In What Order Do You Put On Face Products

In What Order Do You Put On Face Products – Always in awe of skin care products and confused about which one to use? Have you ever wondered if you are following your skincare routine or applying your Sunscreen & BB Cream in the right order? Are you constantly selling products without knowing which ones when and why? I guess, it’s time to answer all these questions with the correct order of applying skincare and makeup products that may be wrong (or may be right, in that case – you can choose not to * read this post) * thugs live!

Cleaning: CLEAN! This step needs no introduction in terms of time in your skin care routine. You need to clean your face first to remove all the dirt on your face and make way for other products to work better. You can exfoliate afterwards if you want but wash your face first!

In What Order Do You Put On Face Products

Toner: Brighten your skin like your body. Facial spray, toner, homemade toner or anything that improves your skin after cleansing with toner. To get the most out of the toner, first wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in toner, then pat your skin with your hands to allow the toner to penetrate deeper into the skin.

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Serum: Skincare logic is ~ all light weight products first then heavy textured products. So serums are the front of all cream skin care products! Take a pea-sized amount of serum and apply it to your face in a circular motion!

Spot / Acne Treatment: For those who use one of these, use it after applying the serum (only on the targeted skin area, if you want, you can extend it to the whole face), no problem)!

Eye cream: Continuing with the eye cream, choose any eye cream for a specific purpose ~ crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and use your ring finger to smooth the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner. Eyes too, do you want your eyelids to be untreated (like the rest of your face), or do you?

Moisturizer: Moisturize whatever your skin type is – oily, combination, sensitive or whatever, it doesn’t matter, you need to moisturize your skin if you don’t want it to become a target for premature wrinkles and fine lines. Use the right moisturizer for your skin type all over your face, and be sure to apply moisturizer (all your skin care products of course) to your neck area too!

The Correct Order To Apply Skincare Products

Sunscreen: The most popular product, also known as sunscreen (beauty enthusiasts). Use immediately after moisturizing your face, let the moisturizer soak into your skin and then apply sunscreen (a full teaspoon for your face, that’s the recommended amount to use to prevent skin damage). ) 20 minutes before going out without worrying about counting time and chemical sunscreen, you can use it and go out in the sun at the same time.

Primer: Prepare your own makeup? And you don’t know what products to start after using sunscreen? Prime, yup that Prime. Makeup routine starts with Primer and ends with Makeup Spray (& compact for most of us)!

Foundation / BB Cream: It’s time to use your foundation ~ your foundation, BB or CC cream to create smooth skin, well, if you’re lucky enough to have good skin, you can skip this step!

Concealer: Concealer comes after the foundation, some even use it before the foundation but the logic is simple – it is used to cover things that the foundation cannot cover, yes, the foundation first and then the concealer! You can go ahead and do it the other way but this is the right way and I want to do it the right way?

What Order To Apply Skin Care Products

Powder: Liquid powder, compact powder, compact powder, all are available after you finish your foundation and liquid product. Dust your favorite powder on a powder brush and sweep it over your face to even out your skin tone. If you want a dewy look, you can skip the powder coating step.

Bronzer: Bronze your face after working your way up to a compact. Make the first contour like blush and highlighter. This is a great way to first figure out how to shape your face, then color and highlight your face.

Blush: Because the blush comes right above the contour that may have been done on the cheeks (don’t add the nose, chin, forehead, jaw here) it’s time to apply blush (don’t stop applying blusher) pink, it’s another blush), just apply blush. above the contour by flashing a big smile to find the apples of your cheeks.

Highlighter: And on top of that and on top of the highlighter, highlight the cheekbones with highlighter, if highlighting with a lighter foundation or concealer, I recommend before liner or after liner / before using blush. it should extend to the cheek.

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Setting Spray: The last step is to set everything and keep all the makeup you apply for hours (& hours), simply spray setting by holding it. go (as long as you make your way with your eyes and lips the way you want to do first and last).

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Many of us go into adult life, including your skin care routine. You know your skin needs well, have found some holy grail products to use (if not, take this quiz to find out!), but do you apply them in the right order? Follow this guide to get the full effect of the skin care you paid for!

The skin’s barrier does an amazing job of protecting it from external irritants, but sometimes your skin care products don’t penetrate the skin as well as you think. The reason the order of your skin care application is important is because you want optimal absorption by the skin, so the active ingredients can really take effect. It all depends on one important thing – the molecular size of the material you use.

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For your day or night routine, a general rule of thumb is to sort your products from the thinnest consistency to the thickest – ie, serums and liquids to creams and oils. When you start applying a thicker product to your face, it helps your skin work in a way that provides a moisture barrier – a humectant that helps your skin stay hydrated. Because it’s moisturizing, the product you put on top may not absorb and work as well as you’d expect.

Another tip is to apply skin care products with the most important active ingredients first so that they penetrate properly into your skin. These include products that target your biggest skin care concerns. To better implement your skin care routine, understanding the pH level will also help. Wait between steps (at least 30 minutes) if you are using a product with a different pH level. Finally, remember to use water-based products before using oil-based products (unless you’re using them for cleaning) because oil and water don’t mix. Use these tips to up your skin care game!

Since the same rules apply to your morning and night routine, it will be easier to remember. For many people, their daytime routine is trying to protect them from pollution, the sun, and other external irritants. It’s so important to get the ingredients you want your skin to absorb first and finish with SPF to moisturize and protect against sun damage, the #1 cause of signs of aging.

According to the rules from thinnest to thickest, first, you will use a certain type of cleanser. We recommend washing your face in the shower so that the steam opens your pores for a deeper cleaner. To remove makeup, it is better to use an oil-based cleanser. Oil breaks down the oil in your makeup! Then you can wash it off with your regular facial cleanser. Try WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash W/Brush to gently exfoliate, remove oil, dirt, and sweat that can accumulate throughout the night. Do not neglect your body! Using a shower gel like WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Body Wash will cleanse and condition your body. Clean skin is the best time to apply the mask. After rinsing, we move on to the second light product – toner.

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Toner works to remove impurities left behind by chemical exfoliants and balances the skin’s pH for the rest of your skin care routine. Try WOW Skin Science 10-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar

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