I Want To Be A Doctor When I Grow Up

I Want To Be A Doctor When I Grow Up – Many children want to be a doctor and they all have different reasons for this. It takes a lot of courage to be a doctor because you have to treat the wounds and wounds of others, which really takes courage. Doctors are really good and have a solution for every kind of disease in our body.

Here, I am giving an essay on Why I Want to Become a Doctor in very simple words. This subject is very useful for students of all classes. You can go through this essay to know different aspects of the subject.

I Want To Be A Doctor When I Grow Up

5) Another reason for choosing this profession is because I love their courage, honesty, bravery and respectful behavior.

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A teacher helps us deal with any kind of academic problem, a Policeman helps us with a social issue, a monk helps us heal ourselves, in the same way, a doctor helps us deal with any kind of irregularity in our body. . Indeed, they are the heroes because they can make us whole and whole.

I love this profession because I have seen many serious cases and they get better when they visit a doctor. They are magicians and have superpowers so I want to be a doctor too.

My mother is a doctor and she helps everyone, she also works in an NGO. Many poor and old people come to thank him and it is very nice. I also like to help people. Doctors are God on earth because they can bring you back from the dead.

Once one of my classmates was seriously injured in an accident and everyone lost hope but the doctor protected him. I can easily relate this incident to my mother and how she helps others. So, I want to be like him.

The Apprentice Doctor

There are various professions where you can help others. As I have seen some live examples of contribution of doctors, I want to become a doctor. I want my country to grow stronger and stronger so that we can develop as one of the strongest countries. I want to help others like my mother is doing in the Corona pandemic and I want to help my country.

There are different colors in the rainbow but not everyone likes white; it depends on us and our preferences. Some of us like yellow while some like red. Likewise, there are many professions and I would like to be a doctor. There are many reasons behind choosing this profession and one of the most important is that I love being a doctor.

When I was young, I lost my grandmother, she died of cancer. I was very sad because there was nothing I could do, and I decided to become a doctor. I want to make a medicine like this so that no one dies of cancer. Doctors can treat anyone and have the power to create new medicines and new life-saving equipment.

Doctors always do their best and never say ‘no’. They start from what we try and usually succeed. I love the determination they have for their patients. They don’t even know their patients yet they treat them like family.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all doctors and other medical staff worked 24×7. They don’t even think about themselves. It really takes courage to do this and hats off to the doctors. They also have families and we all love our lives, however, it is their determination that recovery rates are so high.

As a doctor, I will always make sure that no one dies because there is no cure. I wanted to build a system that I could fix all the broken parts and I was reborn a dead person. Because every year many families lose loved ones. So, I will build a system where no one dies before a normal death.

I want to facilitate all kinds of medical facilities to the poor. Sometimes they do not have enough money for treatment, although the government has announced several schemes for them, due to a lack of knowledge they are not able to make use of the benefit.

Whatever profession we choose, we must do it honestly. It is the duty of a doctor to inform his patients about all the schemes and the latest plans announced by the government. The doctor should always be thoughtful and should help everyone. Either there is money to be paid to him or not.

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Whenever you fall, feel pain or anxiety the only thing we remember is a doctor. When you grow up, you can easily explain what happened to you, but have you ever thought about babies. They still cannot explain their problem, doctors treat them easily. They really are geniuses.

Doctors are next to God on earth and take care of every person on earth. There are also doctors available for animals. The word doctor is like doctor.

The doctors are of different types and it depends on their interest and the score of the entrance exam. Those who care for children are called pediatricians, while those who care for women are known as gynecologists. Similarly, the brain, heart specialist is known as Neurologist and Cardiologist. There are different doctors available for different parts of the body.

Many students every year strive to become a doctor and start their preparation from a very early stage. One should take biology as a subject in his academic year 11 and 12 and should be passionate. After the academy, one has to clear an exam called NEET which is also known as All India Paramedical Test. After that it is easy to take part in the consultation of different collages according to their grade.

Five Reasons I Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

After completing college studies, he must work under an experienced doctor and complete their apprenticeship, and then become a full-fledged doctor. All you need is strong determination and nothing can stop you.

Besides Allopathy, there are several other branches of medicine such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc. One can also specialize in these sectors. Ayurveda is an Indian form of medicine followed by our ancestors.

Being a doctor automatically comes with a sense of responsibility and if you are not disciplined and committed then you are not a doctor. The doctor must be courageous and must not give up regardless of the situation. The doctor’s only motive should be to protect others. Whatever profession you choose you should always be honest and dedicated. Doctors are a kind of social worker and if necessary they also work 24/04/2009. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many young people to become doctors. The hard work and courage they have shown during this time is truly remarkable and cannot be ignored. And if you are alive today it is only because of them. Therefore, always respect a doctor and give a smile whenever you meet a doctor.

Ans. Doctors wear white coats so they can be easily identified by patients and staff.

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