Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler – When docking space is limited or the working space of a large machine is limited. No pit style slot upgrade required. NOVA hydraulic dock levelers are an affordable option. Dock levelers mount to the dock surface and provide a work area 5″ above and 5″ below the dock.

The push button action is fully integrated in all positions for smooth and consistent hydraulic operation.

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

Press and hold a button until the dock leveler is fully functional. Releasing the button lowers the dock leveler onto the trailer bed. After loading/unloading Press and hold the push button until the trailer bed is clear of the lip. Once released, The dock leveler will return to the stored position. If the trailer pulls away before the dock leveler is stowed. The dock leveler will automatically return to the saved position.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The platform and lip are constructed of a sturdy A572 safety tread with a quarter height minimum rating of 55,000 PSI. The tread of the 20,000 and 25,000 pound CIR (Comparative Industry Rating) units is 3/8 inch thick, the 30,000 pound CIR unit is 7/16 inch thick, and the 35,000 pound CIR unit is 1/2 inch thick. The standard lip length on all hydraulic dock levelers is 15 inches. The hinge tubes are 1-1/4 inches. OD 20,000; 25,000 and 30,000 lb. CIR units and 1-1/2 in. OD for 35,000 lb. CIR units. Lip Hinge Pins are 11/16″ solid shaft steel M1044 for 20,000 lb units 25,000 and 1″ coolers for 30,000 lb and 35,000 lb CIR units. Any slot edge

A dock leveler is standard with a 1/2 inch wide load distribution bar that fits the hinge and lip sections. The deck is supported in the stowed position by at least two steel plates at the bottom.

The platform is raised by a main hydraulic cylinder. All hydraulic hoses are routed safely under the platform and the lip controls are controlled by a second lip cylinder. The motor pump is mounted on brackets below the dock leveler for easy access and includes a translucent reservoir for fluid level monitoring.

Hydraulic unit motor 1.25 HP TENV at 115V or 230V single phase or 208V; 230V or 460V three-phase. electrical components; All connections and wiring are UL listed or recognized.

Lhp Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler Specification Sheet And Submittal

NOVA hydraulic dock levelers are offered in a variety of sizes and capacities with a standard operating range of 5 inches above and 5 inches below the dock. EOD dock levelers are the cheapest way to service trucks with minimal height differences. Safe and secure for all your dock backups. Easy and ergonomic.

Say goodbye to fancy wearable plates! Our dock levelers offer the convenience and capacity you need. Dock levelers

Serco Edge-of-Dock Levelers are an efficient and economical alternative to portable dock levelers. This dock leveler is mounted on the front of the dock to facilitate trailer loading and unloading and is ideal for medium-sized transit docks. In a simple snapshot style, You’ll get the dependable durability you’re looking for with upgraded performance without breaking the bank.

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

Rice Equipment offers numerous options for securely fastening your edge-slot leveler. By adding a steel cap to your door. You can eliminate the need for concrete work and provide years of reliable service.

Look Out For This In An Edge Of Dock Leveler From Copperloy

Edge-of-dock dock levelers use a manual lifting hook that requires enormous lifting power. These hooks are difficult to manipulate and present imminent dangers. Similarly, Other EODs balance your center of gravity; A high degree of skill and timing is required;

Serco’s EZ-Lift system eliminates the frustration of simply inserting and retracting the bar. Once safely in the trailer, you can start.

Operating your edge-slot dock raiser is easy and requires only 15 pounds of force to operate. The patented EZ-Lift design balances with the Spring Assist system. Heavy duty steel handle with safety grip provides easy and intuitive actuation. The operating distance is 5 inches above and the dock height is 5 inches below.

The Serco SM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler offers both durability and affordability with a proven design for top performance. In addition, Easy to install and easy-to-use functionality will have you up and running in no time. Standard product features include a unique Lug-style lip hinge for added strength and durability; EZ-Lift™ spring assist; Includes rubberized bumpers and integrated service brace

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Levelers Are Quick And Easy To Operate

The Serco SA Series Air Powered Dock Leveler combines an air-powered lifting system with convenient push-button operation. Eliminates manual labor when loading with maximum efficiency. Featuring a patented air bag lift system, this dock leveler provides reliable performance that reduces operating costs with no springs or stabilizers to repair or replace. Other premium features include tire-laminated bumpers and integrated maintenance frame for added strength and durability.

Having problems with the scope of your current EOD? Our high EOD dock levelers are perfect for typically very low dock positions. NOVA dock levelers are a cheaper option. Tail lift dock levelers mount to the dock surface and provide 5″ above and 5″ work area below the loading dock.

The dock keeper releases the clamp and pulls the cord allowing the dock leveler to rise and extend the lip. The guard then climbs onto the dock leveler and steps the lip onto the bed of the truck or trailer. Contact between the adjusting lip and the truck or trailer bed is maintained by compression throughout the loading/unloading process. When it is necessary to operate under a ramp. Pull the front chain, retract the safety legs, and lower the leveler to the desired position. When loading or unloading is completed. Pulls down the launch chain to raise the dock leveler and clear it off the truck or trailer bed. After the lip pendant fell, the follower went up the stairs.

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

1/4 inch thick at the platform; Four-quarter high-strength A572 safety tread included, minimum yield 50,000 Industry Rating (CIR) capacity up to 40,000 pounds CIR unit; full length

Top Of Dock Edge Of Dock

6″ high structural channel for 45,000 lb CIR units and 6″ high structural duct and full length I-beam for 55,000 lb CIR units.

Deck the supports; Front and rear heads are connected with full structural support. Front and rear hoods are 1/2 inch thick x 7 inch high hot rolled steel. NOVA NMS Series lip features four-way safety kick plate, 25,000 lb. CIR, 1/2-inch thickness, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000

55,000 lb. CIR is 5/8 inch thick. Standard lip length is 16 inches in all capacities. The hinge tubes have an outside diameter of 1 3/4 inches. (OD) × 5/16 inch. the wall 1 7/8 inches. OD × 3/8 inch. wall or 2 1/8-in. Based on OD × 1/ CIR, 2-in. All wall lip hinge pins are 1 inch diameter M1044 steel. Steel manifold gussets are standard on all models with a CIR of 35,000 pounds and up. All units have grease traps.

NOVA mechanical dock levelers offer a variety of sizes and capacities with a standard operating range of 5 inches above and 5 inches below the ramp. Hydraulic dock levelers offer the quality and benefits of electro-hydraulic operation at a fraction of the cost.

Nhs Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The hydraulic dock leveler is quick and easy to use. Just press the power button and the edge of the dock turns up and the lip comes out. Release the power button and the lip will slowly drop into the trailer bed. When done, press and hold the power button until the lip drops off the trailer bed. Release the power button and the dock edge will automatically return to the stored position. Deck and lip cylinders support the smooth operation of our electro-hydraulic dock leveler.

This hydraulic dock edge is primarily designed for use with dump trucks. The standard amount is £20,000. with 15″ lip. Recommended dock height is 48″-50″. Ladder trim is limited to 5″ above dock and 5″ below dock. Standard voltage is 110V phase. 3-phase power supply available.

Each end of the slot must be installed properly. They must be welded to the crossbar or ramp and secured to the slot. Contact us to learn how to properly fit a loading sill leveler and determine if a loading sill leveler is right for you.

Hydraulic Edge Of Dock Leveler

Unit includes dock leveler and (2) 4 x 12 x 13 molded bumpers welded to a single back plate. This ensures level installation and reduces installation costs.

Building Product: Hed Edge Of Dock Leveler [102a579]

This easy-to-use dock leveler is designed for quick installation and years of reliability. The standard amount is £20,000. Up to £30,000 available. 15″ lip standard. Working range is 5″ above to 5″ below dock height.

The difference between a hydraulic dock leveler and a mechanical dock leveler is obvious on the surface.

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