I Am Going To Lose My Mind

I Am Going To Lose My Mind – Hello, today I want to talk to you about why I think I’m crazy and why you feel the same way. See what happened + how you can deal with what feels like depression and anxiety or even pregnancy…

First of all, I have to say that my journey with Hashimoto’s and Celiac has definitely been an interesting one. Honest fact: It’s downright bad. Tip: I have learned to empathize with each other.

I Am Going To Lose My Mind

For me, my two main symptoms (digestive and cerebral/visual) are both fine. For a long time, it seemed like I could only have one or the other.

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With the brain and visual objects, that’s what I’m dealing with: not being able to process visual stimuli fast enough. If we drive faster than 40 mph, we will panic. Walking down the same grocery store aisle, it was visually overwhelming to my brain like my brain couldn’t keep up. My eyes are watching. Light also bothers my brain. The question is: Why?

Several months ago we began to suspect that hormones played a role in determining the immune system to explode. Usually my half month is elevated with a bad mood (which is why endometriosis has been suspected for many years). So, in my quest to get rid of my hormones, I decided to go back on birth control pills (Jasmine to be clear). In order not to have hormonal changes, I will continue to take the drug without a break, this means that you do not have a period No.

I immediately noticed a difference when taking them. While my stomach is not as good as others, my brain is no longer a problem. Which is great. The negative effects on my stomach are tolerable compared to the huge increase I have in visual objects. This doesn’t bother me anymore. So I decided to keep taking them.

But a few months later I was a mess again with stomach pain and I wasn’t getting enough nutrients so I didn’t have enough energy. Why why?

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A: We found that the thyroid shield I got for the manufacturer changed the Hashimoto’s and now has corn as an ingredient. My immune system is intolerant to corn because it contains gluten, which means I get poisoned every day.

Two: We found that Jasmine also had corn. So this is also likely to end the autoimmune reaction.

As a result, I stopped taking Yasmin about two months ago (and had a pharmacist formulate my thyroid medication without the added corn filler).

When it comes to periods, I’m a complete disaster. I was weak because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients, but now I also have a lot of cramping pain.

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) Which always makes it a struggle to eat enough, and my doctor agreed that we need to get more nutrients asap and start reintroducing foods like rice and quinoa. On rice, I was fine, but quinoa felt like a knife stabbing my insides as it went down. After a week, when my period finally ended, I started to feel good again.

And we started talking to two of my doctors (both my GP and my intern) about whether you could have a multidisciplinary pharmacy that makes birth control pills but without the corn filler. But we never got the answer…

It started on a drive from Palm Springs to Los Angeles in which I was so anxious that we had to pull over for 30 minutes on the other side of the road and wait out the panic attack. Is it too much for my brain to go over 40mph? I don’t eat much dinner and I’m hungry, so what about hypoglycemia? Or not;

After that happy session, my anxiety seemed to disappear and furthermore, I started to feel like crying or crying for days for no apparent reason. I don’t regret anything, but little things like the thoughts of a friend who came were too much to bear. I felt like I couldn’t control my emotions and the thought of accidentally shedding tears in front of someone added to my anxiety. My voice is small and weak. I was totally floored. And my hair fell out. From the outside it looked depressed and anxious. I feel like I have no ability to deal with it. In the past, I could dig deep, push, slap my face and fake it (for a short time anyway) if needed. But I feel like I have no reserves.

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In the shower one day while I was washing my hair, a big bunch came out of my hand and I burst into tears. It’s like an episode of

When Christina goes out dancing after her first chemotherapy treatment, she runs to get her hair cut and suddenly there’s a huge bunch in her hand.

While I felt like I was going insane and falling in front of my own tears, luckily my sweet husband had an idea and a degree to visit the detective.

Knowing that hormones play a role in this, we worked with my functional doctor to get hormone testing done.

I’m Going To Lose My Mind…

It also shows that my cortisol is high and I’m swimming in melatonin (which explains why I can’t sleep at night and why I’m so tired).

Although you don’t want to hear the diagnosis, it’s a relief to get an answer to why I feel this way.

I started taking over the counter progesterone with the exact same progesterone (this one) and noticed a dramatic difference almost immediately. (

) No more weak voices, my hair is falling out a bit and I’m finally feeling like myself again. I couldn’t believe I had cried. And that’s less than a month ago. It’s almost like I’m looking at that person unconsciously, because that person is not who I am. No.

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What I was experiencing was a dramatic drop in hormones and it made me feel completely different in By All Means. And not just me! I’m reminded of this wonderful post Joanna wrote about her personal hormonal drop after weaning her son from breastfeeding. He had the same reaction. I can’t believe I didn’t remember this sooner. It’s like my body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from taking birth control pills, but the symptoms are stronger and different than I expected.

BTW: Yasmin contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which explains why my brain feels better. Now that I have progesterone cream I am finally getting the much needed progesterone and I feel completely different.

Because I see many of my friends experiencing similar things. And we are all the same age (in our 30s).

Why did so many of my friends start taking anti-depressants and depression just last year? Why did my sister lose her hair?

I Think I’m Losing My Mind

The hormone test I had was only $150 + insurance and was a simple saliva test (mine through Genova Diagnostics) that was easy and non-invasive. I am now trying another “cycle” which will show how my hormone levels change during the different days of my cycle. I don’t know this, but the fluctuations in hormone levels are large from day to day. And we go through this change every month!

I would like to share and encourage anyone dealing with this to consider getting your hormones checked in case it is a factor or cause of what you are experiencing.

I’m not saying that all cases of anxiety or depression will be solved by this problem, but I feel that many people unknowingly prescribe these drugs before any doctor ever does a hormone test or something. My doctors never tested anything beyond the standard blood test before I encouraged them to, and once they tested my hormone levels, the answer to this particular part of my medical secret was clear.

In fact, I would like to know if you would be willing to share if someone who has been prescribed anti-anxiety or anti-depressants is advised to check your hormone levels or any level (vitamins, thyroid, etc.) first. prescription.

Stephen King Quote: “i’m Most Afraid Of Losing My Mind. You Lose Your Identity, Your Sense Of Who You Are, Where You Are.”

But I hope for some it will open up the discussion to think about the possible causes of the problem you will encounter.

And if you’re struggling right now, know that you’re not alone. There is hope. And the answer may be a lot simpler than you think.

P.p.s. For those who want to get pregnant, having the right hormone levels.

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