If You Had A Period Can You Still Be Pregnant

If You Had A Period Can You Still Be Pregnant – Q: Hello! I had intercourse on my period last month and only found out after my lady arrived that the condom broke. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I bled last week so I must have had my period but I’m not sure. Can you get your period if you are pregnant?

If the egg isn’t fertilized and isn’t implanted in the uterine wall, the body is like, “Okay, we don’t need this lining of the uterus that’s been holding us up all these months,” it’s your time. . Then the skin of the stomach is removed from the body from the stomach (this is natural blood). If an egg is implanted in the uterus (meaning pregnancy), the body says, “Wow, I need all this uterine lining to feed the egg!” and you don’t have time.

If You Had A Period Can You Still Be Pregnant

Bleeding occurs during pregnancy, not menstruation. The reasons for this may include the following.

Can You Ovulate Without Having A Period?

Spotting, implantation bleeding, and ectopic pregnancy are three of the things we get asked about the most, so we’ll go into more detail below. It should be noted that both implantation bleeding and ectopic pregnancy are common.

It helps to remember that using hormonal birth control pills or emergency contraception (eg, Plan B) can cause abnormal bleeding. Hormones can change the pattern of bleeding during periods, and using something like Plan B can cause your next period to come earlier or even later than 2 weeks.

The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. This cannot be said from the past tense or from the ordinary tense. A pregnancy test is most accurate if taken 14 days after conception. And they are so right! For more information, see one of our recent blog posts:

If you follow the above-mentioned methods, there is no problem of pregnancy during menstruation. Eggs can only be fertilized 24-48 hours after ovulation. Ovulation occurs 11-16 days earlier than expected. When the time comes, the egg and uterine lining will be unavailable. Sperm are now brought into the equation, but they can’t do anything (because sperm die within 5 days). If the cycle is really short, such as less than 25 days between periods, there is a risk of pregnancy from the sperm left over after intercourse. For more information, see our article at Risk: The Pregnancy Edition.

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

The diagnosis is intermenstrual bleeding. Abnormal menstrual bleeding is so heavy that people use various products to absorb it, so it is common to see light blood stains on underwear and when washing in the bathroom. These spots are a different color (usually red, dark red, or black) and look different from your normal blood. Causes include birth control, emergency contraception, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease, polyps, ovarian inflammation, early pregnancy, and sexual intercourse.

This is a small spot of blood that some people experience 6-12 days after fertilization. Although it can occur during menstruation, implantation bleeding is not the same as bleeding during menstruation. The table below is a general comparison.

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus (usually in the fallopian tube). The first symptom is early bleeding. Other important symptoms are:

If you experience any of these things, it’s best to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Can I Be Pregnant If I Had My Period A Day After Sex?

Please note that, like many resources on menstruation and pregnancy, the links below use gendered language about bodies and experiences.

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