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Jeeps For Sale By Owner Near Me – Choose the four-door Unlimited for a better ride and improved everyday life. Choose the Rubicon model only if you intend to drive seriously off-road; with the right tires, even the base Sport has all the performance you need most.

The 2015 Jeep Wrangler offers more options and features than ever before in a highly capable off-road package comfortable enough for everyday driving.

Jeeps For Sale By Owner Near Me

The 2015 Jeep Wrangler remains the most powerful in the brand’s lineup—and perhaps the most powerful SUV on the market.

Jeep Wrangler Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, And Photos

Jeep went to great lengths to preserve the authenticity of this model. You can still completely remove the top and doors and flip the windshield upside down. The door hinges are still exposed, attached to a flat sheet metal that clearly avoids mass market appeal. Wrangler buyers wouldn’t have it any other way. And that authenticity has largely helped make other Jeep products — whether family SUVs or smaller crossovers — just that much more desirable than their competitors.

But the Wrangler is no longer the rugged compromise it once was. Yes, it’s still a bit crude, but considering where it came from and where it can take you, the Wrangler is now livable thanks to major changes over the last few model years.

Two body styles are available: the two-door Jeep Wrangler and the four-door Wrangler Unlimited. They offer a choice of soft or hard tops, as well as a package that includes both, for those who want to switch back and forth depending on the season. Although they are easily penetrated by road and wind noise, they can completely open the cabin, making the Wrangler a true convertible SUV. T-top enthusiasts will love the Freedom hardtop, which features removable roof panels for a semi-open experience that requires less drainage. Jeep has improved its soft top design in recent years, making it much easier to use, but it’s still complicated to operate with multiple hands.

In 2012, Jeep introduced its 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine to the Wrangler, along with a new five-speed automatic transmission that became the standard powertrain. A six-speed manual gearbox is also still available. The V-6 and automatic combo can now accelerate to 60 mph in a much quicker 8.4 seconds for the Wrangler Unlimited or 7.7 seconds for the two-door model. There’s surprisingly strong acceleration when overtaking, and the revs are low. About the only complaint we have is the old (but very robust) circular ball control and its dullness. Well, that and its EPA city rating of 17 mpg.

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The sacrifices may be worth it when you hit the road—almost any road—and experience the reason Wrangler exists. The solid body-on-frame chassis and solid front and rear axles that made Wrangler one of the most capable off-road SUVs on the market continues to impress with great range, a sturdy undercarriage with protective skid plates and outstanding rock-climbing prowess. The traditional four-wheel drive system is also complemented by some modern technologies, including an electric rocker arm disconnect that allows for impressive wheel articulation without the cost of swinging around corners on the road.

The Wrangler isn’t much of a problem on the road either. While the noise can get to you on long highway drives, the suspension is quite compliant and the handling acceptable. The ride is particularly good in the Unlimited model thanks to the longer wheelbase, while the two-door still manages to grip bigger bumps. But the Wrangler maintains a solid feel and, if you remember that it has a high center of gravity, it handles as you’d expect.

The Wrangler’s refinement has been steadily improved over the years, including a fairly dramatic interior redesign. The Wrangler no longer looks like cheap plastic crudely glued together; instead, its dashboard is modern and rounded yet upright, with soft-touch materials in the few places you’ll notice them. But you can still spray the interior when you need to with the drain plugs that come with every Wrangler.

The line includes the entry-level Sport, the amateur Sahara and the off-road focused Rubicon. Top trims offer a wide range of options in the top trim – including a body-colored hardtop, now available in Sahara and Rubicon guises – and a host of appearance packages called Freedom, Willys Wheeler and Hard. a rock Wrangler models can be equipped with air conditioning, navigation, automatic climate control and street-ready alloy wheels, even Alpine speakers. Its total flexibility, along with these options and others such as Bluetooth connectivity, MyGIG music storage, Sirius satellite radio, heated seats, automatic climate control and a demanding off-road package, continues to amaze us with all it has to offer – more than any other SUV .

Jeep Wrangler For Sale

The Wrangler has a base price of around $24,000, but it doesn’t stop there, with the Sahara and Rubicon models costing thousands more, so you’ll want plenty of options to get the off-road package (and look) complete. . At the top, Rubicon models can top $40,000 — a price that might make you think twice before going out and snagging your new toy.

Changes for 2015 include the usual new paint colors and equipment packages, as well as a new standard eight-speaker sound system, a new nine-speaker system that includes a subwoofer, a package that includes steel wheels with 31-inch tires for Sport models. , and a of Torx tools, which is standard on all models and allows owners to remove the windshield or door wherever they are.

Few vehicles have such an obvious design line that is passed down from one generation to the next. The current Wrangler is very similar to the Wranglers that came before it and the CJs that came before it. The extra styling doesn’t help off-road, and the flat sheet metal is easier to fix.

The Wrangler is steeped in military heritage and go-anywhere parentage, and there’s nothing else quite like it on the road today. Its trapezoidal wheel widths, straight sides and seven-slot grille remind us that this Jeep was designed with function first. Many of its current design features are almost as old as the original model – just look at its removable doors, exterior door hinges and folding windscreen.

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However, this respect for heritage didn’t stop the designers from having a little fun with the details. The Willys silhouette is part of the windshield rim mask, and there are also small Jeep icons in the light elements. Some models even have the Willys silhouette drawn into the wheel wells.

The interior of the Jeep Wrangler has seen the biggest changes over the years, and that’s a good thing. The gray dashboard and hard plastic trim of a few years ago is now history, and the dashboards and door panels are now beautifully designed. The trims have also been refreshed and given a frame or machined look, the look and feel is much more refined while maintaining the dash’s short, vertical and business look. The elbow rests and other parts have soft padding, while there is now interior lighting under the instrument panel and in the cup holder areas.

While the look hasn’t changed much, the Wrangler thankfully doesn’t drive like a vintage SUV. A modern V-6 and newer automatics have helped this Jeep make remarkable leaps in the drivability category—especially on the highway.

The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 produces about 40 percent more power and 10 percent more torque than the engine it replaces, and is now rated at 285 hp/260 lb-ft. And with the current automatic transmission – a legacy of older Mercedes-Benz models – it shifts smoothly under light to moderate acceleration. There’s also still a six-speed manual transmission reminiscent of those found in Jeeps of the past—long throws, long pedal travel, and little vibration offer more control over what the Wrangler is doing, but with a little extra work on the road. Regardless of whether you choose the automatic or manual transmission, gear ratios are very high in the high range – the base 3.21:1 automatic model, for example, only needed a single shift on the way to 60 mph. A high 4.10:1 ratio is still available in the Rubicon.

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The Pentastar has all the low-end torque needed for tough off-road driving that’s been lacking since the days of the 4.0-liter inline-six, and it accelerates to the redline without any vibration or roughness. The Wrangler is also surprisingly quick — four-door Unlimited models only need about 8.4 seconds to reach 60, while two-door Wranglers can hit 7.7 seconds.

While the powertrain is lovely, the Wrangler’s boring ball-and-socket steering still leaves a lot to be desired. Running is quite crisp, but the steering has a sort of “dead zone” and generally lacks feedback or road feel. The Wrangler’s tall sidewall tires also hinder responsiveness on twisty roads. The good news is that it is very easy to place on narrow roads, with the steering compensating for the drag of the big tires on sand, mud or stones.

Among the useful features, like few off-road vehicles today, you can start the Wrangler in gear, with your left foot off the clutch (as long as you have 4-Low engaged). This basically uses the starter motor to start the car and is particularly useful

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