How To View Private Twitter Without Following

How To View Private Twitter Without Following – Ever wondered how to view tweets from a private account? Here are the methods you want.

We can’t help it. Our thirst for discovery reaches another level when we enter Twitter, and we want to know how to view tweets from a personal account. The moment we face the terrible lock of the account of a celebrity or a colleague, we especially want to see hidden posts.

How To View Private Twitter Without Following

How To View Private Twitter Without Following

It is very difficult to access those protected tweets without the author’s permission, so the only way we can read them is to send a follow request. When we enter the profile of a user with a personal account, we do not see any special options (except for the padlock after their name). To be able to follow them, click on ‘Follow’ and this button will appear with a ‘Pending’ message.

Police Can View Private Twitter Messages Without A Wiretapping Warrant

We need to wait until that user connects and check their follow-up requests. If they accept our request, we can read their TL and other stories we follow. This is the only way available today to view tweets from a private account.

The user may reject your request. If this happens, check if he has an email in his Twitter bio that you can talk to and try to send him a message to reassure him, even if he rejected you the first time, he might continue. Do the same in the future.

If you want to change the account settings and set it as private, you must put the main menu in the application (the icon with three lines that you can see on the left), click ‘. Access the ‘Settings and Privacy’ and ‘Privacy and Security’ submenus. There, you need to activate the tab next to ‘Protect Your Tweets’.

We don’t want to send a request to a user at work, but we want to know how to check personal accounts on Twitter without following them. In this case, there are several options, but none of them guarantee success.

How To Make A Twitter Account Private

The first thing you can do is to find out if you have friends or acquaintances who follow that account to show them the information you are posting. From a traditional point of view, this option can be very controversial and can deny a user with a private account access to your community if he knows that he is sharing what he is typing with someone who is not his follower.

Another option is to create a new account and send a follow-up request through it. This way, you won’t become a follower of that person with your main account and can ignore it. This can be beneficial when accessing those tweets.

Finally, you will find websites and applications that offer services that do not require you to follow them in order to see personal accounts on Twitter. Be very careful with these external applications on Twitter, because they do not guarantee that you can read these tweets (there is no way to do this without the permission of the owner of the private account) and can change security. By providing data from your account. In short, not being able to tap into your search can hurt you a lot.

How To View Private Twitter Without Following

To find out if the page is a scam or not, you can enter its URL into to see if other users have reported any potential security issues. Our advice is to avoid these sites as much as possible. Following someone on Twitter is an investment. You agree to fill your timeline with their opinions, tirades, and hot stuff. It can be really annoying if they come up with controversial ideas. However, there are other ways to stay up to date on someone’s tweets without hitting the follow button or logging in.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

If you’re a regular user, you’ve probably heard of Twitter lists, which are curated groups of Twitter accounts. Let’s say you just want to work full time in tech media; So you can add your favorite technical publishers from Twitter to a group, and only see their tweets if you are in this list. With these lists, you can “follow” people, and publish their tweets in a separate timeline – without following them back.

If you’re signed in to the Twitter app for iOS or Android, the mobile web app, or Twitter Lite for Android, click your profile icon in the upper left corner to open the profile menu. Then, go to “Lists”.

On the page, click on the list of documents and the blue icon with a plus sign (+). Then, write a title for the group below

Before you start, decide if you want a public or private space. We recommend making it private so you can see the list. Also, the accounts you add to the list will not receive the fact that you have been added to the list.

Best Twitter Username Ideas To Create The Perfect Handle

Once your personal list is up and running, it’s time to add users. Whether you’re using the Twitter app for iOS, Twitter Lite for Android, or the mobile app, you’ll be prompted to add contacts immediately. Comments are viewable, and you can search accounts.

On the Android device, or whenever you want to add new contacts to the list, go to the user profile and click on the ellipsis icon to see the action options. Then, from the list of items, click on “Add/Remove from Lists” or “Add to List”. Then, select your list.

In every version except the Android app, you can select multiple lists, then click “Save” or “Done” to finish. On Android, when you tap on a list, it’s added to the list, and you return to the page.

How To View Private Twitter Without Following

Do this for as many users as you want. You can create unique lists for different users, such as friends, customers, competitors, influencers, advertisers, politicians, etc.

Ways To Search Tweets From A Specific User

Page. Just click on your list to see the tweets of everyone you’ve added. The tweets will be sorted by time (against your normal timeline). You can reply, retweet, like and share Tweets according to your timeline – except the user won’t know you’re “following” them and you won’t appear as a follower on their timeline page.

To edit a list, you can go to your list and click “Edit List”. On the Android app, you need to tap on the vertical ellipsis to see the “Edit List” option. inside

On the page, you can change the name and description, make the list private or public, and delete the list (you can delete a list from Ellipsis on the Android app ). To manage list members, click on “Manage Members” or “Members”.

Here, you can see the users on your list. If you want to delete them, click the red “Remove” button or click the big “X” to the right of the account. In the iOS app, there is a “Suggested” page where you can add current members to the group or suggested members based on the title of the company, and you can search by name. On each page, click the blue “Add” button to add a member to the list.

Twitter In Opera

To add customers to the mobile app or Twitter Lite for Android, click “Add Person” from

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How To View Private Twitter Without Following

What if, one of them sees your tweets against them? Are you still confident in the security of your social media accounts?

Finding Live Videos To Watch On Twitter

I found a bug that allowed anyone to see other people’s private tweets. And as easy as 1, 2, 3.

When I searched on Twitter, I found one of their subdomains “” and that subdomain is for Twitter posts or ads and other things. yes.

Then, I tried this subdomain before I got this bug (maybe in March). So I have an opinion on the use of this subdomain. I also got “IE using HTML and XSS enabled” in it which I didn’t see once when I tried March and immediately asked FileScripter for verification and reporting on Twitter (recorded and paid to me).

So back to us

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private

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