In What Order Should Skin Care Products Be Applied

In What Order Should Skin Care Products Be Applied – In my 20s, I was obsessed with partying, knowing how much I needed for a night out on the town with my roommate, and worrying about pizza and all. I think I should wash my face before I go to bed at night and I pat myself on the back! As I got older and more into the fashion world, I realized how important skin care really is and how different skin care is in your 30s compared to your 20s.

Why is skin care important? Well, because it’s your skin! Your skin is very delicate and sheds skin cells throughout the day, so keeping it glowing and in good condition helps protect you even more from Mother Nature’s elements. What you do every day can help prevent breakouts, heal wrinkles, and keep your skin healthy.

In What Order Should Skin Care Products Be Applied

The right way to “layer skin care” has long been debated. Oil first, moisturizer second or vice versa? What is toner and do I need it? Is double cleansing really necessary? Since I’ve spent so much time learning about my skin care needs, I wanted to put together the ultimate no-nonsense guide to skin care. I feel so lost on where to start with my skincare routine, so in this post I’m going to share the products I use for morning skincare, evening skincare and the exact order in which I use them. !!

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After searching the internet for what to order in my morning skin care routine, I finally found it. A morning skin care routine for glowing skin is as follows:

Just 8 easy steps, right?! It seems like a lot, but once you get used to it, it becomes something to look forward to. Now let’s take a look at the exact products we use to achieve all of these steps.

I use this all the time and it’s my favorite general cleanser. Formulated with squalane, vitamin E and avocado oil, this gentle cleanser can be used on all skin types and always leaves my face feeling like a clear blank canvas.

A toner is the next step to ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed, and Biologique Recherche P50V is a magic potion in a bottle. People like religion for a reason! A gentle balancing exfoliator that works to absorb, hydrate and balance your skin’s pH. Apply to a cotton pad and gently massage into your skin!

The Ordinary Skincare Routine

I love the C-Forward serum from Beautycounter. Vitamin C serum has many benefits like brightening the skin and reducing dark spots on the skin. Vitamin C is a must-have for our skin to clear blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation and give it that goddamn glow!

I use Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, which I consider to be the holy grail of my skin. If you’re only going to buy one thing from this post, buy it! I have a Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum review coming soon!

In my opinion, Colleen Rothschild has the best retinol eye serum. The Advanced Eye Serum really helps to wake up my skin and reduce puffiness from a night’s sleep!

My favorite daily moisturizer is Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Sea Cream SPF 30. The ingredients make this a great product: patina pavonica for hydration, ginkgo biloba for resilience, and chlorella for firmness. I think it’s SPF because it’s built into the product and the tinted moisturizer I use everyday over my base makeup has SPF in it! Use code AMY20 for discount

Should I Apply My Skin Care Products In A Certain Order?

Now let’s talk about how to fold the skin in the evening, because although it is not very different, some changes should be noted:

As you can see, the morning skin care routine and the evening skin care routine are very similar except for the last part. You replace sunscreen with retinol and facial oil comes last!

I double cleanse in the evening when I reapply Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser at the end of the day. With my makeup on and the elements of the day, I like to double up on cleansing so that my face feels as clean as when I go to bed. So before I use my regular cleanser, I use Elemis’ Cleansing Balm first. Using a cleansing balm is very simple. All you need is a small amount that works gently into your skin with your fingertips. Once you feel you’ve applied it well, use a warm damp cloth to gently remove the cleansing balm (use code AMY20 for discount). Then it’s ready to be double-cleaned with deer!

I also use the same Biologique Recherche P50 that I use at night. I’m currently using Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel. This is the best night cream I have ever used. I swear, my skin feels more alive when I wake up in the morning!

A Dermatologist Explains How Many Skincare Products Are Too Many

Good night Dull. Good morning, Prakasha. This serum improves skin texture and improves clarity without irritating or over-drying. The formula helps remove dull cells to reveal brighter, healthier-looking and rejuvenated skin. This clean beauty product is a must-have for your evening routine!

Yes, you can use vitamin C morning and night. I like to use it in the evening. This gentle face series contains a total of 5 percent vitamin C. A blend of three skin-friendly forms of vitamin C is easily absorbed and will reduce the visible signs of uneven pigmentation, leaving you looking brighter and more radiant. skin Vitamin C also supports collagen formation.

As I mentioned before, if you’re only going to buy one thing from this post, it should be this one! A cult favorite for a reason! 22 botanicals and 60+ bio-available nutrients work synergistically for healthy, radiant, youthful skin. Consider it a one-stop-shop for your regular needs.

Does La Mer Moisturizer Matter? Yes, yes, 1000x yes. I know it’s expensive, trust me. But it is for a reason – it’s a miracle moisturizer in a jar. However, I know many people laugh at the price of La Mer cream. I love it and find it to be a super magical bottle. I only use it at night and since it’s such a rich face cream, a little goes a long way.

Skincare Routine Order 2021: The Correct Way To Apply Your Beauty Products

A frequently debated question in the industry is when to use face oil in skin care. It’s easy to get lost in suggestions and excuses, so I’ll stick to the routine I’m sharing with you: oil last, especially at night! I love my Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil from BioSance. It’s the last skin care product I use before I turn off the bathroom light and go to bed.

You’ve probably heard of acne. If not, allow me to share my favorites with you. I tried this salicylic acid acne treatment based on someone’s recommendation and it really works! I use them overnight on my pimples and I can really see a difference. They are wonderful staff!

Of course, after I go to bed, I reach for Lani’s Best Lip Sleeping Mask. It is very popular because it is very effective. The Laneige lip sleeping mask saved my lips and kept it overnight with water!

I hope this no-nonsense skincare guide has cleared up any questions you may have had about using skincare products and inspired you to try some new FJ approved ones. Taking care of your skin is important as you get older and this has become my favorite morning and evening routine!

Skincare 101: How To Layer Your Skincare To Perfection

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If you’re a beauty junkie or new to this “wonderful skincare” thing, use this cheat sheet to get the most out of your skincare and beauty products.

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