Land For Sale In Louisiana By Owner

Land For Sale In Louisiana By Owner – We all need good news these days! Meet the Ordoyne family in Louisiana, who made the transition from country life to country life with a lot of planning, some hard knocks, and God’s intervention. Here, we like to tell the stories of individuals and families who have made the transition from city/rural life to rural life. The Ordoyne family of Louisiana made this trip a few months ago. As many of our families have shown, they want to live a new life without too much traffic, city noise or cookie-cutter areas. What makes their story unique is how they found their dream property…or rather, what led them to theirs. If you love a fun story, crack open the box for this one! Looking for the perfect country estate? Sarah and Joshua Ordoin have lived in Lake Charles for several years and decided to look outside the city limits. Sarah said, “I’ve lived in Lake Charles for 15 years and my husband grew up here, so we knew we wanted to get out of town and get some fresh air.” There are many suburbs and rural areas outside of Lake Charles, but these areas come with traffic and lots of people; As Sara explained, Ordois “doesn’t follow the crowd!” However, this made it difficult to find their perfect property forever. “We were looking for months and months and one day I got frustrated and Googled ‘trees in Iowa’ and 11 acres came up! I was surprised that we were looking for something smaller than 3-4 acres and not 11 , but here we were found! Excited and hopeful, the Ordoynes hurried to see the houses. They wanted 3-4 acres … they got 11 because of the butterflies. When they arrived, Sarah saw 11 acres of Lot 12 in love. “I know it, and I like the aesthetics, but honestly I didn’t think we would be able to do it, I was disappointed when we started driving.” However , the fate of the butterfly had other plans. Sarah explains: “My mother had passed away less than half a year before we started looking for a house, so she treated me very kindly and guided me very kindly. me and help me decide where and how to go. I’m raising my family. to the end of the hundred acres of land, this butterfly passed the car in front us. “I said to my husband, ‘Son, turn around and follow the butterfly!’ “I kid you not, we slowly chased this butterfly back down the road and it flew right into the 12th lot and flew forward, landed in a tree, and there it was. I had a little moment where I was like, “We’re going to do it, we’re going to do it!” Needless to say, they took over 11 acres of land. 4 lessons learned from building a backyard from scratch. Finding the perfect suburban location required patience, determination and a little help from God, but it was just the beginning of their journey to build this special family home. Sarah shares her tips for anyone interested in building a home from scratch. Lesson 1: Find the right architect “We found an architect who was willing to listen to our ideas for the design of our house, and it fell into place. Along the way, who he Everyone has built their own house in the southern style, but we Architects are willing to listen and go beyond the norm. We call it a boat!” Lesson 2: Don’t Start Construction During the Rain Once they’ve finished planning the building, it’s time to start preparing the land to build their dream home…but they’ve run into a big roadblock: the rain. period of time. “It’s the rainy season when we find the property and close it and change the building plan. We shouldn’t start the dirty work during the rainy season, and it really wastes time.” Fortunately, the Ordoynes’ neighbor came to the rescue and helped complete the shoring and earthworks. Lesson #3: Vet Your Subcontractors We’ve all heard the horror stories of subcontractors not keeping their word, and Ordoynes experienced it firsthand. Sarah said: “It’s important. To know who you’re hiring, do your research, get a work permit and talk to the people they work with, because people’s work ethic is good. always as it is. Well, I struggled with it.” Lesson 4: Accept Terms, Conditions, and Restrictions Even in rural areas. There may be covenants, conditions and restrictions on what you can or cannot build on your farm. However, this should be a good thing for homeowners. Sarah explained: “Another reason this house is great is that it has enough barriers in the area to protect the architecture, but not so much that it allows us to build what we want. Some places have so many restrictions that they force you into certain types of buildings, but it’s a nice mix. do what you want while keeping the riff raff. Lesson #5: The size of the world can be deceiving until you see it with your own eyes. As mentioned above, the Ordo only wanted 3-4 hectares at first because they thought that was all they needed.” Sarah said: “We know it could be 3-4 hectares. We have some privacy, but we don’t understand what 3-4 acres are like, it’s hard to imagine until you go out there. Now with 11 acres it seems to me, not much, but if people build next to you, you still have privacy. The Ordoynes’ future plans for their Louisiana home are mostly trees—they love it and plan to pursue a hobby. do some beekeeping and things like that to give us different food. From a hobby, it is good to have our own products to work in the kitchen and teach children where their food comes from. Living comfortably in rural Louisiana, it took the Ordoynes months of searching (and a little guidance from God’s butterfly) to find their perfect property, two years of subsequent planning, dirty work and endless construction. finishes to create their dream home. . . . suitable for a family of four. “It’s funny because when we moved here, we didn’t really plan anything…it seemed like a bad thing, but we knew something was going to happen. It was our world here and we love it. Even all the neighbors seem to have the same opinion about the land and the trees, and they all respect the nature’s influence. We sold the land the other day! Someone stopped us believing them. in our house … I shouldn’t, but I did what they suggested. Go visit if you see it once and think it’s sold.”

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Land For Sale In Louisiana By Owner

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From I-55, take a left onto W Oak St, then a left onto N Duncan Ave., then a right onto Ogden Lane.

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