which I didn’t see when I tried it in March, and I immediately asked filedescriptor to confirm it and reported it to Twitter (I was corrected and rewarded).

How To View Private Twitter Account

So let’s get back to our topic. I’m waiting for confirmation from the file descriptor about “HTML Injection and CSSS possible with IE”.

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I tried creating “Ad Groups”, just to check if it has any other CSSS, but I didn’t find any CSSS vulnerability in it.

But wait! I saw something that might be interesting when I was moving my mouse cursor around and I happened to see the “Settings button or whatever you want to call it” and it says “New”.

This confuses me because there are so many reasons that my mind is confused about, such as “If it has been checked and reported by others”. You also know that Twitter accolades or Hall of Fame honors are at the top of many bug hunters’ list of accomplishments.

“userId” caught my attention and immediately opened another test account and changed the value of the “userId” parameter.

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As you can see, “@LegacionTesting” and “Cj Legacion Testing” feel me and punch the person next to me.

He then hastily created a video POC and took to Twitter. After their first response. It’s only 13-15 minutes and it’s fixed (fastest fix in my reports)

Confused about how to do this? So this is my Video POC for you to understand it clearly.

How To View Private Twitter Account

So it is very easy for someone/attacker to see someone else’s private tweets. This is the reason I got my first laptop.

Adjusting Twitter’s Sensitivities

This vulnerability may be patched by Twitter now, but always keep in mind. Everything is possible. Never underestimate the power of man in finding holes in any security.

I’d also like to thank @filedescriptor and Shawar Khan for inspiring me to try Twitter again.

If you liked my first text, please share. Also, if anything is wrong in this post, please comment below. Also follow me on my Twitter account for more posts Thanks!

Secjuice™ is your daily snapshot of thoughts, analysis and insights from the sharpest minds in cyber security, information security, network security and OSINT. You like to tweet and use Twitter, but you don’t want anyone to see your profile and tweets. Fortunately, there is a solution, switch to a personal Twitter account. When you have a private account, only people who follow you can see what you like, tweet, or follow on Twitter.

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But how to switch to a personal account? The process is very similar to switching to a personal profile in other social networks. In this article, you can find the necessary steps to do so.

When you join Twitter, you can choose whether your tweets are public or private. Making your profile private is called protecting your tweets. When new followers ask to follow you, you’ll receive an invitation, which you can accept or decline if your tweets are protected. Unless you specifically prohibit it

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