Inland Empire Craigslist Cars End Trucks By Owner

Inland Empire Craigslist Cars End Trucks By Owner – For many classic truck enthusiasts in attendance at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas, one of the most notable performances was TMI Products’ latest foray into the custom classic truck market. TMI has been making hot rod seats for a while now, but only started offering products for the hobby hot rod segment a year ago. CLASSIC TRUCKS Magazine brings you four trucks from the TMI booth in our online coverage of the event at One of the four was a 1970 Ford F-100 owned by TMI Marketing Director Larry Ashley. At the time, we didn’t know how Larry got the truck or how much effort it would take to make it in time for SEMA.

Larry’s interest in custom cars extended to all things good with wheels. The path that led him to this F-100 cottage is a good example of that. Larry traded his 1987 Honda XL600 motorcycle for a 1969 Cougar, which was then built into a road machine. At the 2014 SEMA show, a mid-70s red F-100 caught Larry’s eye several times. A year later, Larry returned to SEMA with his own F-100.

Inland Empire Craigslist Cars End Trucks By Owner

Getting this truck means searching Craigslist for the right raw materials. He eventually found what he was looking for just 10 miles from his home in Southern California. Larry told the salesman that he wanted to do a straight trade-in truck for his Cougar. It was clear from the look in the other man’s eyes and the big smile on his face that the truck owner knew he was getting the better end of the trade. When Larry told his wife Lola about the deal, she laughed and asked, “Are you out of your mind?!”

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In the months that followed, the F-100 made the transition from crude to awesome. Larry contacted Ron Palmer and Gabe Bell of RnG Customs, Classics and Fabrication in Hesperia, California for help with the build. He also spoke with DJM Suspensions in Garden, California.

After nearly half a century of service, the truck’s chassis components were in dire need of a cleanup, with several new parts installed to provide a lower stance. DJM provided the parts so Larry could lower and upgrade the suspension without cutting up the chassis and keeping most of the stock parts. DJM Dream Beams replace the standard double I-beams up front and work with factory spindles. The Currie 9-inch rear has 3.50:1 gearing and limited slip. Coil springs and struts lower the F-100 to the ground, while Calmax SuperShocks shock absorbers contribute to a smooth ride. And since the truck needs to stop reliably, the factory brakes have been ditched in favor of a four-wheel disc conversion package from Master Power Brake (MP), including 11-inch rotors at all corners fed to the MP master cylinder and booster.

The truck is powered by a 1990 Ford 5.0L engine that takes fuel and air through a 600cc Holley carburetor. ft/min mounted between the Edelbock manifold and the finned air cleaner cover. The exhaust passes through Doug Thorley headers, a Flowmaster muffler, and a 2 1/2-inch pipe before exiting the rear wheels. A Tremec T5 with a Hurst shifter with a Centerforce clutch supports the 5.0, and an Inland Empire driveshaft sends torque to the Currie rear end.

The classic lines of the 1970s short body and cab are preserved as Ford created them, enhanced by the removal of badging and bright elements. The gas filler is moved to the truck and the stock holes and prop bags are filled. RnG Customs did the body work and Johnny’s Auto Color and Body Werx in Riverside, California did the custom sheet metal finish. Larry chose Eastwood’s black metal system for the bumpers, door handles and mirrors. It’s a great alternative to chrome and goes better with the satin brown metallic paint and gold wheels. These are 18-inch American Racing VF49910 spoke wheels on Continental 255/45ZR18 and 285/40ZR18 radial sizes.

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As an employee, Larry had early exposure to TMI’s line of seats, consoles, door panels, instrument panels, headliners and other classic truck interior products. As you’d expect, the cabin interior features a full collection of TMI components. Standard instrument panel indicators from Dakota Digital. The first radio to arrive is a new one from RetroSound that looks like a standard unit with modern technology.

Larry’s 1970 F-100 was ready quickly — and just in time for the SEMA Show. Maybe his wife Lola is right. Maybe he’s crazy to trade a built Cougar for a tired F-100. But after seeing the truck at the TMI booth surrounded by a crowd of awestruck fans, we think crazy is okay. And if the guy who won the Cougar was there, we’re sure he was impressed too.

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Restoring a police car to its former glory is no ordinary hobby, but as today’s Nice Price or No Dice Camaro demonstrates, the results can be very rewarding for those who try. Let’s see what this old interceptor can fetch in today’s dollars.

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According to Forbes, Maserati has the humble honor of having the highest depreciation in the first five years of ownership of any brand. For the first five years, it averaged 66.4 percent, and after the release of the new Quattroporte, it dropped to 72.2 percent.

But it’s fortunate that the 1986 Maserati Biturbo Zagato Spyder we saw yesterday is long gone. His age seems to indicate that his downward spiral has reached a certain plateau. The asking price for this theoretical mesa is $8,950, and for a car with this pedigree — and such a long name — that’s impressive, to say the least. Of course, this is Maserati, a brand that seems to evoke the sad presence of its owner at every opportunity. This factor influenced the comments and 68 percent of the No Dice votes that the car carried.

Speaking of bad luck, have you ever been on the freeway, turnpike, or other multi-lane road you love and had an accident or minor accident? In such cases, seeing a highway patrol car or a police officer pull over to help can be a relief.

With its traditional black and white paint scheme and familiar state seal badge on the door, the California Highway Patrol vehicle is a recognized symbol of such roadside assistance even outside the Golden State.

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The California Highway Patrol was created back in 1929 by the state legislature. Since then, the CHP’s jurisdiction has grown to include more than 100,000 miles of interstate, state highways and county roads. CHP’s current lineup of vehicles includes the Ford Explorer, Chevy Tahoe, and Dodge Charger. Some of them are painted in monochrome white and lack handles and external lighting. They are designated as SMPVs or Specially Marked Patrol Vehicles and are used in high crime areas. Most of the other CHP vehicles are painted in a more traditional black and white color scheme and have the state seal and traditional HIGHWAY PATROL badge on the door.

At one time, the CHP used a pony car as an interceptor car. Both the Mustang and Camaro used this style. The result is a good look with a traditional color scheme and badging applied to an unconventional car.

This 2002 Chevy Camaro is said to be retired and has been restored to its road cruiser status. The ad claims the car is a B4C package and says it has all sorts of special law enforcement-only juju underneath. It’s just accurate. On the fourth-gen Camaro, the B4C package was simply the Z-28 with the badge removed and no T-top top option. You can view the full specifications in this promotional material.

So the Z-28 isn’t a bad thing, and with only 119,000 miles on its tires, this B4C Camaro clearly isn’t doing much work on the front end.

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The engine here is a 310-horsepower LS1 V8, backed by a 4LE60 four-speed automatic transmission and a 3.23 rear end with a limited-slip differential. The ad says the engine didn’t come out of the car, but the transmission did, after being assembled a few miles ago.

The car is repainted in the traditional black and white color scheme, has the name CHP and a star on each door. A strip of light rises to the roof, completing the illusion. The B4C Camaro does not use handles.

The medium gray interior (color code 92B, according to the brochure) appears to be in excellent condition. You will not find where to install it

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