List Of Horse Farms In Lexington Ky

List Of Horse Farms In Lexington Ky – Beautiful horse farms have been a part of the Bluegrass since the area was settled, and so have horse farm visitors. Travelers of the early 19th century noted the beautiful Bluegrass habitats, and one even noted that “a good horse is the highest honor of a Kentuckian.” And you know? That’s still true today, although people with impressive bourbon collections might argue with you about it.

There are about 450 horse farms in the area (about 150 in Fayette County alone). All are working farms, which means you don’t just have to look, but more than a few allow visitors by appointment or by contract with a professional transport company.

List Of Horse Farms In Lexington Ky

Here’s how you can relive the history of the race, see the world’s most beautiful farms and ranches, chat with Kentucky Derby winners, or see some amazing horse breeds.

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Several area tour companies have made it easy to visit an authentic Kentucky horse farm! With tours ranging from horse farms, equine veterinary care, aftercare and more, check out these businesses for options. Tours are held several times a day, every day.

Horse Country, Inc. offers more than thirty horse farms and ranches that provide many opportunities for visitors to experience Kentucky’s horse industry. Book tours of popular horse farms, equine clinics, Keeneland Racetrack and post-hoc clinics using our easy-to-use online platform.

Take a closer look at some of the world’s most famous rose farms. Daily tours last three hours and visit several different horse farms and Keeneland Racecourse.

Take a three-hour tour of Central Kentucky horse farms, including Keeneland. Tours run daily and feature different locations during the Keeneland race.

Fayette County Farms For Sale

Learn about the horse capital of the world with daily tours of historic homes and multi-million dollar farms.

With a private tour, you can tailor your tour according to what you want to experience! The tour company can transport your small group or can offer access to larger groups. Either way, you’ll get a VIP experience at a world class horse farm. Contact these transportation companies in advance for the best experience.

If you are an independent traveler, booking a solo tour is still an option. Several farms, from pedigree shows to small farms with different types of horses, welcome every visitor. Since these are all private and working farms, make sure you plan ahead. Below are some farms you can visit without a tour company.

Walk through a series of famous stables, home to world-class breeds, and end your journey in the cemetery, which has more than 20 champions, including the legendary Secretariat.

The Perfect Lexington, Ky Itinerary

Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm, international equestrian competition training facility, and educational park in Lexington. Nearly 50 different horse breeds inhabit the 1,200 acres of rolling hills that are the Kentucky Bluegrass Historic Area. Enjoy a variety of shows and activities, from conservation demonstrations, daily walks, horse-drawn trolley tours and more. Visit past Kentucky Derby winners, visit the horse museum, ride and ride horses, or attend one of the dozen major horse shows held each year at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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Keeneland Guide to Keeneland Keeneland is at its busiest during racing events, but there’s plenty more to do and learn.

Lexington’s Hometown Hero When American Pharoah went the final distance of the 2015 Breeders’ Cup, he… Learn more Sondra has lived a long time in the Bluegrass State. Battaglia to find out what makes Kentuckians proud. “I’ve lived here for about 50 years,” he said. “I feel like a Kentucky resident now.” Batalia, who works in the gift shop at the Kentucky Horse Park, sold her share of Secretariat t-shirts, souvenir magnets and postcards of champion jumpers. He knows the state’s specialties, from horse racing to bourbon, bluegrass and basketball. And he suspects that horses are the proudest of people. “I mean, this is horse country,” said Emily Thomas, who also works at the park. “People just love horses.” Working at a horse park gives them an advantage in travel tips.

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At the Kentucky Horse Park (4089 Iron Works Parkway), Battaglia told horse lovers to start at the Hall of Champions. Some of the top champion horses in the race are buried on the roads around the barns and stables. “We have the oldest Derby horse, Go for Gin,” Battaglia said. “A lot of people want to leave here with a jersey of one of the champions, or a photo, or a little souvenir.” Thomas leads people to the museum. Others come for demonstrations and horse shows, trolley or barn tours, pony rides or selfies with horses in the park. Some horse lovers even have their weddings there. The park is also home to the American Saddlebred Museum, which houses a gift shop for saddlebred and equestrian items. Jared Turpin, the clerk, is a fan of horse life.

Like all college Lexingtonians, Turpin likes to dress up (yes, the khaki pants, right?) and go to Keeneland (4201 Versailles Road). “I like to go and go,” he said. “You can see the horse even when it’s not running.” Lexington horse lover Megan Blackburn said everyone is a fan of the famous race, but not everyone knows it’s not just about racing. “At Keeneland, you can go early in the morning to have breakfast in the kitchen, and you can watch the horses in training,” he said.

Locals like Blackburn also know where the locals hang out, like Masterson Station Park (3051 Leestown Road). “When people come to Lexington and want to experience all the good things we have here, it’s not hard to find a place that has something to do with horses or is actually in the horse business,” he said. . He started competing in horse racing and riding at the age of 11 when someone gave him his first horse book. He was overwhelmed. He joined the track team at the University of Kentucky. Along the way, he got to know other horse shows and meeting places around town. “There’s a place in town called Masterson Station, and it’s a park,” Blackburn said. “There are a lot of local horse shows and a lot of equestrians come to town. Or, if they live here, they also have a cross-country railroad. You can take your horse for free and jump around the obstacles.’

Blackburn now runs his own business, Tullamore Farm, a small private farm where he rides and trains horses. When lunch rolls around, he knows where his coworkers will be. “There are two main restaurants, but they’re almost like markets,” he said. “They are both in the heart of Horse Country and are often used by horse riders as they are convenient to where we live or work. They’re nice too, and they’re surrounded by horse farms on all sides.” “One of them is called Windy Corner Market, and it’s at Bryan Station Road and Muir Station, 4595 Bryan Station Road. , said Blackburn. “And it’s surrounded by horses. If you live outside, you’re surrounded by horses. You’ll always see people with horses. “It’s on the other side of town, in the Old Frankfort Pike area. You can see people wearing shoes and boots. a horse’s hat. You can tell they’re all coming from the barn, and they’re a great place to be.”

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Historically, there hasn’t been a great, attractive way to bring people to the farms around Lexington, said Stephanie Arnold, director of sales and member services for Horse Country, an organization that started doing the tour in 2015, American year. Pharoah won the American Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Before Horse Country began adding more than a dozen members to offering tours, “you had to know how to call the farm,” Arnold said. “You may or may not visit. You may or may not have a lot of experience. It’s a real industry effort to get people involved and tell stories. “Tourists can book tours directly through “We have daily tours to places like Claiborne, Taylor Maid, Mill Ridge Farm,” said Arnold, who has “We think a lot of people want to ride horses,” he said. “They’re looking for some kind of farm experience where they can see and touch horses. , that’s what we got.

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