Indiana Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner

Indiana Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner – We sold a 2007 Honda Fit Sport on Craigslist for $2500. What was impressive was how quick and easy the whole process was.

We recently found out that we had an old car and didn’t need to buy a new car. So selling the car was not an option. With two older kids going to college, we had more cars in the fleet than made sense. So our beloved (type) 2007 Honda Fit Sport with 129,300 miles of pulled short grass.

Indiana Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner

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Torque News and the entire staff are fans of Kelly Blue Book. We have respected partners in the business and we have used a lot of this site in our articles. We also think that KBB has the fastest and best online used car valuation tool. So that’s where we started.

The surprising thing is that the people at KBB have set up a program to admit car dealers ‘to KBB’. Basically, it is for a local sponsor who participates in the KBB direct payment program. Our agent here is Bill Dube Hyundai. We know the market very well. It’s on the other side where we shop and buy coffee.

Bill Dube Hyundai immediately responded with a $1,785 bid for the Fit. While they didn’t give us a full discount, it seemed low to us given the lists of similar Honda Fits we see online. Bill Dube Hyundai also followed up politely by phone and email. Good people. Not intrusive, but helpful. We will consider new car sales in the future.

Our next decision was to use CarMax. But as with KBB, we expected to be a few. Our research also indicated that we should stop by, and with our strict social distancing orders, we preferred to skip that part. On the return trip, we expected to spend about two to three hours for CarMax to inspect the vehicle. Two full-time working parents with kids don’t want to waste time.

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Before choosing Craigslist, we looked at another popular online option. However, we also found the registration process involved. Very difficult. We spent about 30 minutes learning how to use it and then decided we’d rather drive the car into the abyss than solve the problems. We omit the name of the organization in this article. Let’s say it becomes a problem on a website with a well-known name.

When I say “we” in this article, I mean my wife and I. Generally, in the context of Torque News, “we” refers to our Torque News organization. In this case, I’m not far off. My wife occasionally writes guest articles for Torque News and its site. In any case, we are a partnership with different talents among us. Although neither of us had a Craigslist account, my wife shopped online more often than I did, so I took pictures and wrote a short description of the car, and she sent it to me. I was in the room from the time it started to the time it ended. It took him less than 10 minutes from the time he sat down until the shipment rose with an asking price of $2,800. After determining that the car’s market value was $2,900, we set our asking price at $2,500. Would we have gotten $3K? Maybe it’s time and effort. We didn’t want to put anything on it. Our goal was not to get “top dollar” for a used car. He sold as easily as possible at the best price to the buyer.

Just 10 minutes from Craigslist for five dollars, we had the chance to buy cars unseen. The first was from a small used car dealer. He gave us a bank check or money order for $2,500 and said he could be at the house in 45 minutes to close the deal! It turned out that we couldn’t act so quickly. So we asked him to come in an hour. He was there on the drop.

The buyer looked at the car, gave me his license to take a photo, and put a billboard on it. He asked us to sign and send the title through the correct mail as my wife (the owner) was away. He gave us a bank check (our choice of money), reached out for the keys and the deal was done. According to my watch, less than an hour and a half after the Craigslist ad was posted. We didn’t have to go anywhere with the car and we didn’t have to let anyone take it for a test drive.

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Our “proof of one example” article is not intended to be a complete review of Craigslist’s policy, nor is it our intent to imply that everyone will have this experience. All we can do is share our findings and wish other used car dealers the best of luck with their sales.

John Goreham is a lifelong automotive geek and recovering engineer. John’s areas of focus are technology, safety and green vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of a team that built a solar-powered electric car from scratch. He was the designer of battery thermal control. For 20 years he applied his technical and marketing skills to advanced technology and published many articles in technical magazines such as Chemical Processing Magazine. In 2008, he quit that job to pursue his dream of becoming a car writer. In addition to Torque News, John’s work has been published in many American newspapers and he writes reviews for many car dealers. You can follow John on the Torque News Facebook page and check out his info on Linkedin. After visiting Eugene, Oregon, I picked a random city to see what’s so cool about cars. This time it’s Indianapolis. With a population of 855,000 compared to 166,000 in Eugene, the number of cars greater than 1990 and under $6500 was only three times that.

A surprising surprise was the number of Chrysler products on offer in Indianapolis, such as the green 1977 Dodge Monaco.

While the awesomeness of those stoplights is pretty cool, I’ve never been more impressed with the back of this one. Now, perhaps with age, that feeling has diminished. This is a great looking car and I love blasting it around the track west of Indy – as much as the choked 318 will allow, anyway.

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It’s amazing how something so innocuous stimulates such long-term memory. Looking at the interior reminded me of a bad nursery rhyme that read “greasy green, dirty gopher guts…”. Within this there is nothing to worry or worry about.

Mopars had a green thing in 1977, as evidenced by the New Yorker in Fishers, Indiana. Maybe it’s because they don’t have greenery on the couch. This divine Chrysler is a green, green 440 machine.

While the inside is as shady as Monaco (there’s shade here), there’s nothing wrong with the gophers.

These chairs fascinate me, perhaps because of the lack of experience. I think they are either deceptively comfortable or they live on jello.

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You’d think Indianapolis would always be full of Studebakers for sale. That’s not the case, but as of November 18, there are plenty of Chrysler C-bodies, like this 1971 Fury.

The owner of the Plymouth seems like a real salesman as he says:

There’s nothing good about this. Instead, this car is a surprisingly good “driver”. It’s the car people want when they want a classic muscle car. Nobody wants a $50,000 Cuda because if you drive it, it’s not worth $50,000 anymore. If you want a road car, you want something like an Impala, Fairlane or Fury. Roll down the windows, drive both ways and don’t worry about acorns damaging your car.

For a final C body, here’s a 54,000-mile 1968 Dodge Polara. Judging by the shape of the rear rocker panels, this is an Indiana car.

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In addition to the increased number of C-bodies, more ambulances/hearers are also being sold. They are all based on GM’s classic cars, such as the 1965 Buick Wildcat. It started in California, with a trip to Idaho, before landing in Madaryville, Indiana.

Another ambulance/ambulance list includes the warmth, generosity, and dedication of the average Craigslist advertiser. It is a combination of Pontiac ambulances in Muncie and costs $695 each. From the sale:

I now apologize for my bad attitude towards CL buyers. Me

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