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Quick Edge Review and Advanced Crypto SCAM Investigation is back, and scammers aren’t wasting any time! This is the case of the Instant Edge cheat (AKA instant Edge Bot) by Edwin James. Edge’s instant app and automated cryptocurrency trading platform (crypto robot) is advertised as a cryptocurrency investment method that makes you money as you go. However, as a full review of Quick Edge will confirm, after registering you will be assigned a Forex or CFD broker, in our case an unlicensed broker named “Infinitrade” which has a business address registered in Sofia Bulgaria posted on the guest list. Central Bank of Ireland, FCA, and FSMA in Belgium.

Immediate Edge Bluff

Immediate Edge Bluff

These brokers cheat the customer (which is YOURSELF) in what is called a revenue sharing scheme. A revenue sharing or profit sharing plan is when business partners or media agencies enter into an agreement where they share profits based on customer referrals. But when it comes to Fast Edge their gains are your losses, hence the conflict of interest.

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Now, when we started getting complaints, we noticed something strange. We signed up and started getting phone calls from Infinitrade (which happened), and they were trying to convince us to join another software. Well, we thought this was nothing new as we were often told that the software we signed up for was a reliable system with proven results. However, this is clearly not the case when it comes to the Edge Quick app cheat. Why is this happening?

Well, we started connecting the dots and soon realized that the broker was trying to cheat affiliate marketers out of their commissions by re-registering them with another email account. So, as Axl Rose would say “Welcome to the jungle” and enter at your own risk because you are about to be caught by an art thief who sees you as a poor cow and will try to steal your money.

We have received about ten complaints about the Immediate Edge app and all of them mentioned the lack of payment problems and the fact that Immediate Edge is a loss-making software. This is not surprising because we know these get rich quick schemes and how they work.

We have also found brokers who were actually involved in this fraud and are blacklisted by the FCA and ConSob in Italy for providing illegal investment services without proper certification. So if for some reason you feel inclined to fall for the Quick App scam, we recommend that you read the full Quick Review before taking the leap of faith and risking your hard earned money. .

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Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:┬áThere are many websites that claim to be the “Official Instant Bot”. Some non-modern websites are constantly changing. It’s all a lie.

Immediate Edge Update: Immediate Edge is also advertised as “Instant Profit” these days. This platform is also used in a different way these days. We have added a separate section that explains why this is happening.

OK, so below we can see the first version of SCAM’s Edge SCAM sales page and registration area. A closer look will show that it is being sold as “the world’s best crypto software” that generates $950-$2,200 per day. This is a strong claim from a well-established business technology expert. But this is just the beginning.

Immediate Edge Bluff

And here you can see a picture of the latest version of this scam that has emerged. The same model has been reused many times, and is currently used by residents of Europe, Australia, and Canada. We are not sure why fraudsters continue to use these recycled products, but we have already mentioned in many of our reviews that the technicians need to attach some kind of key solution that allows them to change the symbols, in Add content or pictures. , then start immediately.

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We have been asked many times about what kind of trading program Immediate Edge is for legitimate crypto trading apps. The answer is no! It is all a scam as can be clearly seen.

We also saw 14 other sites that also claimed to be “Fast Websites” and they all proved to be fake. Below we have included the images of this website, as you can see they are all called ‘Immediate Edge’, but their designs and logos are different. One of the pages even has an “about us” section where they try to sell you the idea that “ambitious entrepreneurs” have developed software and are now helping poor people become rich.

Here are also some pictures that we have added for your reference purposes. This is to prove that the new Edge’s quick system is just as tricky as the old one, it’s just set up differently.

To continue, here is the testimonial section of the original Immati Edge fake website. It is clear to see that “Delilah Adams” is not a real person whose image was stolen from the Internet for advertising purposes. We are also 100% convinced that Jonathan Mulberry and Simon Horsham are also fake customer profiles and that all content in the ad is copied and fabricated.

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Here is the final proof (you won’t need any more). We have marked 2 sections for you in red. The first has Zero Risk and the other has 98.9% success rate. Take these two pieces of information, put them together, and what you have is a real scam and a proven get-rich plan.

Edge is directly marketed as an artificial intelligence business application that uses state-of-the-art algorithms to identify only profitable situations (the so-called edge). We are introduced to Edwin James who is the owner and creator of this software. The app should search the market for price differences.

It is worth pointing out that Immediate Edge was originally a software for Binary options trading, and was adapted for cryptocurrencies at a later stage. This is because binary options disappeared due to revised regulations that actually made it legal to trade binary options in many jurisdictions. This also helps to explain why there are so many different types of fraud.

Immediate Edge Bluff

Edwin James is the most successful person since he discovered the quick success method in the market. Immediate Edge follows a strict rule of thumb on how to trade cryptocurrencies. Trading algorithms allow him to buy low on one exchange and sell low on another. Profit is in profit, so you have to generate income for it.

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They also talk about secrecy and how they know the people who are lurking, in other words they claim to have access to secret information. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth and once you sign up you will be dropped by CFD brokers.

The app claims to offer more than 160 trading assets including currency pairs, indices, stocks, stocks and even bonds. This is very suitable for CFD trading system and seems very interesting at first. However, things are not as they seem. Despite the fact that the property indices are very different, it will not change the result or the final result in the slightest. In short, this is part of a phase designed to make the platform more trustworthy.

The short answer is yes. There are mobile applications on Google Play and IOS. One app is made by a company called “apkpure”, but there are other shady developers doing similar work. Remember that no matter how professional the app looks it is a scam and is created with the same logic used by web applications. In other words, don’t try to convince anyone that the app is legitimate and the website is not. That is a lie and we have received complaints about the seller using this lie to trick new victims.

Actually no, there is no .exe file that needs to be downloaded. Immediate Edge is a web-based application so there is no need to download any software to your computer. But this is not really relevant as it doesn’t matter whether you use the web application or install the app on your mobile phone. You will lose your money regardless as all Edge Immediate forms and systems are scams. We know this because we have recorded it many times and in every case the end result is the same.

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We checked Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, FTX, Kraken, BlockFi, Poloniex, and Bittrex. They had never heard of Edge’s or Edwin James’s fast program, but they warned us that there are many methods these days of making all kinds of claims about integration.

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