How Will You Know When Your Water Breaks

How Will You Know When Your Water Breaks – Today we talked about telling you if your water broke. Towards the end of pregnancy things get very confusing “out there”. For example, it is easy to confuse your watery urine with runny urine. So, let’s get excited.

Please note that this episode is for entertainment purposes and under no circumstances should you base the advice in this podcast on information provided by your provider.

How Will You Know When Your Water Breaks

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Hey guys, welcome to the Pulling Curls podcast today in episode 76, we’re talking about something that seems pretty obvious, like have you ever been unclear if your water is on or off at the kitchen sink? But like everything else, our bodies are pretty messy. Let’s leave the package.

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What To Expect When Doctors Break Your Water

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Well, as I said in the introduction, it seems really obvious, right? I’ve had a few posts on Pinterest about it going wild. And people always like, obviously your water comes out of your body. How is it not clear? But those people were apparently never at work. So when you are later in your pregnancy, sometimes your entire pregnancy, your high will vary. Could be more water.

It could be a different amount. It can only be wet out there. It can be really wet. Sorry guys, but it’s true. So let’s talk about what the water break is. So you have an amniotic sac and when it bursts, basically think of it as a water balloon. The only thing we can imagine when it bursts is that it bursts at any moment in that balloon. right So if it breaks in the top of the cervix, you know, maybe just a little leak, it’s very confusing.

Do You Know When Your Water Breaks Or Mucus Plug Comes Out? Freaking Out

But if it breaks at the bottom, it will spread a lot. But sometimes, when the water breaks, the baby’s head slides in and breaks. So sometimes your body doesn’t make this clear cut at all times. Sometimes it is very obvious. And those women know it. But most women are like that. And sometimes those people leak some urine and sometimes those people’s water breaks. So as a nurse, sometimes it’s hard to even say.

When we reach the end, I will give you a very telling sign. But if your water breaks, do you want to remember the quote? That’s what I always say in my class. But then they are in toke and you can also see that taco, quote and taco have the same letters. Why didn’t I say heel? But I’m a professional, so let’s go with the quote. Well, color means seat and coat. Is it clear, is there some blood in it that you are removing, or is there some blood that is normal or just some white bits?

I hope everyone eats while listening to this. They are all very common. If it comes out and is brown or green in color, you should definitely call your doctor because the baby may have passed inside. It’s not unusual, but it’s something we all want to know at the moment. And if you do not know, you will think that the water is broken, but you are not sure, slap a pad in your underpants and walk around for a stow, and then you’ll at least know the color because your pants are. white.

Well, the second is the smell of the coat. Therefore, many people try to smell it to see if it is urine. And unless you really smell amniotic fluid like yours, it’s hard to tell my friend who teaches prenatal classes apart because it smells like a public swimming pool, she says. Odor of chlorine and slight stench. It’s hard to say.

What Happens When Your Water Breaks In Public

Fun done. Did you know that your amniotic fluid is actually Baby P? Some is made by your uterus, but most is made by the baby and his kidneys. So as your blood goes, the baby, the baby and the baby has its own flow of blood in its body. When the child is out, his kidneys remove the excess fluid. So, yes, baby, as a note, Alpe, when it comes out, it is clean.

It is the body that makes it immaterial. So, yes, it’s still clean. Grosseto total A and do not get a coat or Tuko. And like we said before, it really depends on where it breaks. So you can get a giant gush or you can get a small thread. So they are all normal. But these are things you want to know when you talk to your doctor.

So T is the time. You need how much time is on it. I don’t need seven. Thirty six and 13 seconds if you oh about seven thirty six thirty whatever. This is a lot of information for us because your water broke. You have to think that your uterus is covered so that the baby is in the bubble, the water breaks, the baby is not in the bubble, which means that the bacteria from your vagina can travel to the baby, which can be problematic.

Because we try to limit vaginal examinations after the water breaks. So we’re a little wary of the bacteria that come after the water breaks. So, yes, it’s just something to be aware of. That’s why when you come in, if your water breaks, we take your temperature very often and that’s something we look at. This can also be a reason for doctors to put you on a watch.

What Does It Mean When Your Waters Break?

So usually when the water breaks, you have contractions. In fact, you usually have contractions first. You may not notice them, but they may become stronger after your water breaks, but not always. So sometimes it goes in, the water breaks, the uterus does absolutely nothing. They give you four to 12 hours, depending on the provider, until they actually want to start a pitocin. So keep something in your mind.

Well, what do you do when your water breaks? Honestly, most of the time it’s a natural thing, especially if it happens at home. But very often there can be some complications, one of which is really bloody. And if that’s the case, you should call your doctor. If it really is,

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