Is It Really Possible To Be Pregnant And Not Know

Is It Really Possible To Be Pregnant And Not Know – All over the world, pregnancy and childbirth are surrounded by traditions and expectations. For many people, these expectations relate to women and women. As a pregnant woman, your prenatal visits may be in the “women’s area,” which is decorated with pictures of pregnant women’s bodies. You can read a book with a pink cover and a flower calling you “mom”. For many women, the hyperfeminized pregnancy and birth experience is difficult to identify.

So, if pregnancy and fertility culture make some women uncomfortable, what would be the point of being pregnant as a transgender or transmasculine person?

Is It Really Possible To Be Pregnant And Not Know

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Daughters (2). However, the medical system for the care of pregnant men and childbirth is not fixed. We asked Bennett Kaspar-Williams, a trans man, to talk about his journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Here’s what I want everyone to know about being transmasculine.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Bennett that captures his individual experiences. The Clue Science team confirmed each science fact in the following interview.

Many transgender or transmasculine men take testosterone. It is technically possible for someone who is actively taking testosterone to ovulate and still get pregnant, but it is not a recommended way to try to conceive. When a trans person stops taking testosterone, menstruation finally occurs (if they have ovaries and uterus), to be visible to test pregnancy.

At first I was concerned about receiving adequate and compassionate care from medical professionals during my pregnancy journey. There are a few abortion centers in the country, but unfortunately none near me. When I started looking for a provider, I looked for someone with hormone therapy listed on their website, hoping they might have some expertise in trans health. I ended up finding someone who had at least met a trans person, so that was a good start.

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It is common during pregnancy that I end up teaching the nurse/specialist/doctor about my condition because honestly, not much is studied around trans pregnant women. The health care providers are open and respectful, but I enjoy that respect because I’m in California. Still, I was the first pregnant trans person anyone in the office had seen.

I coped with it by laughing. Everything about fertility is centered around “women”. It’s always been like that, it’s hard for people to think differently. You will be fine in the women’s area. If you can’t, if you think it would be disruptive or cause negative dysphoria, maybe being trans and pregnant isn’t for you. Luckily, being in the women’s space doesn’t really bother me, but I understand that it can be annoying to some people.

The abortion industry needs change because it will leave many people behind. The language and symbols of pregnancy will be the easiest to change – this will have a big impact on trans and gender negative people. And not only for these people – it will also be for women who are not familiar with many languages ​​and images of women. How to get pregnant makes you feel like you’re somewhere you don’t belong. When it comes to the information you received in pregnancy, everything is pink and covered in butterflies. This is irrelevant when it comes to studying fetal development. In today’s appointments with health care providers, language is not gender. Anyone who talks to me about my uterus growth or my baby’s development is not gender, just body parts. It is the pregnancy culture that must change.

Almost everything I encountered during pregnancy, from resources to products, centered around the concept of “motherhood.” This doesn’t make me feel dysphoric, but it does make me feel like I’m participating in something that isn’t “for me.” Instead, I want resources to focus on exactly what the process is: carrying a baby.

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The idea of ​​”motherhood” is politicized and commercialized in a way that doesn’t speak to my experience. The overly sexualized concept of “motherhood” was what prevented me from accepting the idea of ​​carrying a child for a long time, especially before the transition. If the concept of transportation was more inclusive of men and women, I could have started this journey earlier in my life. It wasn’t really until I met many other trans people on this social media journey that I realized that being pregnant can be different from being a woman.

One of the best things allies can do is take the time and energy to educate themselves about trans pregnancy, instead of asking a pregnant person to do the work. Instead of talking about motherhood, change the conversation to “parenting”. Talk more about children’s travel culture, rather than reducing it to gender.

You can also raise our voice by advocating for changes to the law where you live. Some laws prevent a pregnant trans man from being listed as “father” or “parent” on a child’s birth certificate, instead of being listed as “mother.” Some health insurers and employers’ parental leave policies do not include trans men to be covered as pregnant parents. These are all policy issues that partners can help change.

People try to make it weird to get pregnant as a guy, but it’s not. It’s not a new idea. Men who are pregnant and give birth for a long time there are people. Of course, my relationship with my son is no different – it’s very basic. I’m a better parent because I’m trans, not in spite of it.

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Finding maternity clothes was a real challenge for me. T-shirts and oversized sweatpants were not my style, and wearing them didn’t make me feel good about myself. After hours of searching, I finally found a pair of unisex dresses at ASOS. I wish there were clothes for pregnant women that were made with men’s jewelry.

If you are a healthcare professional and want to know more about how to best care for transgender people, you can find a list of training programs and clinical guidelines here.

If you are an activist and want to support pregnant transgender people, Bennett recommends watching this film by transgender filmmaker Freddy McConnell who documented her pregnancy and challenges him. You can also check out this helpful resource for tips and strategies to be the best trans friends you can be.

At Clue, we understand that being queer or trans can cause dysphoria, especially when many midwives don’t have enough training in midwifery.

Can You Be Pregnant And Have A Period?

Pregnancy planning is designed to include all pregnant women. It is gender neutral to reduce the chance of dysphoria as much as possible. Plus, it’s science-based and packed with everything you need to know about pregnancy and fetal development.

When I start going to the doctor’s office or yoga class and I’m the only one who doesn’t identify as a woman, then what?

First, birth control is not a pill or an implant. It is a contraceptive software that uses…

Endometriosis is the main cause of pelvic pain, and painful intercourse – up to one in ten pregnant women can … Superfetation is what happens when a pregnant woman leaves an egg , usually a few weeks into it, and is fertilized and implanted in the uterus. The result is two different pregnancies happening at the same time. It is very rare that medical professionals have been able to diagnose only a few confirmed cases of obesity in pregnant women. So while yes, you can get pregnant while pregnant, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

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Superfetation occurs when a woman who is already pregnant becomes pregnant with a second child with a different gestational age (conception date) than the first child’s due date.

In humans, it is very rare that a second egg is released even if the embryo is already implanted in the uterus. This second egg is fertilized and implanted, leading to a second pregnancy at the same time. The limited number of scientific reports on the subject of flyaways suggests that children are absent for more than a few weeks a year.

Important note: Children conceived through superfetation are not twins. They are two different pregnancies. (This is why superfetation should not be confused with superfecundation, which is when two eggs released at the same time are fertilized at different times by two different fathers. Read more about twins and fathers different).

It’s less likely to get pregnant when you’re pregnant. There have been less than ten recorded cases of human-to-human transmission.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Although rare in humans, it can be common in other animals, including mice, rabbits, horses, sheep, kangaroos, cats, and some other species.

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